How Many Pizzas Should You Order

Pizza is one such food item that has the power to bring people together. Bonding over a slice of warm cheesy deliciousness is the best way to spend an evening with your pals or family. No matter what the occasion is, domino’s pizza is always the right choice to have on your menu. Whether you’re having a party or just a night in by yourself, you can always grab a slice to satisfy your hunger and cravings. Domino’s pizza sizes are so varied that you will never have to worry about not having enough. But there’s a catch because sometimes pizza sizes can be confusing and you might end up ordering less or more. So here’s a guide that will help you order the perfect amount.

Why Choose The Right Pizza Size?

It is so important to order the right pizza size as you don’t want to have less food than what you need. Also, different pizza sizes cost differently and wouldn’t you like to save a buck or two by ordering the correct amount?

Not having enough pizza will just make everyone awkward and unhappy, as everyone would want the last slice, you don’t want people leaving hungry do you? Ordering the right pizza size is so important so that you have just the right amount for everyone and don’t have to deal with the leftovers as well. Choosing the right pizza size depends on a lot of things like how many people will eat, whether it’s lunch or dinner time etc. there are different ways to measure pizza sizes so let’s take a look at some.

Depends On Weight :

Measuring pizza sizes in inches is the most common practice in India. The weight of the pizza depends on a lot of things like toppings, the type of crust you choose, etc etc.

Depends On Pizza Slice :

Pizza sizes in India are measured by the number of slices a pie has. This is usually decided to keep in mind how many people will eat it. Measuring pizza slices in cm is another way of deciding the size of the pizza.

The next time you’re hosting, just look up ‘best food near me’ and you will be shown all the Domino’s outlets that you can go to or order form and you’ll be good to go!

Order Pizza According To People

Now that we’ve figured out why ordering the right size of the slice is important, let’s find out how to guess the right amount of pizza that you’ll need.

Ask yourself some basic questions that will help you order pizza :

  • How many people are you going to serve?
  • How many adults and children are going to consume pizza?
  • Will pizza be the only thing on the menu, or will there be other options?
  • Do you want to send a few slices home with guests or save some for yourself?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start diving into the delicious details of what pizza sizes will be needed.

Determine the number of slices per size because every pizza size has a different amount of slices in it. Call ahead of time to check with the restaurant or look up ‘pizza restaurants near me’ and you’ll find all the Domino’s outlets, ready to help.

  • Small pizzas range in size from 8 to 10 inches in diameter and make roughly six slices.
  • Medium pizzas are 12 inches in diameter and provide around eight pieces.
  • Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and serve around 10 pieces.
  • Extra-large pizzas are 16 to 18 inches in diameter and include at least 12 slices.

Pizza For Children

It is safe to say that children have a different appetite than adults, especially when it comes to junk food. Two slices per kid is a fairly correct estimate. Allow for an additional slice per person if your pizzas are smaller in size or have a very thin crust.

Pizza For Adults

When determining how many pizzas to order, three slices per adult is a good starting point. Allow for one or two extra slices per person if you know ahead of time that you will have visitors with large pizza appetites.

Order Pizza With different Toppings

After your pizza sizes, pizza toppings are the final touches to your order planning. Here’s how you should plan your pizza toppings before placing your order. You can customize small, medium, large pizza sizes at domino’s.

Veg Pizzas

Domino’s offers a huge range of veg pizzas and the gooey melt in your mouth cheese, paired with a delectable tangy sauce is a vegetarian’s paradise. Depending on how many people to feed you can check out the regular pizza sizes available at Domino’s. The best thing about veg pizza’s is the fact that you can experiment with your choice of toppings.

Non Veg Pizza

Plan your toppings in such a way that everyone’s choices are included. If you’re thinking of ordering Domino’s medium pizza size in non veg, you can have basic cheese, pepperoni, sausage with any other toppings, and crust of your choice and easily feed three people. The toppings also make an impact on appetite.

Pizza Mania

Check out Domino’s pizza mania for some delicious, mouth watering veg pizzas and non veg pizzas. With a huge range of pizzas right from Margherita to corn and cheese and loaded chicken, you can have an amazing meal at a fraction of the cost! Check out the website and app for more such offers and combos.

Burger Pizza

A unique combination of two of the most loved flavors, the burger pizza from Domino’s is a super hit among people of all ages. A must-have item on your menu if you are hosting, this is enough to feed one person satisfactorily and is super affordable. Throw in a burger pizza with a normal pizza and you will have a full meal at your hands, enough to feel 3-4 people.

Chicken Lovers Pizza

The chicken lover’s pizza is every non-vegetarian’s dream come true. Combine affordable prices with the delicious flavors like 5 chicken feast, spiced double chicken, chicken maximus and indo fusion chicken pizza and you will never want to eat at home again! With the various offers available on the app, all these will become super affordable to you

Paratha Pizza

An amazing fusion of Indian and Italian flavors, the paratha pizza fuses the best flavors for a hearty meal. Stuffed with three different varieties namely:

  1. Corn and Cheese
  2. Paneer
  3. Chicken Keema

The paratha pizza will be a hit at your party and should not be left out of the menu! This paratha pizza is affordable and delicious and can be enjoyed anytime!

Nutritional Components Of A Pizza

The nutritional composition of a pizza depends on a lot of things like the crust, pizza sizes and the toppings you choose to add. Small, medium and large pizza slices are all factors in deciding the amount of protein, carbs and fiber that one serving will have. While we can’t claim that pizza is healthy, we can say that it has some amount of nutritional value.

Frozen pizzas have a different and lesser nutritional value as compared to freshly baked ones. The ones people make in their own homes are even better as a lot of saturated fats are skipped in the making process.

One large slice (167 grams) of Pepperoni Pizza contains around:

  • Calories: 460
  • Fat: 26 grams
  • Carbs: 37 grams
  • Sugar: 1 gram
  • Sodium: 900 mg — 38% of the RDI

Place Your Order For A Group with Domino’s App

Now that you have decided exactly which pizza sizes you will need, considering the number of people to feed and toppings on it, it’s time to place your Domino’s Pizza order online.

If you are ordering for a large group of friends, your order will likely be just as large and a little costly. With Domino’s Pizza coupon codes, you will save a lot on your order as you avail the discounts and offers.

Just log onto the app and add your address, browse the Domino’s menu and add whatever you want to eat to your cart, make sure you check the sides and dips and beverages too and apply the applicable coupon code at the time of checkout. Make the payment, and voila, your order will reach you hot and fresh out of the oven.


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