Order food online in Bangalore

Bangalore, the country’s largest hypercity, is home to many education centres and some of India’s top corporate offices. People from across the country and from other parts of the world leave the comfort of their families and home to build their careers in this hi-tech city. Those who are new to the city have to start afresh towards a new lifestyle.

While one is in the hurly-burly of setting up the home and settling down at work or college, there is one thing you do not need to worry about at all and that is food. With the facility of ordering online food in Bangalore, things have become very easy. We at Dominos bring you the convenience to order online with just a few clicks and a hot tasty food delivery at your place within thirty minutes. Another advantage is that the meal will not be heavy on your pocket.

We offer a wide menu to select your pizza from. You can select a pizza either from the vegetarian section or from the non- vegetarian section. There are lots of options in both.  You also have the choice of Pizza Mania combos for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If you want your pizza to taste a little different, you can add some extra toppings. If you are still looking for something that is even more different, then you can select a different crust. We have five different kinds of crusts to offer – Cheese Burst, Classic Hand Tossed, Ultimate Deep Dish, Wheat Thin Crust and Cheesy Boloroni.

If you want to make your meal even more lavish, you can order something from the side menu or from the beverage section. Visit our food menu page to take a look at the menu along with the pictures of the pizza. You will get a lot of variety to select from. Make use of online coupons that offer you the great deals and discounts. Now all you need to do is hunt for the nearest Dominos outlet and place order food online @http://pizzaonline.dominos.co.in/

You can also place your order by using your mobile. Just download our mobile application from apps.dominos.co.in and you can place your order with ease.

So, next time you are hungry in the city of Bangalore and do not know what to do. Just go online or use the mobile application to order your meal without having to make the effort of moving out, and get the convenience of meal delivery at your doorstep.

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