The Joy of Pizza!

Posted by Domino's India I January 31st, 2012

Ever experienced the joy of pizza? Ever wondered how life becomes simpler with a yummy delicious Domino’s Pizza to fall back on? The tips on what we, at Domino’s call the Pizza salvation.. more so, the Pizzation!

So, If you are happy and you know it, don’t just clap your hands! Instead, Buy pizza, switch on the TV, Inhale the aroma of a delightfully delicious pizza! And Simply enjoy!

Feeling Romantic? Here’s how to spread love! Buy Pizza, Hug your partner, and share a slice, bite by bite!

Angry at a friend?? Buy Pizza, and upload your pic on fb to get that guy steaming in jealousy!

In a mood to party? Pizza to the rescue! Buy pizza, and call some friends over!! Nothing beats a Pizza party!

Seek some Nirvana? Oh! That’s easy! Buy Pizza, put on some soothing music and relish each thread of that mozzarella on your slice! Domino’s Pizza is after all, your gateway to Nirvana!

Or are you Simply bored? In that case, just Buy pizza, and rearrange the toppings to your creative heart’s content before you devour the slice!! Your pizza is your canvas!

Remember the basic funda of Pizzation: Life’s easy when Domino’s Pizza is a part of it!! So, what mood will you show your pizza today!!??

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