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Posted by Domino's India I August 6th, 2013


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Sahyog – a food collection drive for the flood victims of Uttarakhand was initiated by Jubilant Foodworks Ltd.

Posted by Domino's India I July 1st, 2013

Everyone who has watched the Uttarakhand natural disaster unfold on TV has been shocked at the magnitude of the destruction and the loss of lives. Besides rescuing the stranded tourists, the primary focus is now on rehabilitation of the local people. Jubilant Foodworks Ltd launched the ‘Sahyog’ initiative last week, among its employees. This was a two-fold drive. Employees graciously contributed part of their salary and the total collection was matched by an equal contribution from Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. Employees also contributed non-perishable food items like rice, pulses and biscuits. The collected material is now being delivered through an NGO to the rehabilitation camps in Uttarakhand. Our prayers are with all those affected by this disaster of unparalleled magnitude.

Father’s Day initiative

Posted by Domino's India I June 15th, 2013

A Father is someone who loves us a lot. Sometimes he lets us fall to give us the strength to try again. A father is someone who wants us to grow and succeed and always keeps faith in us. He works hard to ensure the smile on our face and expect little in return. All this would keep him very busy.

So we decided to make this Father’s Day special for all the dads who were occupied working, the opportunity was to share a slice of their time with their children.

We ran a contest on Facebook where the contestants had to upload their image with their dads. Five winners were chosen-  Minoli Nandwana, ,Gopal Raj, Shalini Das, Priyanka Saini, Lakshi Mehra.

They will get a treat from domino’s pizza to celebrate Father’s Day with their dads.

Kyuki yeh hai rishton ka time”


Mother’s Day Initiative

Posted by Domino's India I May 27th, 2013

A mother never expects anything in return for what she has done for us. All she want is some of our time so she can just sit and talk to us. But in today’s fast paced life no one has time to be with their loved ones.

Therefore to make this mother’s day special we initiated a contest on our Facebook page where the participants had to upload their picture with their mothers. 7 contestants would be given a treat at Domino’s with their mom’s on mother’s day.

7 entries were chosen as winners who were Neha Hinduja, Rahul D Narang, Vidhi Patel, Prerna Dubey, Anupam Kumar, Rajat Sinha & Dimple Arya. Not only did they share happiness and love with their mother’s but also shared a slice of their time with her.

This is what they wrote to us

Dimple Arya - Thank you so much for awesome treat.. coz of u ppl my mom went to restaurant after one n half year..n pizza is her favr8.

Rahul D Narang - It was a great feeling to be there. It was the staff at domino’s which made her Mother’s Day and not me. A big thank you to you guys for selecting my entry. It was like one of the things on a wishlist. Thank you everyone. I’m looking forward for a lot of contests now. Especially from Domino’s Pizza India. *cheers* you’ll have my respect!

This was for all those mothers who showed up to any party with diaper bag in their hands, For those mothers who cannot stop their tears when they see their baby for the first time. For all the mothers who defy all odds just to watch her kid perform and repeat to themselves “That’s my kid”. For the mothers who incontinently turn their heads when they hear the word “MOM” even though they know their child is nowhere around.

And finally its for all those mothers who gave up their own life to shape ours.

“Kyuki yeh hai Rishton ka time” “Yeh hai khushiyon ka time”.

Mother's Day intiative winners

Wolla Wicky

Posted by Domino's India I May 13th, 2013

Did you ever wake up and say “I am awesome”. Has  something ever happened to you which made you feel “Awesome”? “Wolla Wicky” is an expression given to that “Awesome” feeling. For instance when Sachin hits a century we go bananas screaming, punching the air, jumping like rabbits, that is Wolla Wicky. Bunking the class together with your friends and having a crazy time,that is Wolla Wicky. When you throw back your heads to laugh wildly, that is Wolla Wicky. When we hear of huge discounts at our favourite store, that is Wolla Wicky. The excitement you get to see your first salary, that is Wolla Wicky and finally the feeling of immense happiness and excitement when you either spend that first salary on your loved ones or spend it celebrating with them that is “Wolla Wicky”. Not many of us get a chance to feel awesome every second of the day, but now you can with the Dino from our Pehli Kamai TV ad- The I am awesome “Wolla Wicky” dance.

