Celebrate World Chocolate Day (7th July) with Domino’s

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, we have heard of all of these days, but a chocolate day? That sounds interesting and fun, doesn’t it? You may be surprised to know that this amazing day is right around the corner. That’s right, you can celebrate this day with your most-loved chocolates and desserts on 7th July every year. And guess who is right here to celebrate this super awesome occasion with you? The one and only Domino’s!

Most people would agree that chocolates are the best companions for any occasion. Whether it is a romantic gift or a birthday, or even a graduation party, chocolates find a way to fit themselves perfectly at any of these times. How would you feel if a whole day was dedicated just to chocolates and with some exciting things to look forward to? Domino’s gives you just that on this special day!

Wondering how Domino’s plans to celebrate this day?

Here is another delightful treat to taste buds coming your way with chocolate day celebrations. Keep your cravings clock ticking, avail Domino’s chocolate day that will simply leave you in chocolate imagine that will leave your taste palettes tingling for a long time with an awesome, isn’t it?. End your parties on a sweet note by making the most of this day with the exciting

What makes this day more special?

If you are an ardent chocolate lover, this is the day for you. Want to know how Domino’s plans to make it even more special? Let’s take the cat out of the bag. A free Choco Lava can be availed on a MOV of Rs.400. You do not need to read that again, you got it right the first time!

Use the offer code: FREECLC and get your Choco Lava cake for free! What would be a better way to celebrate a day that is meant exclusive for chocolates with the best and the ooziest, gooiest, and most chocolatey dessert ever?!

Looking for a reason? Not anymore

Why look for a reason to order super amazing desserts that you have been looking forward to treating yourself to? We believe chocolates can grace any occasion. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons when you can treat yourself to free choco lava cake!

  1. A rom-com movie night
  2. A date
  3. Bad day at work
  4. Accomplished your goals
  5. Cheat day
  6. Birthdays
  7. While visiting a friend
  8. Craving a dessert
  9. Celebrating a personal achievement
  10. You just feel like it

Our list here proves that you can order and enjoy a chocolate dessert at any point in time without having to search for a valid reason. So, do not wait anymore and grab hold of this opportunity that only comes knocking on your doors once every year. Make sure to keep Domino’s an active part of all your celebrations by ordering fabulous desserts like the delicious Brownie Fantasy and many more.

Experience ordering from Domino’s

All we had to do was say the words “Domino’s Free Choco Lava” and you would come rushing to grab a hold of one of these pieces for yourself. Everything about this dessert is tempting. From the second you receive the box right at your doorstep, the aroma of the baked food will hit your nose and reach your senses. After that, there is no stopping! How many times have you heard of these cakes vanishing from the box seconds after it was opened? That is the charm of this super amazing dessert.

Domino’s has made ordering easy and convenient for you. Whether you choose to step out and commemorate this day or you feel like enjoying a quiet night in, Domino’s will be right there to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to order the Butterscotch Mousse Cake outlets will be ready to serve your favorite desserts right when you want them. Visit our well-created outlets or you could use the official app to place your orders and wait for the hot and fresh packet of goodness to reach you as soon as possible without you having to wait much in anticipation. You can also avail of it no matter where you order from.

Tempted, aren’t you? Now, put those temptations to rest as you place your orders right away and experience a whole new level of fantastic taste and aromatic chocolatey goodness from your favorite place on this special Chocolate Day!

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