India ka Cheeselicious Rishta with Cricket

Posted by Domino's India I November 15th, 2013


We all know the answer of the question when someone ask, “what our favourite sport is?”

We laugh, cry and dance while watching cricket. We worship our players. And the best part of it all is when we watch our favourite player while having our favourite Domino’s pizza.

For all those times when you snatched a bite of your favourite Domino’s Pizza from your brother, while he was glued to the TV screen, hoping for a “Six”.

For all those times you fought with your friend for the last slice during the drinks break.

And for all those times you celebrated India’s win with Choco Lava cake.

Yeh hai rishton ka time, Yeh hai Cricket ka time…

If you could share your favourite Domino’s pizza with your favourite player, who would it be?

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Khushiyon ki delivery 500 times. Domino’s Pizza opens its 500th store in India.

Posted by Domino's India I September 8th, 2012

500 cheese burst moments. 500 Domino’s Pizza stores in India. 500 choco lava moments. 500 khushi bhari locations across India. From the first store which opened in 1996, to the 500th this week – Domino’s has been spreading khushi all across India, from the beaches of Goa to the hills of Gangtok, from the high-rises of Gurgaon to the temple streets of Madurai.
The 500th store was opened by Mr. Richard Allison (Executive Vice President – Domino’s Pizza Inc.), Mr.Shyam S. Bhartia (Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks) & Mr. Hari S. Bhartia (Vice-Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks). The store is located in Rajender Nagar, Pusa Road, New Delhi. Yeh hui na Khushiyon ki Delivery.

Domino’s pizza celebrates new milestone, open 500th store in India

Celebrate mothers’ love with Domino’s pizzas!

Posted by Domino's India I May 8th, 2012

Who was the first woman to hold you in her arms? Who was the first woman to shower unconditionallove on you? Who was the first woman to wipe away your tears when you cried?

Yes, it is mommy dearest! To each one of us, our mom is the best! She is our first role model, our firstfriend, our first teacher. And to most of us, she continues to be our favourite role model, friend and teacher even as we grow up.

Motherhood is beautiful. A mother’s love is pristine. It has the power to heal all wounds, to showthe way in darkness, to dispel all pain. The sacrifices made by a mother to see her child grow are unparalleled. A mother goes out of her way in her efforts to protect her child and provide the best.

Isn’t it time to show your mother how much you care for her? To show how grateful you are to have herin your life? To show how much you respect and admire her for all that she has done for you?

This mothers’ day, celebrate love for your mother with our pizzas, made with a pinch of extra love andgratitude in honour of all women who are mothers. Share a Domino’s pizza with your mom today. Don’tjust stop there. Share a lot of wonderful memories, a lot of laughter and a lot of love too! Allows us tomake this day special for you and your mother, as we deliver a mother’s happiness at your doorstep today!

The magic of spring, splendour of colours and feast to taste buds!

Posted by Domino's India I May 1st, 2012

It is May Day! Across the world, people are waking up to welcome the season of spring into their lives.And with it comes a bundle of colours, joy and happiness. Just because the temperatures are soaring here should not stop us from basking in the beauty of spring right? So we make sure that you enjoyspring and its magic right from your own homes!

Want to recreate the colours of spring in your daily food? Choose from a variety of toppings to match your moods, styles and tastes. Enjoy a riot of colours with a wide choice of toppings – white cheese,black olives, golden corn, yellow bell pepper, green capsicum, white onion, red paprika and deep greenjalapenos. Relish the unique taste of each colour as it melts zestfully in your mouth! Open your doors to the joy and beauty of spring, by indulging in our pizzas that are a feast to your taste buds. Open your doors to enjoying happiness, Domino’s style! Let the magic of spring unfold in your lives!

And closer home, in India, it is workers’ day. Behind each of your ‘khushiyon ki home delivery’ is an enthusiastic and passionate Domino’s team who walk the extra mile just to see you smile! So see you at our nearest outlet or we await your call at 68886888, else order online at

April 30: Honesty Day

Posted by Domino's India I April 30th, 2012

Remember those little white lies and carefully crafted exaggerations that characterize our conversations? Those manipulative words we chose to say or chose to hide to minimize the harm- to us or our loved one!

It takes a lot of courage to speak the truth. Because being honest is more than simply saying what is true.. it is being strong enough to face the consequences of the truth being revealed. As we celebrate the world honesty day, Let us promise to embrace honesty and courage.. for this one day at least!

So take a deep breath and let out that truth that has been bothering you for way too long now! Be Honest.. Be Bold.. Let this be a day of guilt free conversations. Let us all make honest confessions. So if u love someone.. today is the right day for confessions! As for us, we confess that we make absolutely irrestible pizzas.. True that!