Seven Days of Showing Your Love A Million Ways

Posted by Domino's India I February 8th, 2020

Seven Days of Saying ‘I Love You’ In Million Ways

For the people who loved with all their heart the whole year, February is a blissful month where they finally allow their feelings to show without much hesitation. It is a month of forging new bonds, renewing old relationships, going that extra mile for the people that actually matter and giving them many thanks for making this life so beautiful and delicious.

Open up your hearts and profess your love to your sweetheart, friends, and family.

Here are the 7 days of Valentine and many ways to do so. Place your hand on your heart and read on with delight about the lovely Valentine’s week.

1.Rose Day – 7th Feb 2020, Friday

The simplest and most beautiful form of expression of love, a single rose has the magic to light-up the most gloomy of hearts and rekindle an old feeling.
It can be a whole bouquet or a single rose. What counts is that you extend it to the person that means the most to you in the whole wide world.

2.Propose Day – 8th Feb 2020, Saturday

Even though the people in your life know that you love them, sometimes saying it out loud can make them realize how precious they really are.
This is the lover’s day to do just that. Want to ask someone to be your life partner? Go ahead. Get down on your knees. Break the barriers, tell your parents or children that they are the love of your life. Speak up, write it down and let them know your true feelings. Maybe in your daily routine, you wouldn’t get a chance to do so.

3.Chocolate Day – 9th Feb 2020, Sunday

Men and women both love chocolates. And gifting chocolates is the best way to let their sweetness slide into your relationships.
For several years, we saw couples of all ages come to our outlet just for the melting sweetness of our choco lava cake. It has always been a delightful sight for us, seeing two people often share this love of chocolate and each other at our pizza store each Valentine’s week.

Chocolate Day - 9th Feb 2020, Sunday

4.Teddy Day – 10th Feb 2020, Monday

Give this huggable toy and companion to the one whom you always wish to accompany. Whenever they see these adorable Valentine’s day gifts, they will be reminded of you.
You can accompany it with their favorite Dominos pizza. Just so they feel full, happy and more in love than ever.

Teddy Day - 10th Feb 2020, Monday

5.Promise Day – 11th Feb 2020, Tuesday

Every relationship is based on some sweet words, unbreakable trust, and some promises. Think of it as a new relationship resolution, if you must but give your relations a breather with a new promise and follow it through the entire year.
It can be as profound as – “I will always be there for you.” Or it can be as simple as a husband promising to treat his wife every Friday to a delicious large cheesy pizza after searching for restaurants near me on Google.

Promise Day -11th Feb 2020, Tuesday

6.Hug Day – 12th Feb 2020, Wednesday

Nothing is needed here. Just two arms and a lot of love. Hug it out with your family, friends and your love. You are guaranteed to feel a lot happier after just a single hug.

7.Kiss Day – 13th Feb 2020, Thursday

Exchange feelings and let there be love.

Valentine’s Day – 14th Feb 2020, Friday

The most important day of love arrives – Valentine’s Day. Get innovative and celebrate this lover’s day the best way possible. Do a quick search for the “food places near me”, plan a little outing, spend some quality ‘us’ time, and seal your love with a pizza.
What say?

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How to thank a friend who has always been there for you?

Posted by Domino's India I December 6th, 2019

They clicked your Instagram worthy pics, loaned you money when you didn’t have any and treated you many-a-times just because they felt like it. One could say that this friend has been more like a family away from your family.
And seeing how your best buddy always had your back, it’s time for some happy payback at your nearest Domino’s pizza store.

Here are the 3 beautiful and cheesy ways to thank your BFF:

1. Treat your buddy at pizza restaurants nearby

This method is pretty straightforward and can make your amigo feel happy anytime, any day. Be it a bad day at the office or some trouble in paradise, ask him to meet you at one of the best pizza places near him, order his favourite choice of crust and toppings and give his troubles your complete attention.
Where the cheesy goodness of our pizza would comfort him, your undivided attention would make him feel good.

