Pizza Toppings

Pick the Best Pizza Toppings for the Best Flavors

We all know a pizza is incomplete without its toppings. But the wrong choice of toppings for a particular pizza can disrupt your whole mood of having one. It is why the chefs at Domino’s have been really careful about the toppings combinations they selected for people with varied taste preferences. And guess what? You’re sure to love most of the combinations served at Domino’s.

A Delicious Pizza has the Best Pizza Toppings

Whether you’re a pure vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you would agree that the maximum flavor from a pizza comes from its toppings. Since we are committed to serving the very best to our customers, we have been careful with selecting pizza toppings for our entire pizza range. The best part of our toppings is that they’re super fresh, which adds to the overall pizza flavor. Every pizza at Domino’s has predefined pizza toppings, but you can change them as per your wish.

We make adding or removing pizza toppings super easy for our customers. If you’re someone who loves to order food online, you can make changes to the toppings with the click of a button. You can easily add as many toppings or as fewer toppings to our pizza menu as you want without any hassle. If you’re placing an order at any Domino’s outlet, you can convey your preference for the Domino’s pizza toppings while placing the order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Explore the Best Pizza Toppings to Enhance Your Pizza Taste

The right choice of pizza toppings can take your dining experience a notch higher. It is why Domino’s allows customers to customize their favorite pizzas by adding or removing the toppings of their choice. Let’s check out how some pizzas have become absolute best-selling ones primarily because of their toppings.

Margherita Pizza Toppings

Cheese lovers would have had Domino’s Margherita pizza an endless number of times. But what makes this pizza so delicious? The answer is its toppings. It is one pizza that comes with only one topping yet has managed to win the hearts of people. The topping we’re talking about is mozzarella cheese. This topping adds a distinct flavor to the pizza, making it one of the best-selling pizzas at Domino’s. You can customize the Margherita pizza toppings by adding more cheese to them.

Chicken Pizza Toppings

As the name suggests, the toppings that make all the difference in chicken pizzas are 100% fresh chicken. The toppings come in various forms, so you can find chicken sausage, chicken tikka, chicken meatballs, pepper barbecue chicken, chicken keema, and grilled chicken rashers as some of the toppings on the pizza. Chicken pizza toppings will vary depending on the non-veg pizza you choose, but you do have the option to make changes to it. So pick the chicken pizza and its toppings wisely.

Farmhouse Pizza Toppings

Farm House probably has the best pizza toppings out of all the vegetarian pizzas. Crunchy and crisp capsicum, juicy tomatoes, and succulent mushrooms are the prime toppings that enhance the flavor of this pizza. You can customize the Farm House pizza toppings by adding toppings of your choice. Onion, capsicum, paneer, red paprika, olives, and sweet corn are just some of the toppings you can add to a Farm House pizza, making it taste more delicious.

If you’ve decided to order a pizza based on your favorite toppings, you should also consider adding chicken wings to your order.

Popular & Favourite Pizza Toppings

Domino’s offers a wide range of toppings that are used in combination in various pizzas. Some pizza toppings combinations have made certain pizzas the best-selling of all time. So let’s quickly look at the popular and most favorite pizza toppings.

Veg Pizza Toppings

If the usual veggie pizza toppings that come in a pizza don’t entice you, you can enhance the flavors by adding more toppings to it. Some popular veg pizza toppings that you can add to your pizzas are black olives, baby corn, capsicum, red pepper, mushroom, paneer, jalapeno, tomato, golden corn, and onion. Depending on your preference, you can add one or more toppings mentioned above.

Extra Cheese

It’s rare to find people who don’t like extra cheese on their pizzas. It is why extra cheese tops the ranking in a pizza toppings list. The best part of this topping is that it can be added to any veg or non-veg pizza without overpowering the flavors of the original toppings. Cheese beautifully complements the flavor profile of other pizza toppings, so you can easily add it when in doubt. Mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino, and asiago are the various cheese types Domino’s uses in its pizzas.

Non-Veg Pizza Toppings

Love a non-veg pizza? If yes, you will love it more after customizing it according to your preference. Domino’s gives customers the option to add extra non-veg toppings like barbecue chicken, chicken salami, hot ‘n’ spicy chicken, chunky chicken, and more. These non-veg pizza toppings taste delicious and go extremely well with most non-veg pizzas.

If you want the absolute best of both worlds, you can consider customizing a pizza by adding more extra cheese, and both veg and non-veg toppings of your choice. It will certainly be one giant feast.

Order Your Favourite Pizza in Your Pizza Toppings from Nearby Domino's

Craving a freshly baked Domino’s pizza after a long tiring day at work? Well, worry not. You can get it home delivered with the pizza toppings of your choice. If you want to enjoy a lip-smacking, delicious pizza sitting in the comfort of your home, look for Domino’s restaurants nearby that provide home delivery within 30 minutes or less. While placing a Domino’s order for your favorite pizza with your most loved Domino’s pizza toppings, you can also apply a coupon at checkout that gives you an instant discount on your order value. Look for the latest Domino’s coupons before placing your order, so you can enjoy a value deal.

As food delivery from nearby restaurants is quick, pizzas are delivered hot and fresh. You can place your order either via the official Domino’s mobile app or Domino’s website. Both provide easy means to place an online order for takeaway and home delivery. While placing your order via any medium, you will also get the option to customize pizza toppings based on your preferences. Every topping comes at an additional cost, so be careful with your selection. Pick only the best Domino’s pizza toppings or a few that you like.

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