Dominicon Tales

Posted by Domino's India I July 18th, 2011

“Aaah no, I’ll just sit here and watch tv”, said Lazycon, and adjusted his cushion.

“Oh come on, get out of that couch and get ready now!”, Partycon yelled at him even as Varietycon pondered over what to wear. He had SO many varieties of clothes!

“He’s never going to budge, Party. Let’s go. Variety, you done yet?” said Favouriticon.

They were all getting ready to go out for a pizza (Freecon had found an amazing new offer! ;)), but Lazycon was well… just too lazy to get out. While Variety was too busy getting ready and Freecon was busy cutting out the coupons, the rest of the Dominicons wondered what to do.


“Let’s hit the stars!” said Starricon suddenly, with the excitement brimming in his eyes.

“Oh come on Starry, this is not the time for your showing off! Give us a plan!” teased Partycon.

“I do have a plan guys. I’m not a Star for nothing, you know”, he winked. “Let’s get ourselves up to the terrace, set up a nice little picnic and dine under the stars tonight. That way Lazy gets to stay at home and we all get to party too!”

“Excellent!” screamed Favourity. “But what about the new offer Free found for us?”

“It’s a Domino’s offer, Favourity… we can avail it on a home-delivery too!” said Free.

And then the house erupted. Everyone was excited.

“Wow, this great, guys. Good thinking, Starry boy! Now let me organize the music!” said Partycon and rushed off to find his music CDs.

“Oh, thanks so much for doing this for me. I love you guys”, was all the Lazycon could say, even as Favourity started dialing the Domino’s hotline (he knew it off by-heart, being a true blue Favouriticon).

There was much fun and partying at the Dominicon House that night, with music (courtesy Partycon), dancing and Domino’s Pizza! Such a lovely bunch of friends, the Dominicons are, aren’t they? :)

And at the end of the party, when everyone was groggy-eyed and getting ready to sleep, Partycon asked, “This was awesome guys. So what’s the plan for tomorrow?” Everyone groaned except Starry – and Lazy was practically lost for words.

Why don’t you help them out by thinking of a nice party idea with Domino’s Pizza? Give them your idea in a comment below and we’ll see if they implement it in the next blog post! :D

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Domino’s Movie Time

Posted by Domino's India I June 6th, 2011

Hey guys!!
Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great time partying with friends!!!
Yeah, I did watch Sallu bhai’s “READY”.
Oops!! I almost forgot about the contest. I read all your entries. Should say,I had a tough time choosing the top three. Friends, here are the top three:
Shivani sathi
Asin elopes reaches Sallu, fight like cats n fall in luv, two mamas behind Asin for 200 C, Salman’s drama makes them zeroes
Vasant Chauhan
Ready made me laugh sporadically but beyond a point I could almost feel my brain cells shrinking and exhaustion setting in.

Shuchi Gupta
Ready: Prem (Salman) helps a couple get married.Falls 4 d same with Asin. Avg movie avg humor, Dabaang style, catchy numbers!!


Now you guys, Shivani , Vasanth and Shuchi, all you have to do is make your friends comment about your review in a reply to us. You should also make your friends retweet your “#in140” review. The one who gets the maximum replies and retweets win!! 
What are you waiting for??!!! You have time till tomorrow 10 am!!
So get set “READY” Gooooo!!!!
Best of Luck, buddies! See you all tomorrow morning 

Domino’s Movie Time!!

Posted by Domino's India I June 2nd, 2011


Hey Guys,

What plans for this weekend? You know, I love partying and watching movies!!!

I was thinking of catching some new movie that hits the screens this week. Heard that Sallu bhai starrer “READY” is releasing this week. WOW!!! Sounds exciting: D.
Hmm. So I am gonna catch the movie and get some pizza.

Wait; do you guys want free Domino’s Pizza vouchers?
Here is an excellent opportunity.

The contest is simple.

Friends!!!! All I want you guys to do is just write a review of the movie “READY” in 140 words and tweet to us.
You have two days’ time to do so. At the end of the second day I will select the best three and retweet them. They will also be published in our blog. These three lucky ones will have to make their friends reply to their winning tweet and also retweet them.

The one with the maximum replies and retweets WIN!!!!! :D Their summary along with their photo will be published in our Blog.

Now what are you waiting for??!! Tweet us your movie review and be a WINNER!
So get the PARTAYYY Started!!!! 
Puts some music, I am off to dance!!!! Don’t forget to let me know your catch on the movie!!!

Sayonara and Adios Guys…