Cheese Pasta

Indulge in some cheesy goodness from Domino’s

What makes Cheese Pasta so endearing?

Are you someone who drools at the sight of melting cheese or finds satisfaction in a cheese pull? If yes, you aren’t alone! It’s time for cheese lovers across to unite as Domino’s has recently launched its Cheese Pasta loaded with oodles of melt-in-your-mouth cheese that’s simply irresistible. It’s all in the flavour and there’s absolutely no dearth to flavour when it comes to this pasta.

Domino’s has put its years of experience in the craft of pizza-making to good use. You can find the same essence in our Cheese pasta too. Preserving its traditional roots while also appealing to the taste buds of Indians, our Pasta is surely a winner! It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian or a meat-lover as you’re going to love Domino’s Cheese pasta anyway as it is available in both veg as well as non-veg variants. Our Cheesy Jalapeno Pasta for vegetarians is prepped using Fusilli Pasta and is drizzled with flavoursome cheesy jalapeno sauce for pasta before being topped with veggies such as onion, jalapeno and parsley. What makes the non-veg variant of this pasta so mouth-watering is the addition of succulent BBQ Pepper Chicken chunks to the recipe.

Make it a complete meal with Cheese Pasta

It’s a well-known fact that Domino’s is popular all over the world for its range of delicious pizza but it has also forayed into a bunch of non-pizza items, the likes of which are in front of you. One of the best parts about Domino’s pasta is that it serves as a standalone snack but also pairs really well and plays second fiddle to your favourite pizza. Fancy having lunch or dinner from Domino’s? Add Cheese Pasta to your order along with some pizza or garlic bread.

Watching a match with friends or celebrating your special day with family? It’s time for a grand party and what’s better than a full-fledged feast from Domino’s! You can order in and relish the food in the comfort of your own home or stop by at a Domino’s restaurant near you for the complete Domino’s experience.

Quick pasta delivery from a Domino’s restaurant near you

Your 6 PM hunger pangs calling? Or your midnight craving keeping you up at night? No problem! Simply place your order online for pasta on the Domino’s app or website and your pasta will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes of you placing your order. Want your pasta with an extra serving of cheese or like it spicy? Fresh and made-to-order, your Cheese Pasta can be customised precisely to your liking.

In the mood to dine out? Walk into your nearest Domino’s pizza store! In case you have trouble finding a Domino’s pizza outlet near you, you can always use our ‘Store Finder’ feature to locate your nearest Domino’s pizza store. Sometimes, it’s alright to give into your temptations as they act as an instant mood booster. You deserve it! Get your Cheese Pasta delivered to your doorstep now!