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Freedom & we heard as FreeDom and Here you go

Independence Day in India symbolizes several different aspects- the fall, the rise, the struggle, and the Freedom! The multitude of feelings in the hearts of every Indian is beyond words. It is a reminder of what we have gone through as a country and each day that we spend as a free and democratic country remains to be a blessing. Recognizing these deeper emotions associated with this day, Domino’s, as a brand, has also decided to go big.

Here is your Freedom to Choose – Domino’s Free Pizza 

Indians have surely a reason this August 15th as we enter the landmark 75th year of our freedom. Commemorating these celebrations enjoy the day with patriotic joy and thrill. 

This year Domino’s joins you to give away 75 free pizzas every hour! Yes, you heard that right! That is not all, this massive giveaway is going to last for 12 hours! Imagine the number of pizzas – mouth-watering, isn’t it?

Grab your share of Pizza now

The question now arises – “how to get your share of the Domino’s free pizzas?” Domino’s has made it easy for the customers to participate in FreeDom special event.

The rules are simple – 

  • All you need to do is tell us – Why you deserve to receive a free pizza

  • Go to Domino’s Twitter handle and tell us why you deserve to receive a free pizza by tweeting with the hashtags #IndependenceDay #FreeDOMDay #DominosPizza

Order from one of the most reliable brands of pizza in the country and celebrate this day in a unique style. Give yourself a break from the daily cuisine to try the Indian blend into the otherwise Italian nature of the food. If participating in the giveaway is not a reason enough to consider, then you can team up your orders with Domino’s discounts and coupons that are sure to leave you wanting more.

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