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Have you ever had the older people in your house telling you that Indian food is the best and that there is nothing more delicious than home food? Well, Dominos has heard this plight and have come up with the perfect solution to this with their newly launched Paratha Pizza

Order Paratha Pizza online from Dominos

Your curiosity might be sparking up as your mind must be popping open several possible images of how this possibly creative and innovative food item would look like. The best way to know this would be when you order Paratha Pizza. Imagine the delight as you have placed your order and are waiting in anticipation for it to be delivered.

Open the box to be totally overjoyed upon seeing how the particular food item looks – it will match and probably go beyond your expectations! The best Paratha Pizza that you can think of is available on the menu, you can choose from the different options based on your taste buds and your preference for vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

As if this innovation was not enough, you can also avail and redeem a dominos offer code against this wonderful order. Place your orders in-store or even order food online, you would be able to use these coupons irrespective of the method you choose.

Do not fret about home delivery options. Your favorite pizzeria is experienced and careful enough to ensure that the food delivery is fast enough so that the food is not soggy and can be enjoyed hot and fresh.

Dominos Paratha Pizza range, enjoy the dual taste in one Pizza

The food industry today is coming up with all sorts of combinations in food items. At Dominos itself, the creativity is reaching new heights with the launch of burger pizza and now Dominos Paratha Pizza. These combinations not only are interesting but work well to keep the customers intrigued and coming back for more.

People who order regularly can vouch for the taste of the food and bring in more and more people to be a part of the happy family at dominos. One look at Domino’s menu will leave any person in awe with the sheer vastness of choices and different elements in food items. Even within this new item, there are several different options that they have loaded their customers with

Cheese n corn paratha pizza

For veggie-lovers, the cheese n corn paratha pizza is one of the most appealing options on the menu. The sizzling golden corn and the chewy cheese provide a suitable and delicious mix of ingredients that give a taste like no other. Just like the pizza, within the folds of a paratha, this is one of the top picks at the outlets.

Paneer paratha pizza

To the amazement of all vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies, Dominos presents the famous paneer paratha pizza. If you are someone or know someone who is an ardent lover of paneer, this dish would be a must-try. The tangy paneer taste in the Italian blend and cuisine surely is a dream come true for most people.

Chicken keema paratha pizza

Speaking of the non-veg options of food near me, this pizzeria has taken care of those needs as well. Marvel in awe as you look at the chicken keema paratha pizza and bask in the aroma of the freshly baked food item. The juiciness of the chicken in the completely Indian form of parathas would be an interesting thing to have.

Explore Paratha Pizza at Best Prices!

Dominos never ceases to amaze the people who order from them as they make their food not only delicious but also greatly affordable. A great example would be the freshly launched Paratha Pizza price as the brand has ensured to keep it pocket-friendly which only leaves the customers coming back for more.

Looking to have a small (or even a large) pizza party? There would be no better place than your favorite pizzeria to help you with the food. Place an order of all sorts of food and starters like Chicken Wings.

If you are looking for ingredients to make a party an instant hit, the first one would be ‘something new’. What could be a better something new than Dominos Paratha Pizza and its delicious flavors? All the innovative food items at the best prices along with the offers and coupons – there is no need for any second thoughts.

What makes Dominos Paratha pizza special?

The specialty of Dominos paratha pizza begins with the fact that it is associated with one of the most famous brands of pizza in India. The trust and authenticity that it maintains are enough to create a great and trusted feeling around the new products as well. This is well-backed by the Dominos Paratha Pizza taste as each bite will transport your senses to another land.

Baked on the base of a 100% thin wheat crust, the ingredients will differ based on the Paratha Pizza variety that you would decide to choose. Barring the must-have ingredients like cheese, and certain herbs, you can choose between – sizzling corn, peppy paneer, and tangy chicken keema for your specific order.

You need not even step out of your house as the delivery partners will make sure to provide the Dominos Paratha Pizza online delivery to your homes with a click of a button. All you will have to do is download the app and place the order online.

You can also choose the classic options like Veg pizza along with the other items in your cart to relish the taste of new and traditional together. Non-veg and starters can also be added.

Order Paratha Pizza from Dominos and get exciting offers

The limit to the exciting Dominos Paratha Pizza offers is non-existent. This amazing brand enjoys coming up with new dishes and new ways to surprise and keep its customers happy. All you have to do is look for restaurants nearby and avail the coupons that you have.

Looking to enjoy the taste of Pizza Paratha near me? Dominos has got you covered. They make sure to think of all possible aspects and take care of all the needs of their customers. This is also done with the plenty of Dominos pizza offers that they have kept for their customers.

Your convenience and your preference will be the priority at your favorite pizza place in town. This is the reason why they keep coming up with exclusive dishes and aspects regularly. Do not compromise on taste, freshness, or prices by making Domino's your forever food partner. Hurry up and order now!

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