Let’s go to mexico!

Posted by Domino's India I January 25th, 2012

Tired of the humdrum of your busy life? Need a break? How bout a tiny trip to Mexico? But what’s so cool about Mexico? The people, the place?? Naah.. it’s the Mexican Dish that’s served with the right amount of spices and herbs!! .  A perfect mix of 15 different types of herbs, spices and dried chillies.. render a flavor so divine to a Mexican Dish that drool is but, uncontrollable!  But what’s the need to spend the air fare when a tiny little Mexico is just a click away! Domino’s offers the most heavenly  Mexican dish for its lovers- The Mexican Pizzas. We, at Domino’s understand your desire for a Mexican Dish and ta..da… We have crafted the most delicious pizzas that will bring to you the taste of an authentic Mexican Dish in the comfort of your couch!! Try it to believe it! Our Mexican Green Wave (Veg) and our Chicken Mexicana (Non-veg) is the taste bud-tingling delight of a perfect Mexican Dish with liberal sprinkling of exotic Mexican herbs. Craving for some already? It’s time to fulfish that wish.. for the Mexican Dish!

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