This Winter Indulge with Domino’s All New Cheesy Boloroni Pizza!

Posted by Domino's India I December 13th, 2012


With the nip in the air, it’s that time of year again when you want to indulge in the temptations and warm conversations with your loved ones.Domino’s Pizza introduces its new amazingly delicious, indulgently cheesy and irresistible pizza- Cheesy Boloroni. This pizza has been made extra indulgent so as to add a special zing to your meal and is now a star attraction at Domino’s Pizza outlets across India. The Cheesy Boloroni Pizza has been loaded with tasty unique stuffing to make it a special treat. It has a unique mix of veg Bolognese sauce and Macaroni, topped with a layer of a new Barbeque flavored Liquid Cheese, and finished with Mozzarella cheese and toppings. Commenting on the new offering, Mr. Harneet Singh Rajpal, VP Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India said “We are committed to offer a product that finds mass acceptance and recognition. While old favorites continue to charm consumers, new additions to the menu give them a reason to try different tastes. With the success of our earlier products like Wheat Thin Crust, Cheeses Burst etc; we at Domino’s Pizza are continuing to strive to delight our consumers with a new variant to our menu offering. The new range promises to take the tasting experience to a new level .We are happy that our hot and piping pizzas have successfully found their place in the Indian homes as a full meal”. Speaking on the new TV Ad, Mr. Harneet Singh Rajpal, said “Our new TVC accentuates the concept of enjoying a deeply indulgent pizza at leisure with your loved ones and how that little more time creates unplanned special moments, making relationships stronger and livelier than ever before. The TVC shows that the newly married couple shares the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza and start discovering more about each other through sweet but revealing stories of the wife’s pre-marital life. The formality in their relationship starts disappearing and the two come even closer. We can see the essence of the brand being well captured in this light-hearted and charming TVC”. Watch the TVC

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