Experience a Slice of Rome in Every Bite – Domino’s Viva Roma

Whenever someone mentions food or talks about the taste of Italy, mentioning a pizza is inevitable. There are certain key ingredients that are inherently Italian and have been a part of their cuisine for a long time. These ingredients are unmissable in the Italian gourmet food range, no matter the dish. Domino’s has curated an experience so true to the roots of Italy that just one bite will transport you to the rustic lanes of Rome. Created by Domino’s for those who want their food to be authentic, these gourmet pizzas have the magic of every bite being heartwarming. The Italian gourmet range called Domino’s Viva Roma is here to win hearts and satisfy your cravings for something truly Italian. Don’t worry about your pocket because Domino’s has that covered too! Use Code ‘SLICEOFROME’ and get Rs. 100 off! Order your pizza through our mobile app.

A Slice of Italy and a Bite of Rome

Have you wondered what makes for the best gourmet pizza? Is it the fresh ingredients or the care and love with which it is prepared? A well-made Italian gourmet pizza has the perfect balance of flavors and of toppings as well. The newest range by Domino’s is proof that you can have a worldly experience by sitting in the comfort of your home just by ordering Domino’s gourmet pizza home. The Italian range of Domino’s has it all to make you feel like you are in a movie of your own. Domino’s Viva Roma is the product of a lot of Italian details and foods coming together.

The Pizzas From the Land of Wonders 

The Land of Wonders sure knows how to make wonderful food! Every Viva Roma pizza has captured the real essence of Italian food and will make your heart go “Mamma Mia!” Each pizza is carefully crafted to maintain a lovely balance. Moreover, there is space for you to put your twist on the gourmet Italian pizza. Find out what Domino’s has in store for you with every pizza!

  • Caprese Pizza 

A good tomato sauce is the pride of Italy and the Caprese Pizza is the taste of Italy in its most simple yet delicious form. The delightful combination of cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, and quintessentially Italian cheese bocconcini is divine.

  • Burrata Pesto Pizza

Italy is known for its cheese and sauces all over the world and the Burrata Pesto Pizza is all you need to indulge in the creamy cheese and bite into the lovely pesto. The most tempting part about this gourmet vegetarian pizza is that it is loaded with 4 different kinds of cheese – bocconcini, burrata, mozzarella, and parmesan. These cheeses on a piping hot crust with a lovely basil pesto twist are what being in Italy tastes like.

  • Al Fundi Pizza

This gourmet veggie pizza will rise to the top of your favorites list pretty quickly thanks to the mushrooms, cheesy mozzarella base, and the welcome twist of cherry tomatoes and jalapenos.

  • Primavera Pizza

The primavera pizza is a good example of how veggie lovers can have a good time with Italian food. The combination of bocconcini, zucchini, bell peppers, and grilled mushrooms with Italian sauce and bocconcini tastes like a dream every time you bite into it.

  • 5 Cheese Gourmet Pizza

The name of this pizza is enough to leave your mouth watering and leave wanting more. The gourmet pizza toppings that come with this pizza are – fresh bocconcini, parmesan, mozzarella, orange cheddar, and spicy ghost pepper. This pizza is a true indulgence on a plate.

  • Chicken Salami Pizza

The chicken salami pizza sounds simple and obvious. However, this Domino’s gourmet pizza has an Italian twist. The bocconcini and barbecue chicken add extra flavour to this amazing pizza. A chicken salami pizza with 2 types of chicken is just what you need to add some variety to your life.

  • Smoked Chicken Pizza

A pizza like no other and a taste that will leave you wanting more, the smoked chicken pizza is the epitome of delicious with the combination of bocconcini, basil pesto, succulent chicken rashers, black olives, and crunchy red and yellow bell peppers. The lovely combination of crunchy veggies and perfectly cooked chicken makes this pizza a hit amongst those who are looking for taste as well as variety of toppings on one pizza.

  • Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

A love story like no other. A tale so famous, that the world watched in awe. It is the love story between a thin crust hand tossed pizza and chicken pepperoni. Chicken pepperoni pizza has a combination of Italian sauce and bocconcini cheese and it is all you need to get your mind blown. The chicken pepperoni pizza is the pizza for all seasons!

The Italian Experience – Your Way!

Pizza gourmet Domino’s brings you an experience box that you can use to create your own pizza! The newest range of gourmet pizzas comes with the option to add Italian elements as per your liking. Relish in the experience of making your own pizza from a selection of the freshest and tastiest ingredients. If you are running out of ideas, don’t worry because Domino’s will give you a suggestion booklet and get you on the right track. If you are an adventurous person who loves to experiment with food, then you should definitely not miss this!

Bring Out the Taste of Traditional Italian Pizzas

If you are looking for gourmet pizza near me than Domino’s is the hotshot destination that is sure to make you and your taste buds happy! Don’t worry about your pocket because Domino’s has that covered too! Use Code ‘SLICEOFROME’ and get Rs. 100 off! Who said gourmet pizzas need to be expensive to be good? The traditional ingredients when prepped lovingly as they do at Domino’s, can bring the taste of a traditional Italian pizza to your plate. They follow defined steps to make sure your pizza reaches you in the best form and has the best taste. Enjoy a slice of Italy and indulge in what you love most! You can easily order online through our website or mobile app.

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