Italian Pasta

Bring home an Italian Affair with Domino’s Italian Pasta

Cheesy and comforting, the Domino’s Italian Pasta oozes of a warm hug, all the way from Italy. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a delightful experience. So whether you are looking out for some comfort food on a bad day, and simply want to make your day better, Domino’s Italian Pasta is the answer to all your cravings!

What is your Domino’s Italian pasta made of?

Your plate of authentic Italian pasta is made from the choicest Penne, sauteed with the creamiest sauce and cheese. The cheese melts in your mouth as soon as you’ve had your first bite. The sauce is the warmest and the most comforting taste, that lingers long after you’ve had your food. It is tossed with exotic vegetables and extra-virgin olive age. If you are a veggie-lover, we would recommend Domino’s Veg Pasta Italiano with White Sauce loaded with green capsicum, the juiciest mushrooms, and the tangiest olives. Those looking for a meaty affair, you can indulge in Domino’s Non-Veg Pasta Italiano with White Sauce. This pasta is tossed with a generous serving of seasoning, which you can relish as per your liking!

Quickest Way to Savour Italian Pasta

Your plate of Domino’s Italiano Pasta is less than an hour away! You can walk into any one of our 17000+ outlets across the country or place an order online, or through the app- your Domino’s Italian Pasta is closer than you think. The best part is you can savour this from the comfort of your home along with your favourite TV show at any time. Our stores deliver up until 12 AM in some locations, so your midnight cravings finally have a solution.

Italian Pasta straight from the oven

The most tempting part about Domino’s Italiano Pasta is that once you place an order, the Pasta is made so that it comes straight out of the oven. It is the warmest hug you can get on a cold winter day when you want to comfort yourself, or simply share a delicious meal with your friends. Once it reaches home, make sure you warm it up to suit your liking, so that you optimise the experience of enjoying your favourite Italiano Pasta from Domino’s. Drizzle it with your favourite toppings to make it the perfect meal you’ve ever had! Are you excited to relish the best pasta from Italy, wait no further? Head to your nearest Domino’s outlet, or order it on the app or online, now!