Fresh Pan Pizza

Posted by Domino's India I December 10th, 2013

This year has been truly delicious for Domino’s fans. We introduced new and innovative products like Lebanese Rolls and Calzone Pockets to the menu and your feedback has been overwhelming. Now, Dominos doesn’t just stop at that, we are tenaciously dedicated to step up our game and are doing so with our new addition- the Fresh Pan Pizza which is determined to take your pizza experience to a whole new level.

You have inspired us to make our latest offering, Fresh Pan Pizza, to be the Tastiest Pan Pizza. Ever.  Inspired us to create a soft, buttery crust that takes just seconds to melt in your mouth. Inspired us to create a buttery aroma which is the key to bring everyone closer, as you open the box. Inspired us to make a  pizza with a crunch. Now that’s music to the ears. Inspired us to make a pizza fresh like the morning sun, made only when you order it. Inspired us to add  extra cheese for wider smiles. Perfect for a group picture. Inspired us to make a unique, specially designed delivery box that captures all the new elements involved.


No wonder, over 1 million people have already thoroughly enjoyed the Fresh Pan Pizza. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the Tastiest Pan Pizza. Ever. Today.




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India ka Cheeselicious Rishta with Cricket

Posted by Domino's India I November 15th, 2013


We all know the answer of the question when someone ask, “what our favourite sport is?”

We laugh, cry and dance while watching cricket. We worship our players. And the best part of it all is when we watch our favourite player while having our favourite Domino’s pizza.

For all those times when you snatched a bite of your favourite Domino’s Pizza from your brother, while he was glued to the TV screen, hoping for a “Six”.

For all those times you fought with your friend for the last slice during the drinks break.

And for all those times you celebrated India’s win with Choco Lava cake.

Yeh hai rishton ka time, Yeh hai Cricket ka time…

If you could share your favourite Domino’s pizza with your favourite player, who would it be?

A new energy. A new passion. A refreshing new logo. Yeh hai ek naye rishtey ka time.

Posted by Domino's India I April 4th, 2013

Change is good. Change refreshes, change energizes, change adds a new spark. A change which brings in new energy, a new way to look at things, a change that strengthens. At Domino’s we embrace change. A new approach, a new energy – whether it’s in making your favourite pizzas or in delivering them. Change motivates and drives us forward withnew enthusiasm. We warmly introduce our refreshing new logo. A new energy. A new passion. Yeh hai ek naye rishtey ka time.



Jubilant Food Works bags Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012

Posted by Domino's India I December 20th, 2012

Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards (2012) recognized and honored the brave innovative spirit of leaders in the dynamic Indian food retail industry. The selection process involved inviting entries from the nation’s leading food service and food & grocery retailers across multiple categories.

Jubilant FoodWorks has won awards in 3 different categories in the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012 on 12 December 2012 at Mumbai.

We have been recognized under the following 3 categories:
• Best QSR Foreign – Dominos Pizza
• Best Food Service Company : JFL
• Best New Brand / Company Launched : Dunkin Donuts

In their official entries, the contenders were asked to provide data relating to their performance for the year 2011-12 across two main heads.

1) Retail presence growth
2) Business performance.

The jury for Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2012 included Atul Singh, President & CEO, Coca Cola India; Siraj A Chaudhry, Chairman, Cargill Foods; Abhishek Malhotra, Partner and Vice President, Booz & Company; Amit Lohani, Convenor, Forum of Indian Food Importers, and Amitabh Taneja, Chairman and Managing Director, Images Group.

This Winter Indulge with Domino’s All New Cheesy Boloroni Pizza!

Posted by Domino's India I December 13th, 2012


With the nip in the air, it’s that time of year again when you want to indulge in the temptations and warm conversations with your loved ones.Domino’s Pizza introduces its new amazingly delicious, indulgently cheesy and irresistible pizza- Cheesy Boloroni. This pizza has been made extra indulgent so as to add a special zing to your meal and is now a star attraction at Domino’s Pizza outlets across India. The Cheesy Boloroni Pizza has been loaded with tasty unique stuffing to make it a special treat. It has a unique mix of veg Bolognese sauce and Macaroni, topped with a layer of a new Barbeque flavored Liquid Cheese, and finished with Mozzarella cheese and toppings. Commenting on the new offering, Mr. Harneet Singh Rajpal, VP Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India said “We are committed to offer a product that finds mass acceptance and recognition. While old favorites continue to charm consumers, new additions to the menu give them a reason to try different tastes. With the success of our earlier products like Wheat Thin Crust, Cheeses Burst etc; we at Domino’s Pizza are continuing to strive to delight our consumers with a new variant to our menu offering. The new range promises to take the tasting experience to a new level .We are happy that our hot and piping pizzas have successfully found their place in the Indian homes as a full meal”. Speaking on the new TV Ad, Mr. Harneet Singh Rajpal, said “Our new TVC accentuates the concept of enjoying a deeply indulgent pizza at leisure with your loved ones and how that little more time creates unplanned special moments, making relationships stronger and livelier than ever before. The TVC shows that the newly married couple shares the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza and start discovering more about each other through sweet but revealing stories of the wife’s pre-marital life. The formality in their relationship starts disappearing and the two come even closer. We can see the essence of the brand being well captured in this light-hearted and charming TVC”. Watch the TVC

