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Domino’s New Year Offer 2023: Delicious Ways to Celebrate the New Year Eve

3…2….1! Happy New Year! Let the celebrations continue well into the night with a smashing pizza! Turn up the music and shake your leg and welcome the new year with open arms and a full tummy. Are you looking for some cheesy ideas to ring in the new year? Here’s where you can combine your ideas and a Domino’s combo deal to get the most amazing start to 2023!
Use the code: PIZZA300 and get 25% off. Maximum discount of Rs. 300 per offer. You can easily order your favorite pizza through our Mobile App.

Awesome Ways to Get the New Year Started

If you looking for fresh ways to kickstart your party, here are some ideas that are going to keep people talking about your party for many new years to come!

  1. Grab your boxes of delicious pizzas like the Margherita or Chicken Dominator and head to a great picnic spot for the evening. You can drive to the nearest place overlooking the city and enjoy the city lights with your friends and of course a bit of your favourite pizza.
  2. Get your pajamas on and gather around the living room with your friends and family with heaps of pizza and a board game! Make your new year party a successful game night with easy-to-play games and guess what? The prize can be pizza too! Worried about how much it is going to cost you? Well, you can always avail of a pizza combo offer.
  3. Looking for some outdoor fun in the cold without going too far from home? Just get on the roof! Host a party on your terrace with a bunch of friends and oodles of cheesy pizzas. The best part about this party? The food will be delivered to your doorstep and you don’t have to worry about carrying it anywhere!

New Year Bash Ideas For the Foodies

Every foodie knows all plans revolve around food and the main attraction of any party is the delicious pizza loaded with veggies, cheese, and meats. The taste of a piping hot cheese burst pizza with toppings of crunchy veggies and succulent meats is too good to resist. Here are some ideas for the new year that will get your taste buds all excited!

  1. Missing the taste of homely parathas and wanting the freshness of a pizza? Here is something that will blow your mind. Try the paratha pizza and get that warm feeling in your tummy and your heart. You can take your pick from Corn n Cheese Paratha Pizza, Paneer Paratha Pizza, or Chicken Keema Pizza. Confused about which one to order? Well, a little variety never hurt anyone! Wink wink. With Domino’s offers, it is affordable too!
  2. Combine your love for something spicy with pizza, and you get Mexican Green Wave pizza. If you are interested in something desi, then the Indi Tandoori Paneer pizza is a gem you can’t afford to miss. Order the best pizzas using the Domino’s pizza combo offer.
  3. For the non veg lovers, there is an entire paradise waiting to be unlocked. Get the 5 Chicken Feast Pizza and get chomping on the pizza of your dreams! Another yummilicious pizza you cannot overlook when you are looking for a hearty non veg pizza is the Chicken Dominator.

Bring in the New Year With New Domino’s Viva Roma Pizza Range

Out of all the pizza restaurants near me, Domino’s is the one that has weaved magic with its new range of pizzas. When you are looking to try the Domino’s pizza combo pack, take a look at the newest pizza additions to the long list. The latest pizzas are – Caprese Pizza, Burrata Pesto Pizza, Al Fundi Pizza, Primavera Pizza, 5 Cheese Gourmet Pizza, Chicken Salami Pizza, Smoked Chicken Pizza, and Chicken Pepperoni Pizza. These carefully curated pizzas have managed to capture the real taste of Italy with the use of fresh and exact ingredients and the skill of experts who are making your pizza at Domino’s. The pizzas are made with authentic cheese and sauces and you can taste the flavors of Italy in every bite. This range has a selection of veg and non veg pizzas that are crafted with the best of everything.

Check Out Domino’s Great Deals & Offers

There is no way you’re not getting a deal for your new year party! There is a daily Domino’s combo offer that you can avail of whenever you are ordering. But there is something extra special in store for you this New Year. The Viva Roma Pizza was just the beginning!

  1. Get 25% off on your order upto Rs. 300 on orders of above Rs. 1200.
  2. Use the code: PIZZA300 and get 25% off. Maximum discount of Rs. 300 per offer.
  3. Offer valid from 26th December till 1st January 2023.
  4. At least 1 pizza from the veg and non-veg menu to be a part of the cart to avail the order. (Pizza mania is not included)
  5. Offer is applicable every day from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm.
  6. This offer is only applicable to delivery orders.
  7. Offer not applicable on EveryDay Value Offers, Meals and Combos,  packaged drinks, dips, ketchup, etc.
  8. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer/coupon.
  9. This offer is applicable only on orders from the Domino’s App, Website, and Mobile site.

This amazingly attractive Domino’s new year offer is enough to keep your party going and make it pocket-friendly too. Get ready to party like a pro with pizza!

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