Holi Hai!!!

Posted by Domino's India I March 7th, 2012

Yes its back!! The festival of colours!! So while you plan on a silent balloon attack on ur neighbor on the right, beware coz ur neighbor on the left is chargin at u with a bucket full of red water!! And if you thought ur collection of permanent colors is wicked.. wait till u see what ur best friend has stored especially for you.. grease, eggs and tomatoes!!

Irrespective of whether you like to play it clean or dirty.. this is the time to paint the town in hues u love!! So grab a handful of that color and run after ur loved ones!! Let their faces be your canvas today! But before you do so, be sure to bathe urself in oil!!  Certain artists hate to see their paint wash off their canvas!!  Talkin of colors.. guess what looks absolutely stunning in the shades of red and blue? The Domino’s pizza ofcourse!! So this holi, while u pay heed to the never ending hunger pangs due to Bhaang.. gorge on some delicious Domino’s Pizzas!! Because.. Domino’s is on a month long discount!! 20% off the whole of march (Coupon Code: NET07) !! Now that’s one more reason why Domino’s should feature on ur Holi Menu!! This holi.. choose to drown in the Domino’s colours of red and blue!!

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