2. Order pizza delivery

It is a special day for you and your bestie? Celebrate with your closest friends with a pizza, sides, beverages, desserts and lots of talk. Order everybody’s favourite pizza, as your treat to everyone present. And who knows, with a bit of advance planning it can also turn out to be a surprise for your BFF.

3. Pizza takeaway & a road trip

This one is a favourite amongst almost everyone. Simply Google the words pizza restaurants near me, place a takeaway order for you and your buddy’s favourite everyday value pizza with 2 regular pizzas starting at ₹99 each, pick your friend with his luggage, pick the order and go on a road trip to a weekend getaway.
Sound like some amazing plans, don’t they? Start planning, and surprise your friend-for-life the best way possible. Thank him with all your heart and a Domino’s pizza.

You can order your delicious pizza by calling at Domino’s customer care number: 1860-210-0000

2020 Resolutions Every Pizza Lover Should Stick To

Posted by Domino's India I December 5th, 2019

Before you go around making a new year resolution, here is a fact for you. Did you know, only 46% of people follow through on their New Year Resolutions? No surprises there. Most of these resolutions are too unrealistic, too ambitious, or just sound like pure torture.

The most common ones that do rounds around the circuit are: saving more money, getting organised, living a fulfilling life or losing weight. But buddy, it isn’t a one-off thing. You need to take small steady steps towards it. Domino’s here proposes 5 delicious resolutions that every pizza lover would be happy to keep.

1. Appreciate little things in life

Are you searching for ‘best pizza places near me?’ Search no more because you’ll find Domino’s at every corner of your block! Just click, select, add to cart and order. Take in a minute to see the divine creation that came to you in a warm box. Another minute inhaling the rich aroma of the cheese burst pizza, and then take your sweet time digging your teeth into its gooey and yummy cheese

2. Show people love & gratitude

Showing love is hard. But you can tell how much you care about a person without having to utter a single word in front of them. Order their favourite pizza from the nearest Domino’s pizza restaurant and watch their eyes sparkle with happiness.

3. Share more to lose more

Every pizza slice you share with someone translates to burnt calories. Next time, you pick a takeaway from the googled ‘pizza places near me’, care to share it with the old lady you see at the traffic signal daily.

4. Compromise more

Sometimes it’s good to compromise. This art is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It comes especially handy when you want a pizza and the better half craves for a burger. And when you are searching for ‘best restaurants near me’, remember to order a Burger Pizza from the Domino’s!

5. Make better life choices

When you are looking for ‘restaurants near me’ but want to lead a healthier life, choose a thin crust wheat pizza with healthier toppings! What could be better than leading a healthier life without compromising on your favourite foods?

Stay true to these lovely resolutions. Order the Everyday Value Offer of 2 Regular Pizzas @ ₹99 each.

Where to party and have a delicious Domino’s Pizza in Bangalore

Posted by Domino's India I December 5th, 2019

Traffic, stress and inexhaustible workload getting you down Bangaloreans. Don’t let it…

Cheer your spirits with a little cheese and the companionship of your friends, who are sailing in the same boat. Whenever travelling to or from your office, simply google ‘pizza near me’ and you will be delighted to find a freshly-baked heavenly pizza ready at your nearest location. However, there are a few places where the taste of your pizza gets amplified with the infectious weekend buzz around you. Let us take a city tour and get to know where your pizza tastes the best when in a mood to party.

1. Koramangala: Both young professionals and the college students swear by the popular haunts of this south-east area of Bangalore. All 8 blocks of this hip and happening area are lined with trees and the best pubs that the city has to offer. And whenever you feel like having a pizza nearby, simply drop by the Domino’s store at the 6th Block, near the indoor stadium.

2. Indiranagar: This area is said to be one of the poshest localities of Bangalore. And for its cold breweries, five-star hotels and lit nightlife, it obviously lives up to the reputation. After all the sloshing and partying when you feel like a quick cheese-loaded bite, you can drop by the Domino’s store at Indiranagar, 1st Stage, Binnamangala for the best pizza near me (oops near you).

