The clock is ticking fast!! 2!

Posted by Domino's India I December 30th, 2011

The new year is approaching! And fast!! Who knew the countdown would run so fast! Just 2 more days until the clock strikes 12, and the old year pushes us into a new beginning!!

So its time to wrap up the old and welcome the new with open arms!! And while you prepare to welcome the new year in style, make sure you make the most of this year!! The Domino’s Grand countdown lasts for another 2days!! So buckle up and tweet your order details!! Coz you may just win yourself a voucher worth Rs. 300!! So whether it’s a midnight snack you need to stack up on or a dinner spread you are looking for.. look no further, coz Domino’s now receives orders online!! Just visit  to place your orders!! Because if it’s happiness you are looking for this new year eve.. it’s gotta be Domino’s!! After all, we are pioneers at Khushiyon ki Home delivery!

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The wait is over!! The GRAND DOMINO’S COUNTDOWN has begun!! 10!

Posted by Domino's India I December 21st, 2011

Thank god, the wait is over!! The GRAND DOMINO’S COUNTDOWN is here.. finally!! Domino’s has decided to celebrate its last 10 days in this year!! How?? By doing Khushiyon ki home delivery obviously!! Infact, we are going a step further to make sure our loving fans end this year on a HAPPY note!! So we are giving away free stuff!! Daily!! For the next 10 days!!

All you have to do is, sit back and place your order online at  and tweet your order number, city and pizza ordered on for a chance to win Domino’s Gift vouchers!! Daily one lucky tweet will win Domino’s Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 300!! And what’s more!! This campaign is on for the next 10 days!! Isn’t this one countdown you pray went slower!!

A 10 day countdown to new year!! Seriously??

Posted by Domino's India I December 20th, 2011

We’ve heard people countdown 10 seconds before the clock strikes 12 on New years eve!! That’s what a new year countdown is right?? Who does a 10 DAY countdown to the new year? It’s like looking forward to the new year over 10 days!! Phew!! That’s long!!

If this is what’s on your mind.. then its time Domino’s made this 10 day countdown to the New year a tad bit.. lets say.. Interesting.. or rather… Delicious!! We call it the “GRAND DOMINO’S COUNTDOWN”.. It’s a good 10 days for the new year to say “Hello!!”.. and we, at Domino’s decided to make the most of these last 10 days of this year!! How?? Let’s just say sinfully delicious offers are coming up!! Trust Domino’s for Offers that will brighten up your day!! After all we are the experts for Khushiyon ki home delivery!! Watch out this space for more details.. tomorrow!! Our lips are sealed.. coz the GRAND DOMINO’S countdown begins tomorrow!! And your Countdown to the GRAND DOMINO’S COUNTDOWN begins… NOW!!!