Begin your journey to a lifetime of friendship with #TheLastSlice

A pizza is literally the perfect example of sharing things equally. Don’t get us wrong! When it is #TheLastSlice, it is war, guys! No matter which emotion you seek to share with your friends, it goes great with a slice of pizza. Are they even your friends if they don’t yell “This is Sparta!” before grabbing the last slice of pizza?

The laughter, the banter, the bad jokes, the incessant (and absolutely baseless and unnecessary) teasing, and all the bad singing over slices of cheesy Domino’s pizza make for amazing memories. Even a mere nostalgic trip to college, where strangers become family, is incomplete without a slice of pizza. Everyone has a Last Slice story they carry in their hearts and relive when biting into the same cheesy goodness. Everyone has a story about friendship, and some great stories start with #TheLastSlice.

Bonds formed over #TheLastSlice

While celebrating Friendship Day, we realized how the last slice of pizza can gently nudge strangers towards heart-warming conversations. Friendship is all about being unabashedly yourself in front of your friends.

But what happens when strangers come together and to share a pizza but, there’s a catch? Check out the super cool social experiment video on our YouTube channel. It’s heartwarming, fun, quirky and it has got loads of yummy flavors. See tales of budding friendships that went beyond the screen too!

This Friendship’s day take advantage of Domino’s Friendship day offers and also participate in the contest to win some FREE PIZZA vouchers! Head to our Instagram page to participate, and win some FREE PIZZA vouchers for celebrating Friendship’s day.

Domino’s Friendship Day offers 

Cheers to friends, cheers to a zillion impromptu parties!! and wait not without Pizza, especially on this friendship day. Here is yet another moment to make it more about the bond and less about the day. Of course, you need Domino’s to make a proper party because who else is that good at “creating tasty moments of togetherness”?  Partying with pizzas was never better because Domino’s Friendship day deals are here to help you out no matter the size of your party!

  1. Get ₹ 150 off on a MOV of ₹ 700 from Domino’s pizza! Just use the code name: PIZZA150 to avail this offer and get the party started.
  2. Also, get a whooping ₹ 300 off on a MOV of ₹ 1000! Just use the code name: DOSTI300 and you have amazing offers that can turn your weekend around.

Friendship day special offers are the gateway to making new friends, celebrating old ones, and finding friendship in the most unlikely places. Once you have downloaded the Domino’s app, you can use these codes to avail the Friendship day online offers and begin the weekend with your friends on a cheesy and scrumptious note!

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