Go #WinchakDhichak this cricket season!

Posted by Domino's India I February 18th, 2015

Hundreds of eyes glued on to television screens, sweat trickling down the temples of nervous faces, followed by a deafening roar killing the moments of silence. Thousands dancing on the streets thereafter, noise piercing through the silent corridors of an uptight conference room, mindless gigs on an overflowing sofa. Yes, we are talking about cricket – the only phenomenon that creates this kind of hysteria in India. And one thing that perfectly matches this celebration is Pizza, which is loved by one and all. Domino’s has found an exciting way to bring the two together when the biggest Cricket Carnival is on – Domino’s Cricfeast. This feast comes with extra toppings that you will relish forever. We will tell you how. When you order a Dominos pizza online or on phone, you set off a chain reaction that could have a #WinchakDhichak ending for you. You will get a chance to win every 5 mins. You could win one of 8,640 pizza discount e-booklets or one of 1,440 pizza e-vouchers worth Rs 500 each. If you are lucky, you may hit the boundary and win free pizzas for a whole year. And if you are any luckier, you could win an iPhone 6. It’s not just one or two iPhone 6, you have a chance to win one every day, for 60 days! The luckiest 3 could win a couple’s trip to Australia. So what are you waiting for? The pitch is ready and players are ready to bowl your favourite pizza. You just need to bat along. So, next time you are watching the match and the door bell rings, it could be a #WinchakDhichak moment right at your doorstep. 

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Domino’s Pizza Mania

Posted by Domino's India I May 16th, 2014

Picture11Temperatures are rising in living rooms. And it’s not just because it’s summer. Tayaji and mausi, bhua and nani – everyone has an opinion on the Indian Elections and on which party they support. Similarly, temperatures are rising when friends get together – endless discussions follow on which T20 team they support, which team is in peak form….However, amidst all these heated arguments and discussions, the good part is that there is unanimous decision when it comes to pizza. Domino’s Pizza Mania, which gives best taste, best choice and best value. Now there are 16 pizza options to choose from – hopefully, that should not become the reason for another heated discussion.

See the all new TV ads here



To promote Domino’s Pizza Mania a hashtag contest was launched on Twitter. Participants were asked what makes them the biggest #PizzaMMManiac  The most fun tweet won vouchers from Domino’s Pizza

Some fun tweets from our participants were….


The mania for Domino’s did not just stop there. Fans also changed their profile names to #PizzaMmmaniac to show their love for the offer.

Picture5 Picture6







Some pictures tweeted by our fans:








The contest hashtag trended in India


Best Excuse Award

Posted by Domino's India I January 23rd, 2014

Ever since we launched the Tastiest Pan Pizza, ever, people have not been able to resist the softest, cheesiest, crunchiest, butteriest Domino’s Fresh Pan Pizza. They have been leaving the stage in the middle of a performance and even finding excuses to be disqualified in a football match.

Watch our two TV ads and you’ll know what we mean. In our first TV ad a play is going on and as soon as the actors realize that Fresh Pan Pizza has been delivered backstage, all the characters start sneaking out to enjoy the Fresh Pan Pizza. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiIQWicqycw&list=UUUl-rHjymc7iLfpe_1dG9WA

In our second TV ad a football match is going on where the players run away from their field by purposely getting themselves kicked out or faking an injury, to enjoy the Fresh Pan Pizza. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV9187iDPKw&list=UUUl-rHjymc7iLfpe_1dG9WA

The Play TV ad was voted Top TV ad in Nov 2013 according to the Top of the Mind Ad Survey by Mint newspaper.

We launched Fresh Pan Pizza Best Excuse Awards on our Facebook fan page. Fans were given situations where they had to come up with wacky and fun excuses. The person with the best excuse won the Best Excuse Badge and won Domino’s vouchers. Their enthusiastic response proved that Domino’s Fresh Pan Pizza is the Tastiest Pan Pizza. Ever!

Some of the situations that we gave our fans were:


Our winners for the Best Excuse award:


Fresh Pan Pizza

Posted by Domino's India I December 10th, 2013

This year has been truly delicious for Domino’s fans. We introduced new and innovative products like Lebanese Rolls and Calzone Pockets to the menu and your feedback has been overwhelming. Now, Dominos doesn’t just stop at that, we are tenaciously dedicated to step up our game and are doing so with our new addition- the Fresh Pan Pizza which is determined to take your pizza experience to a whole new level.

