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Dominos India & Osho Jain launch music video on Covid-19 vaccination

Highlighting the beauty in the mundane, Domino’s India has launched a campaign that talks about the simpler joys of life. The “Haath Badhao India. Vaccine Lagao India” slogan of the campaign is a sincere plea to do your part in these troublesome times. This campaign has been created by the young composer Osho Jain, who is famous amongst the youth for his soulful lyrics and melodious compositions. 

Pizza with a purpose

The campaign poetically touches the nostalgic nerve and reminds you of all the fun times you had with your friends. It also reminds you of the irritants of your life, that you may now miss due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions that come with it. Domino’s has shown that mental strength and the choice to do the right thing, will go a long way in the current times.

This campaign speaks volumes about how most people who are stuck at home alone, miss interacting with other people. The illustrations shown in the campaign are the unspoken thoughts of people. The activities that people miss most, like enjoying a delicious and cheesy pizza with friends at Domino’s, are shown in the background. The beauty of this campaign lies in its relatability. 

Get the jab

Getting the vaccination is the first step towards a better life and a brighter tomorrow. Getting inoculated will allow people to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed, with loved ones. Even the monotonous things are a big part of everyone’s life and it is not possible to go back to a conventional life without getting vaccinated, as it is the first step towards a safer future.

Domino’s hopes to inspire the nation by demonstrating how an entire generation is stuck in a rut. If you want to continue making memories and doing things that make your heart soar, it is important to get vaccinated. Once you have been vaccinated, you can get back to squabbling with your friends over the last slice of cheese burst pizza!

Get rewarded for being vaccinated

The joy, happiness, love, friendships, and all good things in the future depend on your actions. If you thought having a cheesy and warm slice of pizza topped with crunchy veggies and juicy meats was a treat, then wait till you hear what Domino’s has to offer to vaccinated people. You can avail of discounts upto 400 rupees by ordering from the latest app of Domino’s. Order the deliciously scrumptious pizzas from Domino’s and apply the code to get your discount. 

Domino’s has conveyed that getting the vaccine will pave the way for a healthy future and strengthen bonds. Domino’s Pizza has been a part of your happier moments for years, and let this instance be no exception. Enjoy being a part of a responsible and positive movement by ordering your favorite pizza. Domino’s paints the perfect picture of why you should get vaccinated and what you are missing out on if you don’t. 


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