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Domino’s- All New Chicken Lovers Range for Chicken Lovers

Juicy chicken on zesty pizza

Are you a fan of delicious and succulent chicken on a bed of cheesy goodness? If you are then Domino’s chicken pizza is the ultimate treat for you. The combination of well-made meats with other flavorings and the signature pizza sauce of Domino’s will knock your socks off! Don’t worry if you prefer your chicken a certain way because Domino’s Chicken Maximus has you covered! Chicken Maximus is overloaded with Chicken Tikka, Chicken Keema, Chicken sausage, and copious amounts of Grilled Chicken Rashers. The various non-veg pizzas on the Domino’s menu can truly satiate your cravings for a mouthful of juicy chicken.

Flavors of the world on your plate for your pleasure

If you fancy a pizza with some spice and everything nice then Spiced Double Chicken is the way to go. This treat has a delightful combination of the Pepper Barbecue Chicken and Peri Peri Chicken. The kick of the spicy is soothed by the creamy mouthfeel of the cheese. If you like an assortment of chicken items on your pizza, then you can try The 5 Chicken Feast Pizza. This pizza is a delectable mix of chicken preparations that make the pizza overloaded with bites of chicken. And you can enjoy a mouthful of chicken in every bite. The 5 different toppings are – grilled chicken rashers, chicken meatballs, chicken tikka, herby chicken sausage, and flavourful chicken keema.

Fusion flavors for the adventurers and those who like to mix it up

If you are the kind of person that enjoys experimenting with new things and likes all good things together on a plate, then a fusion pizza is probably the way to go for you. If you like a toothsome blend of Peri Peri Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Tikka, Pepper Barbecue Chicken, and Chicken Meatballs, then Indo-Fusion Chicken pizza is the best option for you. All the best Chicken things are presented with stringy and warm cheese on a bed of freshly baked bread. The flavors are sure to leave you drooling and wanting for more. So, every time you crave a tasty blend of flavors, you know what to order. Every morsel of this delicious pizza is an experience in itself and can make your meal far better. 

Get amazing pizza at affordable prices

If you are looking to enjoy a meal of pizza at great prices then Domino’s is the place to visit. You can either go for takeaway or dine in at the outlet as well. You can go online and use the locator to find the nearest Domino’s outlet. Domino’s chicken pizza price will leave you astonished! The joy of munching on chicken in every bite is doubled when the flavors burst in your mouth. The perfect companion for a picnic, a day at the office, or a party with friends, these pizzas will be great for every occasion. Enjoy the best of chicken pizza at Domino’s because Haar baat mein hai chicken! Kyunki har bite mein hai chicken! 


Product MRP In INR
Spiced Double Chicken Regular – 309
Medium – 539
Large – 799
Chicken Maximus Regular – 369
Medium – 639
Large – 949
5 Chicken Feast Pizza Regular – 389
Medium – 679
Large – 999
Indo-Fusion Chicken Pizza Regular – 389
Medium – 679
Large – 999
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