Veg Pizza

Treat Yourself to Delicious Domino’s Veg Pizzas

If you love pampering your taste buds with the best pizza flavors in town, you’ll fall in love with the exciting range of veg Domino’s pizzas. From freshly sourced veggies to 100% authentic mozzarella cheese- our veg pizzas have everything to satisfy your pizza cravings. 

Order Veg Pizza Online from Domino’s

Gone are the old days when people had to step out of their houses to enjoy a slice of freshly baked pizza. To ensure you enjoy the fantastic flavors of our veg pizzas right at the comfort of your home, we provide super quick home delivery for all our pizzas. You just have to browse the nearest Domino’s veg pizza menu to pick the pizza(s), and add it to the cart. You can then complete your payment to place the order successfully. A delivery executive from our side will ensure you receive your ordered pizza hot and fresh within 30 minutes.

All our vegetarian pizza range is made on order, so you can feel the freshness in every bite. You can download our official Domino’s mobile app from Play Store or use our website to place your order of a Domino’s veg pizza of your choice. Irrespective of the veg pizza type you choose for yourself, you’re sure to love it. Chefs at Domino’s use the freshest ingredients to prepare all the ordered pizzas, along with a few secret herbs. It is what separates Domino’s pizzas from others. If all this made you drool, search for a Domino’s restaurant near me and place your order today.

Wide Range of Veg Pizzas to lure your tastebuds

Had enough of ordering the same Domino’s veg pizza on loop? Well, we have good news for you. To ensure you never really run out of options or stick with a limited few, we have curated a menu of veg pizza type you just can’t get enough of. Every veg pizza on our menu is equally delicious and drool-worthy. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the veg pizza names list shared below, and you’ll surely drool over every option.

Margherita Pizza

Made with the goodness of 100% original mozzarella cheese, the Margherita pizza Domino’s is prepared using cheese as the only topping. You can double the fun by adding more cheese as a topping or a few favorite toppings of your choice.

Farmhouse Pizza

Veggie lovers will certainly fall in love with our Domino’s Farmhouse pizza. This delicious pizza has the best and the freshest tomatoes, cheese, succulent mushrooms, and crisp capsicums as toppings.

Double Cheese Margherita Pizza

Our double cheese Margherita pizza is pure bliss, a cult classic and favorite of cheese lovers. It is primarily Margherita pizza with oodles of extra cheese.

Peppy Paneer Pizza

Our peppy paneer pizza Domino’s is loaded with chunky paneer pieces, spiced red pepper, cheese, and crispy capsicum as toppings. You can make it more delicious by upgrading it to a cheese burst pizza.

Veg Extravaganza Pizza

If you thought veggies can’t be delicious, our veg extravaganza pizza will surely prove you wrong. Loaded with golden corn, jalapeno, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and capsicum, this pizza guarantees a flavour explosion.

Mexican Green Wave Pizza

Our Mexican green wave pizza is baked to perfection with juicy tomatoes, crunchy onions, crisp capsicum, and fresh jalapeno. A dash of secret Mexican herbs is sprinkled to give the pizza its distinct flavour.

Deluxe Veggie Pizza

Easy on the spices but high on vegetables, our deluxe veggie pizza is made using the goodness of onions, capsicum, mushrooms, paneer, and golden corn. Not to forget the generous amount of cheese added to take the taste a notch higher.

Veggie Paradise Pizza

As the name suggests, the veggie paradise pizza is heaven for vegetarians. It comes loaded with the freshest capsicum, red paprika, golden corn, and black olives. The addition of cheese and herbs makes the pizza more flavorful.

If any of these pizzas made you drool, head to Domino’s app and place your order.

What Makes the Domino’s Veg Pizza Menu So Special?

If you’ve had the Domino’s veg pizza even once, you would know there is something different that makes it better than most pizzas out there. The same can be said for the full veg pizza menu for obvious reasons. Although several factors go behind making a lip-smacking pizza, the factors that top the charts include quality. Irrespective of the pizza you pick from the Domino’s pizza veg list, you’ll find the same level of quality.

It is because only the best, handpicked, and freshest vegetables are used as toppings in all the vegetarian pizzas. Additionally, the use of chef-special secret pizza sauce, herbs, and 100% authentic mozzarella cheese make every pizza on the menu special. If all this made you hungry, you can check the latest Domino’s veg pizza menu with price, add your favorite pizza from the list to the cart, and complete the payment to place your order. If you’re in absolute mood to treat yourself, then don’t just stop at ordering a veg pizza from the nearest dominos to you. Domino’s classic garlic breadsticks go exceptionally well with veg pizzas, so make sure you order them too.

Enjoy exciting offers on Veg Pizza at Domino’s

Checkout Domino’s veg pizza menu with price, we’ve got excellent offers for you. Everyone wants to enjoy a pizza from Domino’s, but the price can sometimes come in between the way. Hence, to make veg pizzas more affordable for everyone, Domino’s keeps launching new offers and coupon codes for pizza lovers. You can also find amazing pizza combo deals that are cost-effective. If you find the veg pizza price on the higher side, using a coupon at checkout can help.

If your order contains a pizza or two, you can also add pasta or a pizza burger to the order to claim a discount. Have a Domino’s gift card? You can use it at checkout to claim a discount up to the amount of the available gift card. All these methods can bring down the Domino’s veg pizza price, so everyone can order it without any worry.

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