Exam Fever???

Posted by Domino's India I March 7th, 2012

When your nights are deprived of sleep.. Ur days are spent with the books and nights sweating over practice question papers.. Your phone conversations begin with “Kitna padh liya?”.. and ur discussions on facebook photos has been replaced by discussions on pythagoreas theorem..when the equations on a piece of paper seem more complicated than ur equation with ur Girlfriend..if your nightmares involve examination halls, U r suffering from exam fever my friend!! What u need is a Break!

Fear no more! Doctor Domino’s is here!! So while you are googling the answer to that twisted question, just visit www.pizzaonline/dominos.co.in and order yourself a yummy pizza! Treat yourself to a khushiyon ki home delivery! Add some khushiyon ka tadka to ur boring lunch of newtons law of gravity..


The happier the tummy.. the faster the brain functions. We call is the Domino’s Law of pizzation!

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