Domino’s Pizza ‘Cheeselicious Valentine Contest’ #2

Posted by Domino's India I February 5th, 2012

Imagine your Valentine is Domino’s Deluxe Veggie pizza.

What would be the next 2 lines of this song in praise of the pizza :

‘Tu cheese badi hai mast mast”

The best lyrics gets to win the Pizza:)

Winner of Contest #1 is Sachin Kumar.



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Let’s fall in Love.. yet again!!

Posted by Domino's India I February 5th, 2012

AAh.. its that time of the year again.. the season of red roses, hearts, chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards!! Look around and you will spot hands being held, sweet nothings being whispered into a loved one’s ear, loving exchange of glances and eyes that speak nothing.. but the language of LOVE!! Oh it’s the season of love!! And its time to express it openly!!

Yes.. Feb 14 is still a long way to go!! But who needs a special day to tell someone you love them!! Coz love has no time, no place.. just great taste!! So grab a slice of Domino’s cheese burst pizza and use some cheesy lines to express your Love to that special someone!! Or just Order in some Domino’s, wrap your arms around your beloved and share a slice of pizza!! Because when you are in love.. Happiness knows no bounds!! And wherever there is happiness.. there must be a Khushiyon ki home delivery!! So  while you gorge on those sumptuous Domino’s pizzas, come, lets fall in love.. yet again..

The Joy of Pizza!

Posted by Domino's India I January 31st, 2012

Ever experienced the joy of pizza? Ever wondered how life becomes simpler with a yummy delicious Domino’s Pizza to fall back on? The tips on what we, at Domino’s call the Pizza salvation.. more so, the Pizzation!

So, If you are happy and you know it, don’t just clap your hands! Instead, Buy pizza, switch on the TV, Inhale the aroma of a delightfully delicious pizza! And Simply enjoy!

Feeling Romantic? Here’s how to spread love! Buy Pizza, Hug your partner, and share a slice, bite by bite!

Angry at a friend?? Buy Pizza, and upload your pic on fb to get that guy steaming in jealousy!

In a mood to party? Pizza to the rescue! Buy pizza, and call some friends over!! Nothing beats a Pizza party!

Seek some Nirvana? Oh! That’s easy! Buy Pizza, put on some soothing music and relish each thread of that mozzarella on your slice! Domino’s Pizza is after all, your gateway to Nirvana!

Or are you Simply bored? In that case, just Buy pizza, and rearrange the toppings to your creative heart’s content before you devour the slice!! Your pizza is your canvas!

Remember the basic funda of Pizzation: Life’s easy when Domino’s Pizza is a part of it!! So, what mood will you show your pizza today!!??

NOT Just Delivery!

Posted by Domino's India I January 27th, 2012

What’s a Pizza if the Molten cheese oozing out of a slice doesn’t burn your tongue!! Wouldn’t you just love the runny cheese from the cheese burst pizza trickling down your wrist the moment you lift a slice? Hot is good, But Straight from the oven is even better!! That’s why Domino’s is not just a Pizza Delivery.. It is now a Pizza Restaurant! A pizza restaurant where mouthwatering pizzas come quick and disappear at an equal pace.. A Pizza restaurant where friends come over for a Pizza Party! A Pizza Restaurant that serves pizzas and more Pizzas all day long! A Pizza restaurant that not only boasts of gorgeous pizzas, but impeccable service too!  A Pizza restaurant that satiates those sudden Pizza Cravings during shopping hours! So while you bargain for that pair of shoes, look out around you to identify this pizza restaurant decked in Blue and red.. And walk in to eat those heavenly Domino’s Pizza straight out of the oven.. Coz the pioneers in Pizza delivery are now pioneers in pizza restaurants!!

Let’s go to mexico!

Posted by Domino's India I January 25th, 2012

Tired of the humdrum of your busy life? Need a break? How bout a tiny trip to Mexico? But what’s so cool about Mexico? The people, the place?? Naah.. it’s the Mexican Dish that’s served with the right amount of spices and herbs!! .  A perfect mix of 15 different types of herbs, spices and dried chillies.. render a flavor so divine to a Mexican Dish that drool is but, uncontrollable!  But what’s the need to spend the air fare when a tiny little Mexico is just a click away! Domino’s offers the most heavenly  Mexican dish for its lovers- The Mexican Pizzas. We, at Domino’s understand your desire for a Mexican Dish and ta..da… We have crafted the most delicious pizzas that will bring to you the taste of an authentic Mexican Dish in the comfort of your couch!! Try it to believe it! Our Mexican Green Wave (Veg) and our Chicken Mexicana (Non-veg) is the taste bud-tingling delight of a perfect Mexican Dish with liberal sprinkling of exotic Mexican herbs. Craving for some already? It’s time to fulfish that wish.. for the Mexican Dish!

