Say Cheese!!

Posted by Domino's India I February 29th, 2012

Life is full of surprises aint it?? Some that leave us shocked, some that touch us in multiple ways and some that make us say “awwwww”!

It’s strange how little things, tiniest gestures and random moments can bring such joy in our lives.. joy that oozes out, with no prior warning! Joy that has no bounds.. Joy that fills our heart with overflowing emotion! Joy that elates us.. Joy that is more like the cheese on a pizza.. the more, the better!! And talking of cheese and pizza.. guess what makes a deadly combination?? The Domino’s cheese burst ofcourse!! Whether it be topped with farm fresh veggies or succulent pieces of chicken, or delicious pepperoni.. The joy of the runny cheese dripping on the hand knows no bounds!! And if by now, ur taste buds have started cravng for this “oh so yummy pizza”, and u are day dreaming about the cheese burst.. don’t worry.. Welcome to the gang of Domino’s lovers!

No matter how hard u try.. the thought of a cheese burst shall always be accompanied with a joy so pure.. that life seems magical.. so what has been ur cheese burst moment?? A moment that u would want to capture in ur album of life.. I moment that made u say cheese!! Tell us.. we’d like to bond over your cheese burst moments!!

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