Its Christmas Eve!!

Posted by Domino's India I December 24th, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!! Its Christmas eve!! In other words, It’s time to party! By now you’ve either been invited to a Christmas party or are hosting one!! And for some of you, the celebration begins and ends at home, next to the Christmas tree, in the warmth of a loving family!! Whatever be your preference, what matters is: The celebrations for His arrival begin today!

We are talking of the ultimate Khushiyon ki home delivery, That of the Lord himself! And when Khushiyon ki home delivery is being spoken about, how can Domino’s be a mere distant listener? So if you are the host, save yourself the trouble, and if you are the invitee, save your host the trouble!! And order scrumptious Domino’s Pizzas!! Trust us, no Party is as good as a Pizza Party!! And while you celebrate Christmas our style, remember to hang your stockings! Who knows, the Domino’s Santa may just deliver you a tiny Domino’s Surprise Voucher!! Watch this space for more!!

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The air smells of…aah! Christmas!

Posted by Domino's India I December 17th, 2011

Winters have set in, the malls look beautiful and the lights adorn all buildings!! And oh! What’s that smell?? It smells of happiness and cheer!! Oh wait!! It smells like Christmas already!! Hues of red and green splashed across the city.. it’s time again for reindeers, stars, bells, bows, mistletoes, wreath and the good ol’ Santa, ofcourse!! Everyone’s happy and the festive spirit is on an all time high!! For some it’s an excuse to splurge on Christmas Shopping, for others it’s time to catch up with family and friends!! Whatever be your way.. what matters is “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!” So set up that tree and decorate it with bells and stars; prepare the crib; wrap up those christmas presents; hang the stockings; put on that red Santa cap and go “Ho Ho Ho” all the way! After all, the Christ is expected soon!! It’s time to celebrate his arrival!! It’s the time for fun, frolic and enjoyment and ofcourse FEASTING.. Because This is one birthday party that will last longer than usual!! So pamper yourself with lip smacking food this holiday season. Spread the cheer and the happiness, and order a Khushiyon ki home delivery..because if Happiness had a smell, it would smell like a warm Domino’s Pizza!! And it’s the season to be Merry.. fa lalala la la lala!!

Clickety Click!

Posted by Domino's India I December 7th, 2011

How simple has the internet made our lives? Skype will shorten distances and bring loved ones closer.. facebook will remind us of friend’s birthdays.. Movie tickets will be booked from home, sitting in front of the laptop! So when the whole world decided to go Clickety Click, We, at Domino’s decided to go the techie way too! We pulled up our pants and launched a website, so that you won’t have to put the effort of calling us!!So now all you have to do is place your order on and wait for a Hot and Fresh Khushiyon ki Home delivery! Just go clickety click, while at work/ chat!! You just don’t need to get out of your bed on a cold wintery evening to get the phone!! And if that wasn’t an incentive good enough.. Online ordering comes with special privileged offers!! Your pizza not only comes easy! It comes affordable!! So just go clickety click.. coz there aint an easier way to order pizza :)

Pursuit of Happiness Week Winners: Nov 13, Nov 14, Nov 15!!

Posted by Domino's India I November 19th, 2011

The winners for the Pursuit of Happiness week for Nov 13, Nov 14 and Nov 15 are:

Nov 13: Jasmine

Nov 14: Amrita Mehrotra

Nov 15: Kanika Khatter

Congratulations!! Your loved ones will receive their gift vouchers within 10 days!! Hope they love the Khushiyon ki home delivery!!


Posted by Domino's India I November 14th, 2011

Remember those days of childhood? When your Brother was your best friend and Dad was your hero, When the days began with waking up to Mom’s kiss and progressed into unlimited hours of play in the park, when the biggest worries in life revolved around Barbie and Lego, when lunch breaks were nothing but a “who’s got the best tiffin competition”, when Sundays were welcome with tireless sessions of cartoon on TV.. Aah.. those were the days of simple living!

This children’s day, take a walk down the memory lane. Because being a grownup isn’t half as fun as the process of growing up itself! Forget those meetings and deadlines and exams.. and for this one day, do what you did as a kid- Follow your heart! Bring out the kid in you..  and get messed up like you would in school! Don’t walk around that puddle, rather walk through it, like you would as a kid.. Forget about the past and the future.. Just live in the present!!

