Pizza Types: Domino’s Pizza India Has Many Varieties of Pizza

Posted by admin I August 4th, 2011

How many pizza types are there in the world? The real answer will remain a mystery as there are thousands of pizza types and many more combinations to experiment with. Pizza stores world over offer a wide variety of pizza types. Vegetarian pizzas, margherita pizzas, deluxe veggies, cheese & tomato, etc are some of the popular pizza types that are favourites among the foodies. The cheese crust pizza is also a very popular pizza type.

Apart from these, there are also several non veg pizza types on the meny. The barbeque chicken pizza, spicy chicken pizza, non veg extravaganza, etc are some of the most popular non veg pizza types. Many pizza stores include some toppings that are popular in the local cuisine, and these local pizza types include the Peppy Paneer pizza, kheema do pyaaza, etc.

Pizzas can be classified into different pizza types based on how they are made –

  • Brick oven pizza – the wood fired brick oven pizza type is the traditional method of making pizzas and gives a special flavour to it.
  • Chicago style – This is a deep dish pizza type, which was invented in Chicago. Lots of cheese is the signature style of this pizza.
  • French break pizza – This pizza type contains French bread cut in half and topped with pizza toppings
  • Italian pizza – an oven baked, flat, round pizza type with tomato and cheese. The original pizza.
  • New York style pizza – this pizza type is known for its thin wide slices. These pizzas are larger, light on sauce and take much longer to cook.

Pizzas can also be classified into different pizza types based on the crust –

  • Thin-crust pizza – A type of pizza which has a thin, crispy crust.
  • Thick crust pizza -  A pizza with a thick crust. The dough is left to rise in the baking process to result in this bread-like crust type of pizza.
  • Pan pizza – A pizza type with a thicker crust than any other, with a wide variety of toppings
  • Cheese crust pizza – what we call at Domino’s pizza as the Cheese burst pizza, it is the yummiest type of pizza crust which has cheese stuffed inside it.


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