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Join the #DominosBirthdayParty and get a SURPRISE FREE GIFT with every order.

Birthdays are always special. The fun, laughter, happiness, togetherness, and of course, food make us wait in anticipation for our loved one’s birthday party. And not to forget the return gift we used to get while returning home post the birthday party. What if we could recreate the scene and bring back the good old nostalgic days where you used to eagerly wait for birthdays, the food, fun, and surprise gifts in the form of return gifts?

As it’s our birthday, we thought of celebrating it with all our beloved customers. We’re going to throw the year’s biggest birthday party where the return gifts are also going to be crazy big. Consider the return gifts to be 10,00,00,000 X of what you used to get as a gift during your childhood days. We’re talking about giving away free gifts on our birthday worth Rs. 50,00,00,000.

Everyone is Invited to Our Birthday Party

Whether you’re a kid or a senior citizen, or someone in between, our birthday party is for all. We want maximum people to celebrate our birthday with us, so make sure you join us in this fun celebration. Every person who will be a part of our birthday celebration will receive a surprise gift from our end. The gift can be anything from a dessert from our menu to a best-selling side dish. Some lucky people can also receive a pizza as a surprise gift from our end.

Domino’s is a pizza chain that has something for everyone. So if you really want to take part in our party with your family members and receive exciting surprise gifts, you just have to order a favorite menu item for everyone. At checkout, we’ll be ready with your surprise gift. Besides the gifts, you can also take advantage of our exclusive Domino’s offers that will be launched during the birthday month. All we can say is that you’re sure going to relish the gifts we have in store for you!!

Rules to Join Our Birthday Party

To ensure maximum people join our birthday party, we have kept the rules fairly simple. Anyone who wants to join us during our birthday has to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Select your favorite menu item(s) and proceed to cart
  2. The FREE surprise gift will be automatically added to the cart
  3. Make the payment for the original order, and get our surprise gift home delivered for free

Domino’s is giving away an assured FREE gift on every order placed between 28th March to 24th April, so make sure you don’t forget to place your order.

Gifts You’ll Love from Our Side

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t like surprise gifts, especially when the gift is in the form of a delicious treat.

Do you love our chef-special veg-loaded pizza mania? What if we could give away your favorite pizza at zero cost to you? Exciting, isn’t it! This is exactly what we’re going to do. But pizza mania is just one of the many gift items we’ll give away during our birthday.

Additional items to be given away as gift(s) include garlic bread, choco lava cake, red velvet cake, taco Mexican veg, pizza mania veg loaded, and fresh veggie pizza. You can also enjoy free Domino’s offers rolled out, especially for our birthday party.

We are as excited as you are for our upcoming birthday. From exciting Domino’s offers to surprise gifts- there’s a lot we’ve planned for you. So make sure you don’t forget to order your favorite item(s) during our birthday party period. Every order guarantees an assured FREE gift.

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Priyam gupta

Can we order thorough zomato also under dominos birthday offer?
As it is not delivering in my location through dominos app.


We placed an order yesterday but did not get any free surprise gift….

Pooja Rani


Shweta Deshmukh

Not show offers

Enoch Kumbanaden

All rubbish more than 30 minutes it takes… And no decency to call n inform of the late delivery.. what about 30 minutes or free… I don’t want the delivery agent to risk his life n come but atleast a call could be satisfactory..