Domino’s All India Contest #12 : Name the city, earlier known as Gangadwara, where Domino’s has its store?

Posted by Domino's India I September 13th, 2011

Winner of Contest #11 is Ricky A Daryani

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Its Video Games Day!

Posted by Domino's India I September 13th, 2011

Its video games day today! Video Games Day celebrates video games that have changed the way we play games. From Atari to Nintendo to Xbox, video games provide all too many hours of playing time on our television itself. Now if you’re a video game fan and if you are at home, relax in your couch, pick a game and enjoy playing it. In case you are hungry anytime just order online from Domino’s and we reach you in 30 mins! ;-)  – and if you’re not a video games person, why not take this day to give it a go?

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Video games are addictive! So are Domino’s pizzas! :D So what do you think is the best similarity between Domino’s pizzas and video games? Come up with your best answers :-) Happy Video games day! :-)

Worlds Best Grandparent Award!

Posted by Domino's India I September 12th, 2011

So here is another way of paying tribute to your grandparent along with Dominos on this day. Write to us your name, your grand parents name and the reason why you are selecting your grand parent as Worlds Best Grand Parent! The winning entry will make it to the award below! Happy Grand Parents Day :-)

Grand Parents Day!

Posted by Domino's India I September 12th, 2011

“Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. So here is a day dedicated to them” :-)

Dominicons decided to celebrate Grandparents day in their own style! Varietycon came up with a variety of flowers and greeting cards. While, Freecon gave her a tight hug and sang a song to her! :-) What do you think our favouritecon did? He just bought her a new knitting kit which is her favourite thing to do in this whole world! Our Starricon has decided to show off to the world about how great his grandmom is and is participating in the Worlds best Grandparent contest at Bloggiza. ;-) Partycon has arranged a house party inviting grand mom’s friends to appreciate the best thing about her. :-D At the end of the day Grandmom felt special and she loves all her dominocon grandchildren!

So hope you enjoy this day with your grand parents. Do not forget to show them your love and appreciation even if they far away. :-)


Delhi’s Winners

Posted by Domino's India I September 9th, 2011

Winner #6 is Deeksha Celeste Singh. Winner #5 is Aboni Singh Nagra. Winner #3 is Azka Hayat. Deeksha, Aboni & Akza each win an iPod. Winner #7 & 8 are Pulkit Mehdiratta & Amrit Makkar. Winner #4 is Aseem Pal Singh. Winner No #2 is Rajesh Upadhyay. Winner #1 is Priyanka Sharma. Pulkit, Amrit, Aseem, Rajesh & Priyanka each win a Domino’s voucher worth Rs 400. Delhiites who have received an SMS on Friday could get to win. The offer will be coming to other cities soon:)

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