NOT Just Delivery!

Posted by Domino's India I January 27th, 2012

What’s a Pizza if the Molten cheese oozing out of a slice doesn’t burn your tongue!! Wouldn’t you just love the runny cheese from the cheese burst pizza trickling down your wrist the moment you lift a slice? Hot is good, But Straight from the oven is even better!! That’s why Domino’s is not just a Pizza Delivery.. It is now a Pizza Restaurant! A pizza restaurant where mouthwatering pizzas come quick and disappear at an equal pace.. A Pizza restaurant where friends come over for a Pizza Party! A Pizza Restaurant that serves pizzas and more Pizzas all day long! A Pizza restaurant that not only boasts of gorgeous pizzas, but impeccable service too!  A Pizza restaurant that satiates those sudden Pizza Cravings during shopping hours! So while you bargain for that pair of shoes, look out around you to identify this pizza restaurant decked in Blue and red.. And walk in to eat those heavenly Domino’s Pizza straight out of the oven.. Coz the pioneers in Pizza delivery are now pioneers in pizza restaurants!!

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