Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love

Posted by Domino's India I January 13th, 2012

There’s something special about that half chapatti from your brother’s plate, about that borrowed pen from the exam, about that shawl you shared with your mother during that ride in the auto.. Ever wondered why the chapatti from your plate doesn’t taste even half as good, or why the shawl shared with mom feels warmer? Coz We LOVE Sharing.. and we get great joy in sharing everything and anything under the sun.. shades, pen, food, car, clothes or a Large Pizza from Domino’s! We may fight over that biggest slice of that Large Pizza, but the truth remains.. that same Large Pizza tastes even better when eaten from the carton itself with a bunch of friends. We, at Domino’s believe A Large Pizza does what a medium can’t do.. bring together friends around that one locus of control in the centre:  the yummy, delicious Large Pizza itself!! And therefore our Large Pizzas are made with love that you can share while you share the pizza with your friends.. So don’t wait.. Order a Large Pizza today itself and throw a Pizza party.. Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love!!

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  1. I dont know about the service guarantee but waited for 45 mins for my Pizza…I paid through my CC so dont know how Domino’s would refund me…the delivery guy gave me a red color sorry card…can anyone help me in this issue … Domino’s Pls advise..

    Comment by Subhrajit Sengupta — January 14, 2012 @ 10:29 pm

  2. Bill date: 1/14/2012
    Order no.: 387
    Server: Bala R

    You guarantee delivery of pizzas in 30 minutes but i received it in an hours time. though i got the discount of 300 on my delivery but not only i received it late, they were cold too. And i found a hair in one of my pizza, which wasted my hole pizza. I have taken a pic of it also, if you want i can attach you the pic. It really disappointed me. i am very upset with this type of services. For me today’s day was very special but your services spoiled my mood, as well as my friends mood.
    Now If proper steps will not be taken against my complaint it will force me to file an RTI against domino’s .

    Ajay Singh Rajput.
    Ph no: 9620898445

    Comment by Ajay Singh Rajput — January 14, 2012 @ 11:05 pm

  3. We customers must be nuts to order from dominos…. It sems this is what your staff at sector 11, rohini, delhi seems to believe in. I would like to share my experience while placing order today. You guys surely are the most unproffessional lot…

    I called the above mentioned outlet to place order. A female voice answered my phone in the most incoherent way possible. I couldn’t get her name or anything else for that matter that she tried to convey. Anyways i proceeded with my order and told her i’d be using a discount coupon.

    Suddenly i hear a male voice on the call. Maybe “her highness” didn’t want to speak to lowly customers like myself who have been patronizing the very outlet where she is working, since the outlet came up.

    Anyways i am made to repeat my order!!! This is worst than some PSUs which make it a point to ensure that the customer is not made to repeat himself. I also found it VERY RUDE that my call was transferred without informing me leave alone asking for my permission for the same. After having repeated myself i asked the caller to identify himself. He id’ed himself as brijender. I wanted to raise this matter to the manager to which he replied he is the manager of the outlet. Anyways i appraised him of how bad i felt due to such unproffessional and callous attitude of the staff. I’ve also given a couple of special instructions for my order. Still waiting to see if they do take care of the same or not.

    I want to be treated special EVERYTIME i call in to place order. Afterall i am paying you shameless creatures my hard-earned money. If it is not possible for you guys, bloody hell, have the balls to tell me this on my face…


    Comment by SACHIT MALHOTRA — January 15, 2012 @ 5:38 pm

  4. You know what…. My guess was absolutely right!!! Dominos ensured that not only I got the worst pizza ordering experience but also I got COLD pizza!!! Isn’t SERVING COLD FOOD a cardinal sin???

    Further to my communiqué as appended below, the pizza and garlic bread delivered to me were not at all edible. Reason : they were COLD!!!

    Is it some kind of vendetta cauz I wrote the following mail to you guys??? I wouldn’t be surprised if your answer be “yes”.

