Cheese Pizza Day contest!

Posted by Domino's India I September 6th, 2011

Many of us would love to feast on pizzas each and everyday, but how many of us even know the actual history of the tasty delight we are eating? In the 1800′s, pizza was considered a peasant meal in Italy. But word quickly spread about its deliciousness when an Italian baker named Raffaele Esposito created a pizza for visiting royalty. The king and queen were so impressed by the colors of the Italian flag represented by the pizza’s white mozzorella cheese, red tomoato sauce, and green basil. The popularity of pizza quickly grew and today there are thousands of variations in types of crust, sauces, and toppings to put onto the typical cheese pizza.

So here is the contest, we all now know that Mozzorella cheese is used on pizzas! What other types of cheese can be used on pizzas? Now whoever gives the list of maximum types of cheeses used will win a FREE CHEESE PIZZA today! Cheeeeeeeeeeeese! :-)


Happy Cheese Pizza Day!

Posted by Domino's India I September 6th, 2011

Wow! Isn’t it exciting to talk about the ultimate day for cheese pizzas? Whether you like thin crust, cheese burst, or classic hand toast, today is the day to celebrate one of our favorite meals. Of course, most of us don’t need a special day to celebrate our love of cheese pizza. :-)

Its cheese pizza day and whats up with our dominicons! Varietycon is all set to big feed on a variety of cheese pizzas along with Freecon who is so very keen to devour on some extra cheese! Our Favouriticon does not want to compromise on his favourite Cheese burst be it the cheese pizza day or not! Ofcourse our Partycon is all set for the most happening party – the pizza party with the hottest chicks in town! Starricon has big plans to bash the party with his healthy thin crust pizzas! Our Lazycon is lying on the couch without any plans and is still celebrating the cheese pizza day! All that he did was ordering from Domino’s online @ ;-) So what are your plans for Cheese pizza day? :-)


A note from a cheese pizza on his day :

“So nice to meet ya, my name is cheese pizza!

What’s that you say? “I’m gonna eat ya?”

Just unwrap my carton, I’m scintillating inside

With pepperoni and veggies too tasty to hide.

I’ve been dreaming of meeting your stomach, you see,

And longing for when she will digest me.

And when you’ve finished me, my new friend,

Please don’t think it will be the end.

My friends butterscotch mousse cake and choco lava cake too wait

For the time they escape the fridge prison they hate

And in freeing them, pal, you shall soon find

The tastes of heaven you would have missed if you had left me behind! :-D


The Winners of World Photography Day Contest :

Posted by Domino's India I August 25th, 2011

First of all we would like to appreciate every single participant for their entries. The winning photographs are :

Photographer : Hema Buttan


Photographer : Vihaan Gupta

Photographer : Mohsin

Congragulations to winnners. Here is the link to their actual entries:

Hema Buttan

Vihaan Gupta


Domino’s ‘Friendship’ Contest #14. Complete the slogan: “I would love to see Coke Studio @ MTV Minicert with my friend because….”

Posted by Domino's India I August 25th, 2011

The contest is now closed. The Winners are Sarang Shravagi, Sadhvi Gupta, Tarun Sharma, Anoop Goel, Rahul Chandra Sinha, Surbhi Bhatnagar, Kamaldeep, Ashish Sureka, Ruchi Srivastava & Srikant Acharya.

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