You have inspired us to make our latest offering, Fresh Pan Pizza, to be the Tastiest Pan Pizza. Ever.  Inspired us to create a soft, buttery crust that takes just seconds to melt in your mouth. Inspired us to create a buttery aroma which is the key to bring everyone closer, as you open the box. Inspired us to make a  pizza with a crunch. Now that’s music to the ears. Inspired us to make a pizza fresh like the morning sun, made only when you order it. Inspired us to add  extra cheese for wider smiles. Perfect for a group picture. Inspired us to make a unique, specially designed delivery box that captures all the new elements involved.


No wonder, over 1 million people have already thoroughly enjoyed the Fresh Pan Pizza. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the Tastiest Pan Pizza. Ever. Today.




“DOT hai toh HOT hai”

Posted by Domino's India I December 10th, 2013

On 3rd December Delhites were all set to vote in the state elections. To make the event delicious and memorable, Domino’s Pizza and Radio Mirchi partnered each other for a unique promotion- “DOT hai toh HOT hai”. People who voted on that day were in for a special treat. All they had to do was to upload a pic of themselves showing their voting finger on the Domino’s Facebook Fanpage wall. Every hour the first 10 people who uploaded their pics were winners of the hour. Each one received a Domino’s voucher worth Rs 500. People of all age groups participated enthusiastically.

Delhites enjoyed Domino’s Pizza while voting for their favorite leader.

Even though the activity was purely confined to Facebook, some of our Twitter followers also appreciated the effort.



Calzone Pockets

Posted by Domino's India I December 5th, 2013

Calzone pockets are the recent juicy and spicy addition in the delicious yet diverse menu of Domino’s. Calzone Pockets are prepared with the freshest of ingredients, zesty tomato, chilly sauce, delicious stuffings and seasoned cheese.

Every bite gives you an exotic taste of flavours of the brilliantly put together ingredients and perfect seasoning. It is available in both Veg and Non Veg.

Like every other Domino’s TVC which revolves around relationships, the Calzone Pockets TVC focuses on making your relationship Juicier and Spicier with your partner. It revolves around the idea Rishto ko phirse thoda spicy thoda juicy banate hain’

Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVF0XdOJUP8

On Social Media platform we took the TVC to a next level by not only promoting Calzone Pockets but also promoting the core idea behind the TVC i.e. bringing flavor and fun back into your relationship.

We started off by showcasing the teasers saying: The juice and spice in your relationship. Coming back soon.


 Next step was to reveal the product & the TVCs on the Domino’s India Facebook Fan page.


Once the fans were aware of the Product and the idea behind it we launched the 1st initiative of our Campaign, which was sharing Juicy and Spicy Shayari.


In the 2nd Initiative we shared RelationTips with the fans on Domino’s India Facebook Fanpage to revive their Juicy and Spicy Relationship with their partners.

 Picture9 Picture8In the second phase of the 2nd Initiative, fans were asked to complete the quote. The wittiest reply won a Domino’s voucher.

Picture10Our third initiative was the ‘Relatoscope’ Contest, wherein the fan had to upload their picture with their partner on Domino’s Pizza India Facebook wall. We started with the teaser of the contest.


Once the contest was announced, people started uploading their pictures with their partners on our wall.


 Every pic that was uploaded on the wall got a comment from Zodiac baba.


Everyday 10 pictures were shortlisted on the basis of the compatibility of the couple in the picture. The picture with the maximum likes within 24 hours was announced as the winner.

On the 10th day the final shortlists were declared for the Goa trip, the criteria being the same i.e. to get maximum likes. The following were the final shortlists


Since the competition was very close 2 winners were declared for the Goa trip.Sonia and her partner and Anubhav and his partner were Joint winners.We received 415 entries and over 10,000 likes were received on the wall.

Couples of different age group participated in the contest and made it a huge success.

Further on Twitter we launched 5 different contests with different and fun hashtags revolving around the same idea.

Contest 1: We launched #JuicySpicyRelationship  on Twitter which was trending at No2 in India and Worldwide.

