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Get Read to Be Bowled Over by the All-New Range of Cheesilicious Pizzas!

If the sight of gooey, liquid cheese on a piping hot pizza makes you go weak in the knees, then be prepared to be blown away by the all-new range of cheesilicious pizza by Domino’s! For those who believe in “more cheese is less”, the new pizza range is heaven recreated on the Earth. It has four times more cheese than the normal pizza, which means every single bite is overloaded with oodles of cheese that instantly melts in your mouth. 

Domino’s for many decades has preserved the traditional pizza-making technique while experimenting with the toppings to make exceptional offerings to the customers. This time around too, the two new pizzas have a  unique mix of different cheeses, creating a riot of flavors every time you sink your teeth into the slice of pizza. 

The 4 Cheese Pizza – Quadruple Your Happiness!


A mouthwatering combination of 4 different types of cheese along with the hint of Ghost Pepper flavored cheese and Domino’s signature sauce makes the pizza absolutely irresistible. The right amount of tanginess and spices is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and fulfill your cheesiest cravings!

Like this was not enough, you can customize the pizza too! Pick between 3 different crusts- New Hand Tossed, Wheat Thin Crust, and Fresh Pan Pizza and add the veggies and meat toppings of your choice to quadruple your happiness. 

The Cheese Dominator- Baap of All Cheese Pizzas! 


This supreme cheese pizza is overloaded with 100% Mozzarella and gooey liquid cheese, which is topped with a generous helping of exotic herbs. A large-size Cheese Dominator pizza contains 1 pound of total cheese in it! Cheese lovers, are you listening? 

Domino’s sources superior quality ingredients across the world only to craft the yummiest and the freshest pizza for you. 

Place an Order Right Away to Satiate Your Cravings


Did we get you drooling? Ordering from Domino’s is as easy as 1,2,3!  Go ahead and download the updated version of Domino’s app, click on Cheeselicious pizzas from the top scrolling bar, customize the pie as per your preference, and voila you are all set.  Oh, don’t forget to add beverages to have a complete pizza party. You can opt for a no-contact delivery too and have the boxes of happiness delivered right to your doorstep in just 30 minutes. 

Domino’s has always offered customers value for the money by pricing the pizzas very affordable. See it for yourself!

The 4 Cheese Pizza  Regular (serves 1) Medium (serves 2) Large (serves 4)
New-Hand Tossed ₹319 ₹579 ₹839
Fresh Pan Pizza ₹349 ₹619
Wheat Thin Crust ₹629
The Cheese Dominator  Regular (serves 1) Medium (serves 2) Large (serves 4)
New-Hand Tossed ₹319 ₹579 ₹839
Fresh Pan Pizza ₹349 ₹619
Wheat Thin Crust ₹629


Cheese lovers have approved them to be the best, we are sure these will become your instant favorite too once you try it! 

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Shubham Sharma

i will be ordering in a few days, my birthday is 21 september.Can’t wait for the big day to celebrate with delicious looking Dominos cheeselicious Pizza.Looks mouthwatering.


Just now I had it’s ok but not too good too special only cheese and seasonings , after looking the the bill 608rs for medium size I was not aware of price , I felt very bad


Nowhere do I see the names of the 4 cheeses you have used on your 4cheese pizza. Are those cheeses safe during pregnancy?!