3. M.G. Road: Malls, eateries, shops, brands, bookshops, theatres, offices and street markets! The busiest area of Bangalore is surrounded by all this more. When in this city, it is the place to be at. You can go and roam around Church Street, Brigade Road, East Parade Church, and St. Mark’s Road. And when completely tired, without a search for the ‘pizza shop near my location’, you can drop at the Domino’s store at the M.G. Metro Station and avail our Everyday Value Offer of 2 regular pizzas starting at ₹99 each.
Or better, if you know your friends are going to debate 30-40 minutes before finalising on the pizza of their choice, simply order your takeaway beforehand.

Have a gala time exploring the Garden City peeps.

Search for the ultimate pizza ends now!

Posted by Domino's India I December 5th, 2019

Pizza lovers all around the world unite! The holy grail in the world of gastronomy, what we all seek the most, is the best pizza in the world. A slice of pizza with just the right amount of toppings, cheese, a crust that’s perfectly crunchy and sauce that satiates your tastebuds.

Every day value offer at Rs 199 each

We believe Pizza making is an art and Domino’s has an array of incredibly talented artists and although we understand that perfection evades us all we believe that we are very close in our journey to mastering the craft of pizza making. With exotic ingredients sourced from various parts of the world while retaining the authentic Italian flavour, our pizzas are specially curated to appeal to the Indian audience.

Happiness comes in all sizes. A regular pizza size serves one while a medium pizza size can serve up to two people. On the other hand, a large pizza size can feed a family of four.

What is it exactly that makes Domino’s Pizzas so yummy? The answer is quite simple actually. What we have is not the best pizza but an assortment of pizzas that are specifically curated for a wide audience in India. There’s something out there for everyone at Domino’s. It is comforting to know that no matter who you are or where you are, the best pizza toppings are always waiting for you at Domino’s.

The magic starts at the base level with bases that are crisp and filling, and a tomato sauce that’s so integral to the taste of pizza as it allows for a burst of acidity and sweetness to amplify the sauce at the pizza’s base teamed up with a generous layer of cheese that melts right in your mouth. Next up, you can choose from the widest array of toppings depending upon your requirements.

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike find solace in Domino’s pizzas. Baked to perfection, our pizzas topped with the choicest ingredients are what make it the haven for pizza lovers. Next time you’re craving something delicious, why not have a delicious pizza from you know where and when you’re getting two regular pizzas at ₹ 99 each, you don’t have to think twice. Order Now!!
You can also order your delicious pizza by calling at Domino’s customer care number: 1860-210-0000

How to satisfy your midnight pizza cravings?

Posted by Domino's India I December 4th, 2019

No matter how much you try there’s one thing you can’t control. No, we aren’t talking about nature’s call. There’s a magical phenomenon that occurs when the hour hand hits 12. Hunger starts creeping in out of the blue even though we had a late dinner. At this time, no one, we mean no one has the courage to cook up even a semi-decent meal.
True hell breaks when we start searching for food but can’t find anything. But don’t fret, with Domino’s late night delivery service, you can easily satisfy your midnight hunger pangs.

Although it’s a known fact that binge eating late in the night isn’t such a good idea, it’s not all too bad to indulge in a little sometimes. There’s nothing more satisfying than a slice of cheesy pizza rich with exotic toppings. The moment you bite into it, you feel a certain bliss, rather a spurt of happiness. When you have someone to share this happiness with, there’s probably no better feeling in the world.

A midnight pizza is what brings comfort to us all and at Domino’s, you can customize your pizza to your heart’s content. Choose from a plethora of different crusts including fan favourites such as Cheese Burst, New hand-tossed, Wheat thin-crust among others.

You can also choose the toppings that go on your pizza. Don’t like pineapple on your pizza? No problem, you can replace it with olives or mushrooms instead. Veg toppings include fresh cottage cheese, juicy tomatoes, crispy capsicum, Golden Corn, Red Pepper and exotic ones such as Black Olives, Jalapenos and more. If you’re someone who believes there’s no such thing as too much cheese, you can also opt for extra cheese on your pizza. On the other hand, meat lovers can choose from Barbeque Chicken, Hot ‘n’ spicy Chicken, Chicken Salami and Chunky Chicken.