 Picture17  Picture18

Contest 2: #ZodiacBabaKiJai which trended at No 3 in India


Contest 3: #JuicySpicyRelationship (Part 2) which trended at No 5 in India


Contest 4: #RelationTips which trended at No 1 in India and No 2 Worldwide

 Picture21  Picture22

 Contest 5: #MeraLoveSign which trended at No 1 in India


 Some Tweets from our fans were:



But the fact remains that our main target behind the whole campaign was achieved which was:

 Rishto ko phirse thoda spicy thoda juicy banate hain’

Kyuki Yeh hai Rishton ka time”

India ka Cheeselicious Rishta with Cricket

Posted by Domino's India I November 15th, 2013


We all know the answer of the question when someone ask, “what our favourite sport is?”

We laugh, cry and dance while watching cricket. We worship our players. And the best part of it all is when we watch our favourite player while having our favourite Domino’s pizza.

For all those times when you snatched a bite of your favourite Domino’s Pizza from your brother, while he was glued to the TV screen, hoping for a “Six”.

For all those times you fought with your friend for the last slice during the drinks break.

And for all those times you celebrated India’s win with Choco Lava cake.

Yeh hai rishton ka time, Yeh hai Cricket ka time…

If you could share your favourite Domino’s pizza with your favourite player, who would it be?

Happy Diwali

Posted by Domino's India I November 1st, 2013

Diwali 2013-01 (1)

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. People celebrate it with their loved ones, but the best memory of Diwali comes from playing with fire crackers.

For all those times when you lit a fire cracker near your next door neighbor’s front door or started a harmless fire in the yard.

For all the people who helped you create your Diwali memories. This Diwali share a slice of happiness with them. Share a slice of Domino’s pizza.

Because festivals are not just an occasion for us to have fun. It is the time to be with your loved ones.

“Kyuki yeh hai rishton ka time.”

Celebrate taste ka bandhan on Raksha Bandhan

Posted by Domino's India I August 19th, 2013

Raksha Bandhan 2013-01-01

Remember when the doorbell rang and you raced with your sibling to the door, because you knew whoever will reach the delivery guy first will get the first slice.

Every time when you tried to bribe your little sister to use her charm on your dad to order a Domino’s pizza.

Every time you  picked up a fight with your siblings for the first slice, and ended up sharing the last slice.

Every time you had to give them a Domino’s treat for covering up for you in front of your parents.

For every special moment that you have shared with them.

This Rakhi relive those special moments with your siblings by sharing a slice of love, a slice of Domino’s pizza and make it even more special for them.

So this Rakhi, celebrate taste ka bandhan on Raksha Bandhan.

“Kyuki yeh hai rishton ka time”

Domino’s new Lebanese Rolls

Posted by Domino's India I August 6th, 2013

The new Lebanese Rolls, yet another innovative product by Domino’s are juicy rolls wrapped in a soft crust with a delicious Lebanese seasoning sprinkled on it which gives you a “Chatakedaar taste” and leaves you wanting for more. It is available in both veg and non veg flavours.

The TV ad with campaign line ‘Yeh Chatakedaar, banaye company mazedaar’ brings alive the fun with Spicy Lebanese Rolls and Chatakedar Company of friends.

Watch our ads at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxKPReZ3Cjw

To highlight the “Chatakedaar” energy of Lebanese Rolls we came up with“Complete this proverb in a Chatekedaar way” initiative on Facebook


For which people responded with the following:

Namrata Sharma ………….that ends in having my lebanese rolls all by myself!

Tripti Prem Baweja All’s well that’s chatekdaar and mazedaar just like the new Domino’s Lebanese Rolls.

On Twitter we launched #ChatakedaarDialogues contest which got a great response and was trending no.2 in India.

Some of our fun questions from the contest were :

#ChatakedaarDialogues ‘Apun ka fatka, char sau chalis ka jhatka’ Who said this & in which film ?

#ChatakedaarDialogues Q7.’Tumhara pyaar na ho gaya..UPSC ka exam ho gaya. 10 saal se paas hi nai ho raha’ Who said this & in which film ?

This is what our fans had to say:


And the fun continued with many other brands using the hashtag too.


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