You can watch and feel awesome here:  Go “Wolla Wicky”


Pehli Kamai initiatives

Posted by Domino's India I April 26th, 2013

In our latest TV ad, the dude became a dinosaur to earn his Pehli Kamai : We  launched contests on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to promote Pehli Kamai. On Facebook,  the fans who haven’t earned their Pehli Kamai yet were asked to upload their solo pics on our “Earn your Pehli Kamai” Facebook app. The fans had to get a minimum of 10 likes on their picture to qualify. Finally 6 contestants were shortlisted – Tejas Samant, Richard Moses, Priyanka Sharma, Aishwarya Goenka, Karan Bhargava & Shubham Dandwate. All 6 of them were invited to Mumbai where the final auditions took place.The auditions were a whole lot of fun and Tejas, Richard, Shubham were chosen as winners. They were asked to earn their Pehli Kamai just like the dude in the TV ad – by becoming a dinosaur: They were asked to wear the Dino costume & entertain the audience at Infinity mall, Malad, Mumbai. The mall event was a huge success as everyone ended up having a great time. Our 3 winners – Shubham Dandwate, Tejas Samant & Richard Moses earned their Pehli Kamai from Domino’s and also received certificates. The celebrations had just begun for them. The next day, Domino’s threw a party for all three winners  in their houses to celebrate their Pehli Kamai with their family and friends, Kyunki  party toh badi hi honi chahiye. On Twitter, the  #PehliKamai hashtag contest was  trending for 4 days. On YouTube, the comments on the TV ad which got the maximum likes were declared daily  winners. So, just like in the TV ad, many guys and girls enjoyed their Pehli Kamai thanks to Domino’s. Yeh hai rishton ka time, yeh hai celebration ka time.




Pehli kamai

Posted by Domino's India I April 18th, 2013

Life is special and so is every experience in it but the first experience is always the most special one, “Pehla day at school”, “Pehli class fight” “Pehla pyaar” “Pehli job” and finally the most important “Pehli kamai” which can be a college internship, a baby sitting job for your neighbor or becoming a dinosaur like in our latest TVC. Watch it here The fact that makes Pehli kamai even more special is the feeling of pride when you share it with your loved ones by either buying something for them or by celebrating with them, kyunki life ki pehli kamai chahe jitni choti ho, party badi honi chahiye. No matter how big or small your “Pehli kamai” is, celebrate it with Dominos pizza mania starting at Rs44.

“Yeh hai celebration ka time, Yeh hai rishton ka time”.


Pehli Kamai

Posted by Domino's India I April 7th, 2013

Pehli Kamai, excitement, anticipation, nostalgia, sentiment, joy – so many emotions rolled into one. If you have yet to start to earn it, there’s excitement and anticipation. If you have already earned it, it’s an evergreen memory. The best part being the immense joy of sharing, of celebrating and making that special occasion memorable. Because it’s never about how much your first salary was, it’s how big the celebration became. Life ki pehli kamai chahe jitni choti ho, party badi honi chahiye. Watch Domino’s Pehli Kamai TV ad here :

A new energy. A new passion. A refreshing new logo. Yeh hai ek naye rishtey ka time.

Posted by Domino's India I April 4th, 2013

Change is good. Change refreshes, change energizes, change adds a new spark. A change which brings in new energy, a new way to look at things, a change that strengthens. At Domino’s we embrace change. A new approach, a new energy – whether it’s in making your favourite pizzas or in delivering them. Change motivates and drives us forward withnew enthusiasm. We warmly introduce our refreshing new logo. A new energy. A new passion. Yeh hai ek naye rishtey ka time.



Jubilant FoodWorks wins Four Indian eRetail Congress Awards

Posted by Domino's India I March 14th, 2013

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL) has been recognized with four Indian eRetail Congress Awards 2013 held on 15th Feb. The awards recognize and facilitate achievers, innovators, suppliers, manufacturers and facilitators who have contributed significantly towards the development of eRetail in India. JFL was nominated in four categories under Digital Marketing and Online Ordering and we won in each of the four categories. We managed this amongst participation from some of known pure-play eRetailer brands such as Myntra, Jabong, mydala, Homeshop18 and Pepperfry, besides some of the well-known click & mortar brands in achieving this coveted success.

We won in the following categories :

1. Quick Service food delivery e Retailer of the year
2. Best use of Social Media
3. Best Site Optimisation and design
4. Marketing/Advertising campaign of the year
A big thank you to all our customers who embraced our presence in the digital medium with enthusiasm and great support.
Yeh hai rishton ka time, yeh hai celebration ka time !

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