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2020 Resolutions Every Pizza Lover Should Stick To

Before you go around making a new year resolution, here is a fact for you. Did you know, only 46% of people follow through on their New Year Resolutions? No surprises there. Most of these resolutions are too unrealistic, too ambitious, or just sound like pure torture.

The most common ones that do rounds around the circuit are: saving more money, getting organised, living a fulfilling life or losing weight. But buddy, it isn’t a one-off thing. You need to take small steady steps towards it. Domino’s here proposes 5 delicious resolutions that every pizza lover would be happy to keep.

1. Appreciate little things in life

Are you searching for ‘best pizza places near me?’ Search no more because you’ll find Domino’s at every corner of your block! Just click, select, add to cart and order. Take in a minute to see the divine creation that came to you in a warm box. Another minute inhaling the rich aroma of the cheese burst pizza, and then take your sweet time digging your teeth into its gooey and yummy cheese

2. Show people love & gratitude

Showing love is hard. But you can tell how much you care about a person without having to utter a single word in front of them. Order their favourite pizza from the nearest Domino’s pizza restaurant and watch their eyes sparkle with happiness.

3. Share more to lose more

Every pizza slice you share with someone translates to burnt calories. Next time, you pick a takeaway from the googled ‘pizza places near me’, care to share it with the old lady you see at the traffic signal daily.

4. Compromise more

Sometimes it’s good to compromise. This art is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It comes especially handy when you want a pizza and the better half craves for a burger. And when you are searching for ‘best restaurants near me’, remember to order a Burger Pizza from the Domino’s!

5. Make better life choices

When you are looking for ‘restaurants near me’ but want to lead a healthier life, choose a thin crust wheat pizza with healthier toppings! What could be better than leading a healthier life without compromising on your favourite foods?

Stay true to these lovely resolutions. Order the Everyday Value Offer of 2 Regular Pizzas @ ₹99 each.

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