In addition to pizzas, you can also place an order for side dishes such as Garlic Breadsticks, Pasta Italiano and titbits including crinkle fries, Tacos and more. You can also complement your savouries with delectable desserts such as Lava Cake and Butterscotch Mousse cake that literally melts in your mouth.

We won’t keep you waiting especially when we know you’re hungry. With Domino’s superfast midnight delivery service, we deliver your pizzas to your doorstep within 30 minutes of placing an order. Plus, now you get 2 regular pizzas at ₹99 each with our latest offer. So, to binge away folks Order Now!!

Domino’s All-New Masala Pizzas

Posted by Domino's India I December 4th, 2019

They relate to you the most and they are always there for you.

Make plans, throw parties and celebrate almost anything with them. Because this winter, Domino’s brings your all-new 6 spicy masala pizza flavours to spice up your friendship. Each of these pizzas packs the fiery spiciness of your relationship along with the cheesiness of good times. Try all these Domino’s new pizza orders with the gang and raise a slice to your #FriendsLikeFamily!

1. Kadhai Paneer

kadhai paneer pizza

Upgrade your everyday pizza with paneer chunks thrown over your favourite crust with onion, capsicum and kadhai masala flavours. Not only friends, but family too will love this delicious pizza masala surprise. Order now.

2. Achari Do Pyaza

achari do pyaza pizza

The Italian delicacy gets a special desi touch with this new masala flavour of pizza. Order this super cheesy onion pizza doused in tangy achaari flavours and watch your each buddy jump around with joy.
This pizza is the perfect party starter for any weekend plan too.

3. Keema Do Pyaza

keema do pyaza non veg pizza

Every troop has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends in their gang. Time for you to help these non-vegetarian friends feel a little extra good life. Spoil them with chicken chatpata toppings! Order this cheese pizza loaded with delectable minced chicken keema and crunchy onions.

And maybe when they are not looking your way, help yourself to a slice or two.

4. Bhuna Murg

Bhuna murg chicken pizza

If they like indulging in the dhaba-style Chicken Bhuna Masala, your squad will surely love every last bite of this fusion pizza topped with bhuna masala coated juicy chicken, onion and capsicum.

5. Chicken Butter Masala

Chicken butter masala pizza

Make your next gathering extra special with the new Domino’s Chicken Butter Masala pizza. The comforting taste of chicken tikka spiced with tomato gravy, crunchy onion and red paprika will mellow down even the sourest of moods; giving you an opportunity to bond over each slice.

6. Paneer Makhani

Paneer makhani

Start things on a tasty note with a pizza that will give your taste buds a burst of true Indian flavours. This paneer makhani pizza comes with a spicy-tangy layer of Makhani sauce and is topped paneer as well as capsicum.

Go ahead! Celebrate the bonds that need celebrating with these chatpata snacks. Order any 2 pizzas now from Everyday Value offer starting at only ₹99 each.

A Delicious History of Your Favourite Classic Margherita Pizza

Posted by Domino's India I December 4th, 2019

Margherita pizza

Not a day goes by when we do not thank the creator of the simplest yet tastiest pizza in the whole wide world.

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the ever-delicious margherita pizza. True, several toppings came and tantalized our taste buds. But there is something about these classic slices that cannot be replaced with anything.

Plus, it has royal connections.

The story behind it…

Did you know that present Italy came into existence in 1860? Before that, it was just a peninsula clustered with several states and kingdoms. Mere 29 years later, King Umberto I and his wife Queen Margherita of Savoy came to visit Naples. It is believed that her majesty quickly grew tired of the royal French cuisine and took a fancy to the flatbread that local peasants used to eat. She summoned the famous Neapolitan chef of that era Raffaele Esposito and ordered him to prepare her a pizza.