‘Yeh hai rishton ka time’

Posted by Domino's India I November 12th, 2012

Myriad garlands of mirth and love decorate our hearts with joy on Diwali. The festival is not only the symbol of light’s triumph over darkness but is an epitome of warm relations. This Diwali – celebrate the festival of lights with warmth of diyas and Domino’s. Bring the family closer with love, sparkling crackers, gifts and laughter.

It’s Hot and Sunny but It’s also Hot and Yummy!

Posted by Domino's India I April 28th, 2012

The sun is getting furious by the day.. sweltering heat making you want to build a home inside a swimming pool itself! Brief momentary showers are a relief, yes, but they last only for as long as a cheese burst in the company of a few souls famished for yummy food!

And when it’s the sun u are acting cool against.. a trip to the kitchen doesn’t quite sound favourable! Imagine having the plight of cooking food in the presence of fire, when the sun is showering u with his choicest warm blessings! Have no fear dear mothers/ wives. It’s the Domino’s to the rescue..

So when u return home from the office / supermarket.. take a detour.. towards the bedroom.. turn on the AC and just order online for some gorgeously delicious pizzas! This summer.. let our pizzas face the heat (of the oven we mean!) After all, It’s Hot and Sunny but It’s also Hot and Yummy!

And the little birdie says “Follow us”!

Posted by Domino's India I March 22nd, 2012

*tweetza *tweetza What’s that sound?? It’s that tiny bird tweeting for some pizza!!! Talking of pizza.. how bout 2 pizzas at the price of 1?? This time Domino’s plans to bring Khushiyon ki home delivery!! A buy one Get one free offer for all our lovers.. only if we reach 10,000 followers on our twitter handle (!/dominos_india) !! After all, we have the mouse to help you place an order, how could we not have a bird talk bout us?? For those of you who are on twitter, here’s a reason u should start tweeting, and for those of who are not on twitter, here’s a reason u need to make an account NOW!! Follow us, RT and spread the word!!  Coz the louder you tweet, the more pizzas we give free!!! We know you love us.. It’s time to shout it out loud and keep the bird chirping!! #pizzalove

What’s better than a Pizza?? A Domino’s Pizza on Discount!

Posted by Domino's India I January 23rd, 2012

They say good things come at a high price.. If only they lived to see what Domino’s offers to its lovers!! Delicious, mouthwatering, sinful pizzas to die for!! At discount!! Now don’t go looking for vouchers!! It’s the age on Online ordering!! And u now don’t have to save those pamphlets for coupons! Coz Domino’s online ordering comes with pizza e.vouchers! And trust us, the Domino’s pizza e.vouchers are deals worth every penny!!

And how do you get access to these pizza e.vouchers?? Simple!! Just follow Domino’s on facebook ( and Twitter ( What’s better is that we at Domino’s just love Wednesdays and Fridays!!  So Fridays and Wednesdays are the days for sure shot pizza e.vouchers!! And for all other days, the NET07 Pizza coupon gives a flat 20% off!!All you need to do is, avail these pizza e.vouchers on your online order..Just Track Domino’s for coupon codes for these Pizza discounts!!

So if you were searching for a reason for a pizza party.. Just look up some Pizza e.vouchers! After all, What’s better than a Pizza?? A Domino’s Pizza on Discount!

Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love

Posted by Domino's India I January 13th, 2012

There’s something special about that half chapatti from your brother’s plate, about that borrowed pen from the exam, about that shawl you shared with your mother during that ride in the auto.. Ever wondered why the chapatti from your plate doesn’t taste even half as good, or why the shawl shared with mom feels warmer? Coz We LOVE Sharing.. and we get great joy in sharing everything and anything under the sun.. shades, pen, food, car, clothes or a Large Pizza from Domino’s! We may fight over that biggest slice of that Large Pizza, but the truth remains.. that same Large Pizza tastes even better when eaten from the carton itself with a bunch of friends. We, at Domino’s believe A Large Pizza does what a medium can’t do.. bring together friends around that one locus of control in the centre:  the yummy, delicious Large Pizza itself!! And therefore our Large Pizzas are made with love that you can share while you share the pizza with your friends.. So don’t wait.. Order a Large Pizza today itself and throw a Pizza party.. Because Larger than life moments of sharing deserve Large Pizzas with lots of love!!

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