Indian Pizza League!

Posted by Domino's India I April 17th, 2012

It’sthat time of the year again.. when friends turn foes.. when while sitting in onecorner of the country u make that one call to your friend in another corner ofthe country.. only to flaunt the win of your team over his!! Whenconversations begin with cricket and end with cricket.. and u sit in youroffice while your mind wanders off to the stadium!

So while ur glued onto your TV screens and getting elated because one of your teamplayers scored a century or getting angry at another for missing that catch..revel in the joy of online pizza ordering at Domino’s Pizza. Because pizzas andcricket make a deadly combo! So skip cooking dinner.. order online fromdominos.. switch on your television and relax on your couch while relishingthat delicious Domino’s pizza! Let this be a season of Indian Pizza League..

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