Domino’s Pizza League Contest #4

Posted by Domino's India I April 29th, 2012

Feroz Shah Kotla stadium is in which city ?

Get to win the all-new Domino’s Zesty Chicken Exotic Pizza
Winner of Contest # 3 is Varun Sampat



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It’s Hot and Sunny but It’s also Hot and Yummy!

Posted by Domino's India I April 28th, 2012

The sun is getting furious by the day.. sweltering heat making you want to build a home inside a swimming pool itself! Brief momentary showers are a relief, yes, but they last only for as long as a cheese burst in the company of a few souls famished for yummy food!

And when it’s the sun u are acting cool against.. a trip to the kitchen doesn’t quite sound favourable! Imagine having the plight of cooking food in the presence of fire, when the sun is showering u with his choicest warm blessings! Have no fear dear mothers/ wives. It’s the Domino’s to the rescue..

So when u return home from the office / supermarket.. take a detour.. towards the bedroom.. turn on the AC and just order online for some gorgeously delicious pizzas! This summer.. let our pizzas face the heat (of the oven we mean!) After all, It’s Hot and Sunny but It’s also Hot and Yummy!

Domino’s Pizza League Contest #2

Posted by Domino's India I April 24th, 2012

Eden Gardens stadium is in which city ?

Get to win the all-new Domino’s Pizza Mania Golden Corn & Soya
Winner of Contest # 1 is Heena Khatri

Indian Pizza League!

Posted by Domino's India I April 17th, 2012

It’sthat time of the year again.. when friends turn foes.. when while sitting in onecorner of the country u make that one call to your friend in another corner ofthe country.. only to flaunt the win of your team over his!! Whenconversations begin with cricket and end with cricket.. and u sit in youroffice while your mind wanders off to the stadium!

So while ur glued onto your TV screens and getting elated because one of your teamplayers scored a century or getting angry at another for missing that catch..revel in the joy of online pizza ordering at Domino’s Pizza. Because pizzas andcricket make a deadly combo! So skip cooking dinner.. order online fromdominos.. switch on your television and relax on your couch while relishingthat delicious Domino’s pizza! Let this be a season of Indian Pizza League..

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More Options to choose from!!

Posted by Domino's India I April 8th, 2012
We live in a country where more is always better!! Our mothers add that extra amount of ghee in our parantha, Our wives will visit every shop in Chandni Chowk to get more options to chose from.. And we will ourselves carry that extra pen into the exam hall.. Quite literally, “more” is the way of life!
And if that’s the case, Domino’s wishes to offer more yummy treats to its pizza lovers!
Introducing our 3 new pizzas.. among the many other mouthwatering delicacies to choose from!
Our chefs have handcrafted these sumptuous treat.. only to pamper ur taste buds a million times over!
Our Non vegetarian lovers can now revel in their love for chiicken with the all new “Zesty Chicken ” Pizza. Topped with Zesty Chicken sausage , Barbeque Chicken , Capsicum & Red paprika, it’s a treat that’s hard to resist!
And if  your mouth hasn’t begun watering already, the “Chicken Fiesta” Pizza topped with Chunky Chicken , Spicy Chicken, Capsicum & Onion will surely make ur tummy grumble!
And our dear vegetarians must not lose hope.. Coz the exotic “5 Peppers” Pizza, Topped with Red  Bell pepper ,Yellow bell pepper, Capsicum, Red paprika, Jalapeno & Sprinked with Exotic Herb.. is a treat for the eyes and temptation for the tongue!
And if u too, are amongst the many whose mouth has begun watering already, Wait no more.. Just order online at
Coz we at Domino’s believe in offering More to people who mean the most! :)

And the little birdie says “Follow us”!

