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Burger Pizza – A Refreshing Taste of Having Pizza & Burger

When it comes to ordering the best comfort food, people often get confused between ordering a pizza and a burger. Hence to end this confusion for good and make people get the best of both worlds, Domino’s came up with the unique idea of creating burger pizza. So whenever you’re at crossroads while ordering, consider treating yourself to a burger pizza.

Relish the Delicious Burger Pizza from Domino’s

With so many inviting varieties on offer, picking the correct item that is filling and delicious can be challenging. It is where the burger pizza Domino’s makes the mark. The best part about enjoying this Domino’s signature item is getting to relish the flavors of a pizza and a burger. Whether you’re starving or just want to enjoy a tasty treat, a burger pizza is perfect for all situations.

You can order Domino’s burger pizza online using the official Domino’s mobile app or website and receive it at your doorsteps within 30-minutes or less. All the burger pizza orders are prepared fresh, and you can feel the freshness in every bite. You can enjoy a variety of pizza burger options served at Domino’s, so you can always get spoilt for choices.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Domino’s has options for both. You can take your pick from classic veg, premium veg, and classic non-veg. Each burger pizza Domino’s is made using the freshest ingredients and chef-special sauces and seasoning, so you are sure to love its flavors. It is one reason why people have been giving excellent Domino’s burger pizza review online and offline. You have to definitely try it once to truly experience its rich flavors.

Why is Burger Pizza Different from Other Pizza?

All the pizzas served at Domino’s are incredibly delicious, but it couldn’t stop the burger pizza Domino’s from garnering a fan base of its own. While the pizzas offer distinct flavors, none offers the taste of a burger and a pizza. It is where the burger pizza scores additional points. Whenever you’re craving delicious food, but your budget allows you to order just one item, burger pizza can perfectly fit the bill and also appeal to your taste buds.

You can try ordering the Domino’s classic veg burger pizza online and experience the uniqueness yourself. Although you cannot make any customisations to the burger pizza, an option available while ordering pizzas, you can still have big expectations from it. It offers lip-smacking flavors of two comfort foods – which is rare to find in other food items. The traditional flavors are rich and intense, making everyone come back for more.

If you like burgers and pizzas with generous fillings, you will love Domino’s premium veg burger pizza. The additional use of paneer and red paprika in this item makes it more flavorful. You should try it at least once, if you haven’t already, and witness why people love this unique combination of a burger and a pizza.

Domino’s Burger Pizza Recipe

Combining pizzas and burgers can be difficult, especially when both have distinct flavors embedded in peoples’ taste buds. But Domino’s has managed to develop a unique recipe that combines the best of both, without affecting the original flavors. Every bite into a burger pizza Domino’s will make you feel you’re eating a pizza and a burger simultaneously. This innovative recipe has made many think of the ingredients used to create this special Domino’s menu item. If you’ve been wondering how Domino’s managed to create the best flavors, we’re here to solve your queries.

Although Domino’s uses different ingredients for baking different burger pizza varieties, pizza dough, olive oil, a secret seasoning, chef-special tangy sauce, and mozzarella cheese are the prime ingredients. The toppings or filling vary from one variety to another. But tomatoes, onions, corn, capsicum, red paprika, and paneer are the main filling options for the veg burger pizza.

The non-veg variant has chunks of marinated chicken along with certain vegetarian toppings for extra flavor. If you’ve been looking for ways relating ‘how to make burger pizza’ online, you’re now aware of the ingredients. The only downside of trying to create this dish at home is you may be unable to replicate the same flavor.

Hence, if you want to enjoy the best taste and quality, it is best to sit back and order a burger pizza online. It will save you from the hassle of collecting the different Domino’s burger pizza ingredients, and the baking time. Moreover, you can utilize the time you would have spent baking by indulging in any of your favorite leisure activities. If you’re trying to maintain a calorie-deficit diet, you can easily add in a burger pizza as the Domino’s burger pizza calories are in between 270 to 490 calories which are relatively lower than that of a pizza and a burger combined.

Domino’s Burger Pizza Price List

When it comes to food, no one wants to compromise the quality and taste of food they’re planning to have. But month-end budget constraints can cause hindrance, preventing people from ordering what they like. Fortunately, now people have the option to enjoy the flavors of two of the most common comfort foods at the price of one. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, we’re talking about the burger pizza Domino’s.

Now, whenever you’re craving something delicious, you can order Domino’s burger pizza online without worrying about the bill. The Domino’s burger pizza price is relatively lower and affordable compared to the Domino’s burger pizza size. And if you use any latest Domino’s coupons and offers at checkout, you can save more.

Check Out the Domino’s Burger Pizza Price List

The cost of a burger pizza will depend on the variant one decides to purchase. For example, Domino’s classic non-veg burger pizza and the burger pizza classic veg will have different price points. As a pizza burger size is generally big, it is enough to satiate your hunger. If you’re starving, you can consider ordering burger pizza with French fries as it is the best food combination.

Burger Pizza Variant Price (Excluding Taxes)
Burger Pizza – Classic Veg 119
Burger Pizza – Premium Veg 149
Burger Pizza – Classic Non-Veg 159


Say ‘Yes’ to Domino’s Burger Pizza to End Cravings

Sudden cravings can be tough to satiate if you don’t have any delicious food items ready to eat at your house. But things can get better with a burger pizza Domino’s. It is one of Domino’s unique menu items that is filling, delicious, and budget-friendly. And the surprisingly best part is you can get it home-delivered within 30-minutes or less from a Domino’s outlet near you. You can either search for a ‘burger pizza near me’ or straight head to Domino’s mobile app or website to quickly place your order. Once you’ve successfully placed the order, leave the rest to the Domino’s team.

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