    And that’s not all. I received a call from “Mohit” from your sector – 11, Rohini, Delhi outlet who identified himself as shift manager and also wanted to extend apology for what happened on the call earlier in the day. How pathetic an attempt by dominos to sweep my complaint under the carpet!!! do you really think your customers must forgive and forget such bad experiences which are RUDE to the highest extent???

    1. May I ask you why was he extending an apology for what was done by manager/executive of morning shift (he explained the goof up was done by morning shift).

    2. Why he had no answer for my complaint that I received COLD pizzas??? Was he instructed to just call me and apologize and it was expected that as a foolish customer I will bury the issue and order once again from you highly irresponsible, un-professional and rude people??

    3. Why I always have to give “special instructions” viz : 1. Pizzas should be well done with enough amount of toppings neither burnt nor left undercooked and 2. Pizza should be sent carefully so as NEVER to touch the upper layer of the packing box and ruin the toppings.


    4. While your manager – Mr. mohit – said that customer is king, why does it NEVER reflects in any of your actions???

    Do you guys really think that you will get another offer from me??? But then you never cared for old customers like me who like fools always cared to give you guys another chance… but maybe never again!!!!

    You guys are the worst in customer service and now you are the worst pizza makers of all time. You know there are many other outlets out there who will service me the way I like. To hell with SHAMELESS, MOST UN-PROFESSIONAL, PATHETIC CREATURES WORKING WITH/FOR DOMINOS!!!

    Comment by SACHIT MALHOTRA — January 15, 2012 @ 5:39 pm

  5. Please let me know the phone number of Your Thrissur outlet. I am unable to call the happiness hotline number though my Idea mobile.
    Please help

    Comment by Vijith P — January 18, 2012 @ 7:37 pm

  6. hi i live in Naveen Shahdara… this is very unfortunate that u guys is still not delivering pizza’s in Naveen Shahdara… I don’t no where to publish this so decide to leave comment here hope u guys can understand this.

    Comment by Hitesh Puri — January 19, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

  7. I won 300 rs voucher and i have not yet received the prize ???

    Comment by Bhaskar behera — January 22, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

  8. Unit No.TF319-TF320 Third floor infinity Link road malad west, Order :91 01/21/2012 time 2:58 pm.
    BURST DOUBLE PIZZA , The cheese quantity is drastically compromised , so less cheese what’s the point of buying
    BURST DOUBLE and paying extra if you get robbed of the quantity of cheese. The ChocLava Cake is also below standard. This is daylight robbery. I have have the same stuff at other dominos locations . I may avoid any dominos outlet in future. I feel cheated. Also no place to complain. Is there a quality check in place for franchise, I seriously doubt it. Domot go to Dominos at infinity malad west , i would never advice to go to any dominos ever. Avoid getting cheated on the quantity of cheese

    Comment by kailash dubey — January 23, 2012 @ 8:16 pm


    Dominos store address
    chandigarh, sco-13-15,sector 34 -a,,chandigarh – 160034 ph.No. 0172-2620666/777/888/889/891/ 892/ 028/ 047, 01722620666
    customer name :
    shreyjit mehta customer mobile :
    918283884464 customer address :
    #410 35-a sector 35 chandigarh india txn no :
    order number :
    252 time of order :
    10/18/2012 5:59:34 pm final total :
    225 payment type :
    credit trace no. :

    [I] I ordered a pizza which took almost 40 mins to reach my home , and that too not hot . First , they do not follow the policy of 30 mins gaurantee . Second , I had to eat a pizza which was not hot and very disastrous . Also , I had ordered extra cheese , and when I ate a bite off the pizza , I realized there was no extra cheese . On realizing this , I called the store and asked them to replace it because it had no extra cheese and I had to eat it without being hot and crispy . On hearing this , they said they cant help me and cut the phone . On calling again the manager again cut the phone and refused to talk . This happened around 5 times . And maybe the dominos crew teamed up and DID not allow me to talk to the manager . I find this very rude and this is simply making a customer feel dumb . I hope some strict action is taken asap[/I]

    Comment by shreyjit mehta — October 18, 2012 @ 7:18 pm

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