The chef then baked a special version with toppings true to the colour of unified Italy’s flag: red tomatoes, white mozzarella cheese and fresh green basil. Queen approved of it. The chef afterwards named this creation after the queen. Thus, the margherita pizza became famous.


The above story cannot be strictly called the origin story of our favourite pizza. A similar recipe has been traced back to an 1866’s book “Customs & Traditions of Naples”. However, it was only after Esposito presenting it to the Queen Margherita that made it famous. The world got to know about this terrific pizza with Italian immigration.

Honestly, now we cannot think of human existence without it. Celebrate this story with a double cheese margherita pizza now. Order your cheese pizza from our app or call Domino’s customer care number:1860-210-0000.
Don’t forget to avail our Everyday Value Offer of 2 regular pizzas at @ ₹99 each.

Treat time? Domino’s time…

Posted by Domino's India I December 3rd, 2019

There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing an entire pizza in front of your friend as he watches helplessly because he’s on a diet. Just kidding. Don’t be that guy. In fact, a Domino’s pizza tastes better when shared with friends, well, because you would have someone to fight you for the last slice of pizza.

Can you imagine binge-watching movies on a movie night with your buddies without pizza? No, right? That would be a cardinal sin. Similarly, even a game night feels incomplete without pizza. It is that one thing that automatically makes everything seem better. Whether you’re celebrating your best friend’s promotion or trying to cheer up a friend who has recently gone through a break-up, you can order pizza online and Domino’s pizza delivery service will deliver it to your doorstep at the earliest.

If you are pulling an all-nighter with your friends for an exam and hunger pangs creep in, pizza is the perfect answer for ordering food online. Another scene – it’s the month-end and you’re almost completely broke. Worry not as our pizza price will not only satiate your hunger but also bring solace as they won’t dent your pocket. On the other hand, if you’re someone who drools at the sight of a cheesy pizza with melted cheese oozing out of it, then explore our range of cheese burst pizzas at Domino’s.

Someone wise once said ‘Anyone who says that money can’t buy happiness has clearly never spent his money on pizza’. Spend your money in the right place. Order delicious pizzas from Domino’s and customize them to your heart’s content. Plus, now you can avail two regular pizzas for as low as ₹ 99 each with our Everyday Value Offer.

Why you need to spend the last month of 2019 with Domino’s Pizza?

Posted by Domino's India I December 3rd, 2019

2020 is rapidly approaching. So is the pressure of spending the last month of 2019 in the most epic way possible. But let’s be honest, nothing beats a Christmas & New Year celebration coupled with a great pizza. At least for the die-hard slice maniacs.
Trust us! At Domino’s, we have got you covered. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should spend time chilling with Domino’s these last days of 2019.

1. You and your gang deserves this deliciousness

There were ups and downs. But you overcome each difficulty like a warrior. Job changes, promotions, moving away from home, exam pressures, relationships – you were a champ in every sector of your life. And your friends helped you every step of the way too. So take this time to appreciate yourself!

Surely you and they both deserve a delicious no-fuss celebration of a large size Veg Extravaganza pizza.

Mate, you earned every yummy bite.

2. It brings everyone together

Christmas and 31st December is the time to celebrate the year gone by with family, friends and loved ones. And nothing can spice up or mellow these moments more than a cheese-loaded slice of pizza, stuffed garlic bread, dips, specialty chicken for your non-vegetarian friends and let’s not forget the beverages.
With your tummy full, you can happily countdown to 2020.

3. All night delivery

You can fuss and worry about the hippest places, reservations, costs, number of people attending the party, transportation and the budget! Or you can trust us with a late-night delivery for your hot & fresh regular pizza or a yummy medium pizza.

With our always-at-your-service delivery, the party would run all night long every single day of the month.
Adding to these three above-given reasons, this party will also be super light on your pocket. Domino’s Everyday Value Offer gives 2 Regular Pizzas @ ₹99 each.

Order the best pizza from Domino’s to enter 2020 rich, happy and satisfied!

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