And the little birdie says “Follow us”!

Posted by Domino's India I March 22nd, 2012

*tweetza *tweetza What’s that sound?? It’s that tiny bird tweeting for some pizza!!! Talking of pizza.. how bout 2 pizzas at the price of 1?? This time Domino’s plans to bring Khushiyon ki home delivery!! A buy one Get one free offer for all our lovers.. only if we reach 10,000 followers on our twitter handle (!/dominos_india) !! After all, we have the mouse to help you place an order, how could we not have a bird talk bout us?? For those of you who are on twitter, here’s a reason u should start tweeting, and for those of who are not on twitter, here’s a reason u need to make an account NOW!! Follow us, RT and spread the word!!  Coz the louder you tweet, the more pizzas we give free!!! We know you love us.. It’s time to shout it out loud and keep the bird chirping!! #pizzalove

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Follow @Dominos_India on Twitter. Win Free Pizza Every 3 Hours!

Posted by Domino's India I August 3rd, 2011

Photo by Fanie!

Are you on Twitter?! That’s great! So are we! :)

Would you like have Domino’s Pizza for free? Wonder how? Read on.

Just three simple steps:-
1) Log in to your twitter profile

2) Visit and hit the “Follow” button. If you are already following us, even better!!

3)Write a short tweet and tell us “I like Dominos Pizza because ………………”. Remember, it should be within 140 characters.

Now just sit back on your couch while we pick out the winners.

Our selection panel will keep a constant eye on the new joinees and the tweets and will pick great ones every 3 hours. That’s right. Every 3 hours from 12 noon to 9 pm everyday through this week.

C’mon People!!! What are you waiting for?! :)

Follow us on Twitter asap and be amongst the lucky ones to taste our delicious Pizza for FREE!! We have a straight forward terms and conditions, you may want to read.

Even if you don’t win the content, everyone gets to benefit. Everyday, we will also be publishing the Twitter IDs with a link to your twitter page and a photo collage of all the participants, yes ALL who have followed us.

This is one of our ways of saying ‘Thank You’. And do spread the word to your friends.