What’s better than a Pizza?? A Domino’s Pizza on Discount!

Posted by Domino's India I January 23rd, 2012

They say good things come at a high price.. If only they lived to see what Domino’s offers to its lovers!! Delicious, mouthwatering, sinful pizzas to die for!! At discount!! Now don’t go looking for vouchers!! It’s the age on Online ordering!! And u now don’t have to save those pamphlets for coupons! Coz Domino’s online ordering comes with pizza e.vouchers! And trust us, the Domino’s pizza e.vouchers are deals worth every penny!!

And how do you get access to these pizza e.vouchers?? Simple!! Just follow Domino’s on facebook ( and Twitter ( What’s better is that we at Domino’s just love Wednesdays and Fridays!!  So Fridays and Wednesdays are the days for sure shot pizza e.vouchers!! And for all other days, the NET07 Pizza coupon gives a flat 20% off!!All you need to do is, avail these pizza e.vouchers on your online order..Just Track Domino’s for coupon codes for these Pizza discounts!!

So if you were searching for a reason for a pizza party.. Just look up some Pizza e.vouchers! After all, What’s better than a Pizza?? A Domino’s Pizza on Discount!

Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love

Posted by Domino's India I January 13th, 2012

There’s something special about that half chapatti from your brother’s plate, about that borrowed pen from the exam, about that shawl you shared with your mother during that ride in the auto.. Ever wondered why the chapatti from your plate doesn’t taste even half as good, or why the shawl shared with mom feels warmer? Coz We LOVE Sharing.. and we get great joy in sharing everything and anything under the sun.. shades, pen, food, car, clothes or a Large Pizza from Domino’s! We may fight over that biggest slice of that Large Pizza, but the truth remains.. that same Large Pizza tastes even better when eaten from the carton itself with a bunch of friends. We, at Domino’s believe A Large Pizza does what a medium can’t do.. bring together friends around that one locus of control in the centre:  the yummy, delicious Large Pizza itself!! And therefore our Large Pizzas are made with love that you can share while you share the pizza with your friends.. So don’t wait.. Order a Large Pizza today itself and throw a Pizza party.. Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love!!

Time for Change??

Posted by Domino's India I January 2nd, 2012

Whats the New year but a time for new beginning!! Time to let go off the old habits and unravel a new you!! Make changes and welcome this new year with a pledge.. a resolution, to be better than before!! So whether it’s kicking out an old habit, or making a new one..Just promise yourself a transformation that you need.. Coz If there was a time to do it.. It is NOW!!

So what’s your new year resolution? What is your goal for this year??

 As for us.. we promise to deliver not just mouthwatering pizzas..but smiles.. coz we want to take Khushiyon ki home delivery to the next level! And what’s a better excuse than a new year to do so! So here’s wishing our lovers a very happy new year.. We pray that your year be filled with health, wealth, prosperity and Domino’s Pizzas ofcourse!! Cos Domino’s is the new name for Happiness!! Care for some??

For some, it’ll be the perfect end to this year!

Posted by Domino's India I December 30th, 2011

We know you’ve been waiting eagerly to hear the results of the christmas contest!! So here goes, The winner for the Christmas promotion is *Drum rolls* Bhaskar Behera!! Send in your address details to so that we can dispatch your gift vouchers.. Now that’s what we call “A perfect end to this year!”

As for the other participants.. lose no hope!! The new year will see many more Domino’s contests and many more opportunities to win Mouthwatering Khishiyon ki home delivery!! All the more a reason to look forward to the new year!!

if Christmas was a pizza, what toppings would it be?

Posted by Domino's India I December 25th, 2011

There’s something warm about a cold Christmas Winter morning!! The warmth of being around loved ones, spreading Christmas cheer! There’s a joy in opening Christmas presents early morning and even bigger Joy in seeing the smile on the faces of loved ones, when they unwrap their presents!!

Talking of spreading smiles, guess who does it best?? Domino’s of course!! This Christmas, we decided to load the stockings of a few, with yummy, cheesy, delicious Dominos pizza!! Could you be one of them? Of course!! Just tell us if Christmas was a pizza, what toppings would it be?? Think out of the box, and give us the most whacky answers ever!! Post your comments here and you could land urself a Christmas Surprise.. Domino’s Gift voucher worth Rs. 300!!  Got some space for a Domino’s pizza in your stocking??

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