Jubilant Food Works bags Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012

Posted by Domino's India I December 20th, 2012

Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards (2012) recognized and honored the brave innovative spirit of leaders in the dynamic Indian food retail industry. The selection process involved inviting entries from the nation’s leading food service and food & grocery retailers across multiple categories.

Jubilant FoodWorks has won awards in 3 different categories in the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012 on 12 December 2012 at Mumbai.

We have been recognized under the following 3 categories:
• Best QSR Foreign – Dominos Pizza
• Best Food Service Company : JFL
• Best New Brand / Company Launched : Dunkin Donuts

In their official entries, the contenders were asked to provide data relating to their performance for the year 2011-12 across two main heads.

1) Retail presence growth
2) Business performance.

The jury for Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012 included Atul Singh, President & CEO, Coca Cola India; Siraj A Chaudhry, Chairman, Cargill Foods; Abhishek Malhotra, Partner and Vice President, Booz & Company; Amit Lohani, Convenor, Forum of Indian Food Importers, and Amitabh Taneja, Chairman and Managing Director, Images Group.

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  1. 2 hrs not delivered…..not picking the phone also………don’t believe in them…….waiting for 3 hrs now ….bull shit…..DOMINOS Will never order…….!!!!

    Comment by Minar — December 31, 2012 @ 10:56 pm

  2. Dominos khar west, mumbai. Order no 144, dt. 6th January, 2013, the garlic bread quality remains the same after several complains, not prepared properly, not baked perfectly, it was cold. In my previous order on 3rd January, 2013, order no 101, I have experienced the worst garlic bread but was later replaced wit a perfect one. Before this also i have made couple of complains regarding the depreciation in the quality. I have the pics of the two garlic breads if Dominos require for reference.

    On 6th January When I complain the delivery boy he argues and bully me to stop the delivery at my address. And after talking to the manager he still remains the same wit no effects.

    Comment by Piyush Saraf — January 6, 2013 @ 8:39 pm

  3. It is matter of regret and of great concern that Dominos is sending false marketing SMS to cheat the regular customers and taking them as granted.
    I have received a SMS on 18.01.2013 from LM-096677 as ” Since you stick to what you love, Dominos gets what you enjoy most with exciting offer.
    Get 20% off Min Bill 350/-. Call 68886888/OrderOnline. Cpn: Mob03. Vld27Jan.”. I have ordered and bought a Pizza + Garlic Bread package on 23.01.13
    through Ph: 68886888 which has been diverted to New Alipore outlet for booking order. I have been told that there is no discount and have to be paid in full.
    However, to keep my face before my guests I have to pay in full Rs. 434.27 vide Order No. 32 Invoice No.DPI66098/12-13/92517 dt. 23.01.13.
    It seems Dominos have a practice and filthy motive to cheat their customers to earn more and more without giving them their value for money.
    Such organisation must be closed immediately in the interest of common Indian peoples and of course the Nation. These outsiders are looting
    common people’ money to make their fortune.
    Traitor on Earth.

    Comment by N Saraf (Mayuri) — January 23, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

  4. WOrst Service…Not Even Eaten dat Pizza and also paid for dat…
    On top of dat Ur employeess argive wid me n say do wat u want and dey say just fuck off….If U guys dont want us to cum tp Dominos den let us knw directly..Dont do such Insults and take money on top of dat….

    KIRAN – 9664729664

    Comment by Kiran — April 3, 2013 @ 11:06 am

  5. Very poor service at the marathahalli branch. Took for ever to get my order (take-away) and i came away with a pizza with a burnt crust and the garlic bread very doughy and tasteless! This is the second time they have messed up my order and don’t seem to learn from their mistakes!

    Paramesh- 9741495114
    Order no. 303
    dated 7 April 2013.

    Comment by Paramesh — April 7, 2013 @ 9:53 pm

  6. Thank for it i am reading your posts daily!

    Comment by Baby Girl Names — March 3, 2017 @ 1:12 pm

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