Dominos side order menu offers value for money!!

Posted by Domino's India I November 28th, 2012

Domino’s is a well-known Italian pizza restaurant in the world and is very popular in India too. In addition to the main course, you can order from a variety of items in the side order menu as well. Depending on your liking and taste, you can order Breads, Pastas, Desserts, Dips, Italian Taco’s, Chicken Delights like Chicken Wings and Chicken Kickers along with many Beverages. If you look into the menu you are sure to find a number of dishes to make a selection from. While breadsticks and cheese dips and/or chicken wings are the most popular, another great addition is the chocolate lava cake. If you are fond of Italian desserts, then the choco lava cake, nutty choco lava cake, butterscotch mouse cake is an exceptional choice. Every product at Domino’s is unique and really mouthwatering.

When compared to any other fine Italian restaurant, Domino’s pizza was and remains to be a number one choice. The menus in places like India have incorporated specific dishes so as to suit the local taste buds. Although India requires some customization but overall consistency in taste and ingredients is maintained wherever you may go.

The number of Domino’s pizza fans in increasing every day owing to the choice of side orders and main course items. Chicken wings and Chicken Kickers for instance are now an all-time favorite for non-vegetarians and remain unique when compared to any other restaurant. Even the choice of Italian bread and desserts seems to be preferred choice of people in most places. Domino’s delivers hot and fresh within 30 minutes and that is why people find Domino’s a convenient option compared to many fine Italian restaurant.

Statistics reveal that most people prefer tp complement their pizzas with delicious side orders served by Domino’s Pizza. Whether you want to complement the meal with some breads in Italian style or simply ending the meal with some great desserts, Domino’s is the choice. Children in particular seem to relish items like cheese dip with breadsticks and chicken wings. After an enjoyable main course you and the family can easily feast on Italian desserts like Chocolate lava cake, Nutty Choco Lava Cake or Butterscotch Mouse Cake.. If you haven’t ever ordered from the side menu before then be sure that you are missing out on great taste! The next time you visit Dominos in person or when you place an order over the phone be sure to glance through the side menu. You are sure to find something to suit your taste buds and/or heart’s desire.

So now you can place the order online at or simply download the Domino’s Mobile Ordering application from and order with complete ease relaxing on your couch at home. You can save your address, favorite order and pay by credit card to make the order process really quick, efficient and fun. Or simply call them at 68886888 and they we will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes or else your delicious meal is Free*

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