Dominos pizza prices: Pizza Menus with Prices, Pizza Price List

Posted by Domino's India I August 28th, 2018

Dominos Pizza Prices

We value our customers and strive to provide a pleasant experience everytime. The All New Domino’s with softer crust, tastier sauce, more toppings and more cheese is revamped with the same prices. The overall pizza prices have been set to offer you the best taste at the best price. Now enjoy more of your favorite Domino’s Pizza at less price. Domino’s offers remarkable value for money, so that you and your pocket both have a delightful experience. Everyday is a celebration with Domino’s Everyday Value Offers. Enjoy your favorite Domino’s regular pizzas starting at @ Rs.99 each and medium pizzas starting @ Rs.199 each. For us, customer’s experience is always important hence we offer our quality food products. We have thought-fully designed our pizza menu offerings so that you never run out of tasty options without breaking the bank. Here is our general pizza menu with prices:

Pizza Price List:

Veg pizza prices
Regular: Rs.99/-
Medium: Rs.195/-
Large: Rs.395/-

Non Veg pizza prices:
Regular: Rs.165/-
Medium: Rs.305/-
Large: Rs.495/-

Prices of Side Orders:
Dip: Rs.25/-
Veg Parcel: Rs.35/-
Chicken Parcel: Rs.39/-
Garlic Breadsticks: Rs.95/-
Lava Cake: Rs.99/-
Veg Pasta: Rs.135/-

Speciality Chicken: Rs.99/-

Burger Pizza: Rs.99/-

Pizza Mania Prices:
Veg pizza mania: Rs.59/-
Non-Veg pizza mania: Rs.89/-

Domino’s provide premium food quality and service without charging a premium price. The price of Domino’s pizza is comparatively less than other competitors almost by 20% to 25% in this super competitive QSR segment. The Pizza prices have been set to ensure that you get a deal that is value for money. Celebrate everyday with Domino’s Pizza India, grab exciting pizza deals & offers with Everyday Value Offers

  • Everyday value offers – Two regular pizzas at Rs.99 each.
  • Everyday value offers – Two medium pizzas at Rs.199 each.To know the details on Pizza coupons, offers, food coupon, validity and terms & conditions you can visit the following link: Dominos Pizza Coupons & Offers

You can order your delicious pizza by calling at Dominos customer care number: 1860-210-0000
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Food Delivery: Dominos Offers Home Delivery Food

Posted by Domino's India I June 8th, 2018

Food Delivery

When you are hungry at home but have work to do, no time to go out or just plain lazy to cook or step out of the house, taking a food home delivery is what saves your day. It’s even better if it is home delivery of your favorite pizza!

Domino’s pizza offers pizza home delivery from 1,147 stores across in 264 Indian cities as of June 5th, 2018. Order pizza online from your nearest pizza restaurants and get home delivery for free till 3:00 AM from selected pizza restaurants across India.

Food Home Delivery

All new Domino’s Pizza India specializes in food home delivery within 30 minutes of ordering. With a zealous team, unmatched skill and a passion to deliver, it is no wonder that Domino’s Pizza dominates its competitors with Hot Deliveries. Our team works quickly and efficiently on food home delivery service, to deliver food to you on time and satisfy your taste buds. Domino’s pizza is known all over the country and world, as the pizza delivery expert because of our excellent job in home delivery of pizzas.

The domino’s pizza home delivery boys are extremely trained and efficient in their driving. They never over-speed but are still quick in delivering pizzas on time, because of their passion to do so and the efficiency of their execution. We truly believe in Kushiyon ki home delivery for you!

Here are some terms and conditions for the 30 minutes or free pizza delivery.

  • Orders of more than 4 pizzas are considered bulk orders and hence the 30 minutes or free pizza home delivery shall not be held for such orders
  • When store operating conditions are not suitable for pizza home delivery under 30 minutes, you will be informed at the time of taking your order
  • 30 minutes or free home delivery of pizzas will not be valid on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Durga Pooja and other festivals and special occasions due to difficulty of operations.

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