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Craving for Pasta? Time to try Domino's Pasta 


Nothing can beat the happiness of unpacking a bowl of freshly made pasta dressed with a dash of tangy tomato sauce or a creamy white sauce, with a sprinkle of the right amount of seasoning along with a dose of cheese. Already searching for restaurants near me? Then welcome to a wide selection of rich, creamy veg and Chicken pasta that you can drool on; wait no more to simply get a taste of authentic Italian flavors with an Indian tanginess.

Chicken pasta

⮚    Flavors from across the world: Non-veg lovers now have a reason to celebrate because Domino’s pasta has three exclusive chicken variations. For those who want to relish a fierce smoky taste, try the rich Moroccan spice pasta Or that authentic Indian tikka masala flavor, or a portion of traditional creamy pasta. Domino’s scores well in getting pasta recipes from across the world to your platter.

⮚    Choose your Pasta type: Select from the You get to choose from the three signature pasta types.

  • Creamy tomato pasta Non-Veg
  • Tikka Masala pasta Non-Veg
  • Moroccan spice pasta Non-Veg

⮚    Great taste comes home in under 30 minutes: Domino’s ensures you have your favorite food on time everytime in just under 30 minutes. You can now team them with fun-filled chicken pizzas, crispy sides, and a delicious dessert to make a complete meal.

Veg Pasta

⮚    Easy orders: New to City? Don’t worry; simply browse for pasta near me, and you will be guided to the nearest domino’s location in no time. Don’t want to explore yet, then download the Domino’s App to place a pasta order online along with desserts, sides, and beverages that you can team up with.

⮚    A taste that denies leaving you: The penchant for penne pasta is like lost love. One should get their hands on the gourmet selection of veg pasta from Domino’s. 

Looking for the best restaurants in Banglore or best restaurants in Delhi will often leave you perplexed; instead, hop to Domino’s App, website, or mobile site to order food online and let a hearty meal come to your doorstep.

How many types of pasta are there? 

Different shapes of pasta the world over have always been amusing. It is interesting that pasta is one dish that keeps on getting reinvented. Plain, stuffed, squared ravioli, short, bent, twisted, long spaghetti, swirled, slanted, potato-based gnocchi or the filling raviolo and in every other shape. Pasta is a true treat to our soul. Here are a few famous varieties of pasta shapes.

⮚    Penne Pasta: While the possibilities of kinds of pasta are unlimited, penne pasta tops the charts. It can be mixed with practically every herb, spice, and seasoning alongside a selection of veg pizzas to complete your meal.

⮚    Fusilli pasta: An attractive spiral-shaped noodle that children are most attracted to is the fusilli pasta. Turned and twisted, this sturdy pasta blends in with thicker meat or marinara sauces.

⮚    Spaghetti: Long and thin, the spaghetti style pasta is the kids favorite for the sheer fact that they can swipe them in like noodles. The easy to make Aglio olio is a famous dish. Another blend of this kind is the fettuccine which is a flat spaghetti.

⮚    Ravioli: Hear of stuffed pasta? Well, Ravioli is one of them. From cheese to vegetables, from chicken to plain potato, a stuffed ravioli can be anything you want it to be.

⮚    Carbonara:Another filling option in the Spaghetti family is the carbonara; this pasta dish is the regular pasta with refined grains that gives a boost of carbs.


No matter wherever you are in India, the taste of any best restaurants in Hyderabad or any other metro cannot be as consistent as the taste of Domino’s. When it comes to pizzas, pasta, and more, the best restaurants in Mumbai to the list of best restaurants in Chennai- nothing can supersede the taste of domino’s- luscious creamy pasta, the super-fast delivery, and the snuggle of Indian tastes in Italian cuisine.

Explore delicious pasta sauces & chef-curated pasta  recipe

Pasta recipes have always been intriguing for ages. With time and changing demands, the age-old pasta recipes have also undergone a transformation to become a perfect fit for the modern food platter.  Domino’s values food innovation and always goes the extra mile to serve foodies.

What are different types of pasta sauce?

If you’re a pasta lover, you have to try pasta made using different types of pasta sauce. Here are a few famous pasta sauces:

⮚    White Sauce Pasta: The main hero of the white sauce pasta is its silky smooth white sauce made using authentic cheese and flavorful seasonings. The cheese is melted and mixed with the chef’s secret herbs till all the flavors are released and mixed. You can also bring down your favorite white sauce pasta price by applying a coupon at checkout.

⮚    Red Sauce Pasta:Known for its tangy flavors, red sauce pasta is made using a special sauce having the right amount of blanched tomatoes, garlic, chili, and some secret spices and herbs. Domino’s serves freshly prepared non-vegetarian and vegetarian red sauce pasta to offer lip-smacking food.


⮚    Mix Sauce Pasta:If you want the best of both worlds, a mix sauce pasta is perfect for your taste buds. A mix sauce pasta is made using an ideal mix of white and red pasta sauces. Besides freshly prepared sauces and perfectly boiled pasta, toppings are also added depending on the customer’s taste. Now look no more for the best restaurants in Kolkata or elsewhere, simply order from Domino’s outlet near you.


If you want to sizzle your taste buds, you can pair your chicken white sauce pasta order with a freshly baked pizza smothered in pizza and pasta sauce. You can head to any Domino’s restaurants in Ahmedabad or place an online order at any Domino’s restaurants in Pune to get piping hot pizza and pasta home delivered in 30-minutes or less.

Order Pasta Online from Domino’s Restaurants Nearby

You don’t need any special reason or occasion to treat yourself to tasty pasta. Whenever you feel the urge to have something delicious in your brunch, lunch, evening snack, or dinner, get yourself a freshly made Domino’s pasta of your choice. You can order pasta online in few easy steps and get it delivered within 30-minutes or less.

⮚     Ordering Pasta was Never this Easy: No one likes to get involved in a complicated, time-consuming food ordering process when they’re hungry. It is where Domino’s sets high standards for customer convenience. Whether you’re craving chicken pasta, red sauce pasta, a cheesy pizza, or any Domino’s desserts, you can order them all within a minute.

 Just head to the official Domino’s mobile app or visit the official website to place your favorite order. Add items to the cart, fill in the essential details, complete the payment, and leave the rest on the Domino’s team.

⮚    Get Pasta Delivered at Lighting Fast Speed:   If you cannot wait to have your favorite veg pasta or white sauce pasta, Domino’s 30-minute delivery service will ensure you get fresh, hot, and flavorful pasta delivered at lighting fast speed. Once your order of cheesy past is placed, you can expect it to reach your delivery location within 30-minutes or less.


To get the best pasta near me, head straight to your nearest Domino’s outlet or place an online order from any Domino’s restaurant. You can also browse the full Domino’s food menu to decide your final order before placing Domino’s online order to ensure you don’t miss out on any delicious items. If you want to bring down the pasta price, simply apply the latest Domino’s coupon at checkout for an instant discount or savings.


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