Pizza Hot: Domino’s delivers fresh and Hot Pizza with 30 minutes

Posted by admin I August 10th, 2011

Pizza Hot

When you order a Domino’s pizza, what you get is the joy eating it the same way you would eat it in the store – fresh, tasty and hot! Keeping your pizza hot and delivering hot pizzas to you is one of the great strengths of Domino’s pizza.

Domino’s pizza, the market leader in pizzas in India, offers hot pizza home delivery in over 240 stores all over the country. Domino’s Pizza India specializes in hot pizza home delivery, within 30 minutes of ordering. With a zealous team, unmatched skill and a passion to deliver, it is no wonder that Domino’s Pizza dominates its competitors with Hot Pizza Deliveries. Our team works quickly and efficiently on pizza home delivery, to deliver on time and make your enjoy your tasty and hot pizza! Domino’s pizza is known all over the country and world, as the pizza delivery expert because of our excellent job in home delivery of hot pizzas.

The domino’s pizza home delivery boys are extremely trained and efficient in their driving. They never over-speed but are still quick in delivering your hot pizzas on time, because of their passion to do so and the efficiency of their execution. We truly believe in Kushiyon ki home delivery for you!

We also use specially designed ‘HotBags’ to deliver your pizzas, which made of material that passively retains heat. The Pizza itself comes to you in corrugated boxes which are easy to recycle. This helps us to keep the pizza hot while delivering them to you so that you can enjoy an absolutely delicious, fresh and hot pizza.

A pizza is meant to be eaten hot, with the cheese melting in the heat, straight from the oven. Pizzas are typically made in Italy in brick-fire ovens and served hot on the plate. If the pizza is not eaten hot, it becomes a boring food though its taste remains great as ever.

We bring you this traditional hot pizza experience even during home delivery as we deliver within 30 minutes of your order – giving you hot pizza straight from our ovens, which is fresh and delicious.