This Children’s Day, romance the Cheese..Order a Domino’s cheese burst pizza and eat it like you would have it when you were a kid. Drip some, lick some and drool over the gorgeous, gooey cheese.. Coz no matter how old we grow, there is always a child in us, waitin’ to eat that Cheese burst like there’s no tomorrow!

Winner of Pursuit of Happiness week for Nov 10!

Posted by Domino's India I November 11th, 2011

Hey guys,

The winner for Pursuit of Happiness Week for 10th November is Siddharth Goyal!! Congratulations Siddharth!! You just managed to get Happiness Delivered to your Girlfriend!! The Dominos Gift Voucher will reach her within 10 days!! Make sure you share her pic/ video enjoying the pizza with us on Facebook!!

Dear fans, Siddharth just made sure his loved one got a Khushiyon ki Home delivery this Pursuit of Happiness Week!! Have you filled the form yet?? Fill it now @ and spread some smiles!!

Celebrating Palindrome!!

Posted by Domino's India I November 11th, 2011

At Dominos, Life is a celebration! We love celebrating the smallest things with Large Family Pizzas!!

So what are we celebrating today??  Its 11-11-11!!  

Some believe that number 11 has a mystical power and feel the day will bring with it good luck! Some women have chosen to get married on this day so that the husbands don’t forget the anniversary!! Some engineers feel this date holds “Binary” significance while some others are plainly happy to become witnesses to the two digit palindrome on the 11-11-11!!

But for us, It’s another reason to celebrate with family and friends over a dominos Pizza!! Today, every online order exceeding Rs. 350 will attract a FREE Mouth watering GARLIC BREAD and DIP!! Hungry already eh?? Order Now

And why celebrate alone? Spread the smiles! Gift your friends FREE Dominos goodies!! Its also the pursuit of Happiness week! Fill up the online form now! 

So how different will the 11-11-11 be for you? Tell us what significance 11-11-11 holds in your life! Think out of the box and come up with whacky reasons to celebrate 11-11-11 specially!! But remember to do it over a portion of the FREE Garlic Bread!!

Pursuit of Happiness with Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery!

Posted by Domino's India I November 9th, 2011

Little things bring Happiness. Watching your little one take the first step, receiving a phone call from your best friend from school, eating food from your mom’s hand! Believe it or not, the smallest things can bring us the most joy.

And as much as everyone wants to be happy, many don’t take the time out to truly pursue it. The truth is, in our busy lives, we often miss out our pursuit of happiness.
November 8- November 15 is the Pursuit of Happiness week, and we are celebrating it by giving away free Pizzas!
We, at Dominos believe that a genuine smile is contagious. We believe that Happiness can be found by spreading smiles!
So this week, we want to spread smiles.. To the ones you love! Just tell us who deserves a Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery and why, by filling up the following online form

Every day, one lucky winner will get to surprise his Nominee with a free Dominos Gift Voucher! Won’t you just love to see their face light up when they receive a free Dominos Pizza?? Now that is what we call.. Pursuit of Happiness with Khushiyon Ki home Delivery!

How Cliché!

Posted by Domino's India I November 3rd, 2011

Love to overuse clichés? Well, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”.. It’s a day dedicated to people like you.. because today, is the Cliché day! “The buck stops here”! Because for the next 24 hours, you can unlock that “Treasure trove” of clichés! The concept is simple: when you engage in a conversation today, get dramatic.. and use clichés.. So go ahead, let somebody know that they are the “apple of your eye”. Compliment that girl you like in your office and tell her “she looks like a million dollars”. “ Gather some courage”, “put your best foot forward” and ask her for lunch over a Dominos Pizza! Or just call us up when “Your tummy begins to growl” and order a cheese burst Pizza.. and then sing merrily, “Mere ghar aayi Khushiyon Ki Homedelivery!!” Simply put, just “put on your thinking hats” to serve up some clichés at every opportunity you get! Remember, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. So, “Think out of the box”, and post a comment with your favorite cliché!! Because “tomorrow is another day” and while you “can wipe the slate clean” tomorrow, Today, “the ball is in your court”!!

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