Posted by Domino's India I March 22nd, 2012

*tweetza *tweetza What’s that sound?? It’s that tiny bird tweeting for some pizza!!! Talking of pizza.. how bout 2 pizzas at the price of 1?? This time Domino’s plans to bring Khushiyon ki home delivery!! A buy one Get one free offer for all our lovers.. only if we reach 10,000 followers on our twitter handle (!/dominos_india) !! After all, we have the mouse to help you place an order, how could we not have a bird talk bout us?? For those of you who are on twitter, here’s a reason u should start tweeting, and for those of who are not on twitter, here’s a reason u need to make an account NOW!! Follow us, RT and spread the word!!  Coz the louder you tweet, the more pizzas we give free!!! We know you love us.. It’s time to shout it out loud and keep the bird chirping!! #pizzalove

Holi Hai!!!

Posted by Domino's India I March 7th, 2012

Yes its back!! The festival of colours!! So while you plan on a silent balloon attack on ur neighbor on the right, beware coz ur neighbor on the left is chargin at u with a bucket full of red water!! And if you thought ur collection of permanent colors is wicked.. wait till u see what ur best friend has stored especially for you.. grease, eggs and tomatoes!!

Irrespective of whether you like to play it clean or dirty.. this is the time to paint the town in hues u love!! So grab a handful of that color and run after ur loved ones!! Let their faces be your canvas today! But before you do so, be sure to bathe urself in oil!!  Certain artists hate to see their paint wash off their canvas!!  Talkin of colors.. guess what looks absolutely stunning in the shades of red and blue? The Domino’s pizza ofcourse!! So this holi, while u pay heed to the never ending hunger pangs due to Bhaang.. gorge on some delicious Domino’s Pizzas!! Because.. Domino’s is on a month long discount!! 20% off the whole of march (Coupon Code: NET07) !! Now that’s one more reason why Domino’s should feature on ur Holi Menu!! This holi.. choose to drown in the Domino’s colours of red and blue!!

Exam Fever???

Posted by Domino's India I March 7th, 2012

When your nights are deprived of sleep.. Ur days are spent with the books and nights sweating over practice question papers.. Your phone conversations begin with “Kitna padh liya?”.. and ur discussions on facebook photos has been replaced by discussions on pythagoreas theorem..when the equations on a piece of paper seem more complicated than ur equation with ur Girlfriend..if your nightmares involve examination halls, U r suffering from exam fever my friend!! What u need is a Break!

Fear no more! Doctor Domino’s is here!! So while you are googling the answer to that twisted question, just visit www.pizzaonline/ and order yourself a yummy pizza! Treat yourself to a khushiyon ki home delivery! Add some khushiyon ka tadka to ur boring lunch of newtons law of gravity..


The happier the tummy.. the faster the brain functions. We call is the Domino’s Law of pizzation!

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Say Cheese!!

Posted by Domino's India I February 29th, 2012

Life is full of surprises aint it?? Some that leave us shocked, some that touch us in multiple ways and some that make us say “awwwww”!

It’s strange how little things, tiniest gestures and random moments can bring such joy in our lives.. joy that oozes out, with no prior warning! Joy that has no bounds.. Joy that fills our heart with overflowing emotion! Joy that elates us.. Joy that is more like the cheese on a pizza.. the more, the better!! And talking of cheese and pizza.. guess what makes a deadly combination?? The Domino’s cheese burst ofcourse!! Whether it be topped with farm fresh veggies or succulent pieces of chicken, or delicious pepperoni.. The joy of the runny cheese dripping on the hand knows no bounds!! And if by now, ur taste buds have started cravng for this “oh so yummy pizza”, and u are day dreaming about the cheese burst.. don’t worry.. Welcome to the gang of Domino’s lovers!

No matter how hard u try.. the thought of a cheese burst shall always be accompanied with a joy so pure.. that life seems magical.. so what has been ur cheese burst moment?? A moment that u would want to capture in ur album of life.. I moment that made u say cheese!! Tell us.. we’d like to bond over your cheese burst moments!!

Domino’s Pizza ‘Cheeselicious Valentine Contest’ #3

Posted by Domino's India I February 9th, 2012

Imagine your Valentine is Domino’s Choco Lava Cake.

What’s the nicest compliment you can give the cake ?

The best compliment gets to win the choco lava cake & pizza:)

Winner of Contest #2 is Arun Vermani.


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