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Grand Opening of 1400th Domino’s Pizza at Indore

Domino’s Pizza has lived up to the phrase, the more the merrier. After capturing hearts with several outlets, the unveiling of the 1400th store in Indore on 31st Aug’21 is a milestone that will be remembered for ages to come. The mind-blowing pizza at Domino’s has dominated key moments in the lives of patrons across India.

Capturing hearts since 1399 outlets

A pizza party is synonymous with the cheese burst pizzas from Domino’s along with the legendary chocolate dessert. The grand opening of this outlet is a testimony to the fact that Domino’s has managed to reach most corners of India. Once Domino’s comes to your city, it is hard to resist the utterly delicious charms of this place. Now, happiness has a new address –

First Floor, Shop No. 101,
The One, Plot No. 5, RNT Marg,
Indore – 452001, Madhya Pradesh

Different outlet, same Domino’s

Domino’s has an inclusive and evolved menu. The tasty treats range from stuffed types of garlic bread to overloaded meat pizzas. The delightful variety of deals and combos help you save on your bill. 

  • The popular Pizza Mania is one of the favorite deals of students on a budget. 
  • The Roasted Chicken Wings in Classic Hot Sauce and Chicken Meatballs with Peri-Peri seasoning are the fiery jewels of the starters. For those who are looking to have a compact version of the scrumptious pizza, you can try the parcels or the burger pizzas! 
  • The Cheese Dominator is for those who feel there is no such thing as too much cheese. This pizza promises a mouthful of gooey goodness. 
  • The non-vegetarians have plenty of options to choose from as well!

Every pizza is memorable and every good memory should have a pizza from Domino’s

Have you ever wondered why Domino’s has become a comfortable place for you? 

  • The food is familiar and standard
  • The quality of ingredients is nothing less than excellent and the service is not a pinch lesser than the best. The crunchy and fresh veggies give the pizza an extra oomph. The tender and moist meats make the pizza more desirable
  • The warm, crunchy, and customizable crust gives the pizza a lovely aroma and taste

These little things are what make Domino’s a nationwide sensation. Nothing says Domino’s like a perfect overall experience.

One for all

The newest addition to Domino’s family has found a home in Indore. The residents can look forward to the unwavering commitment of delivering their favorites just the way you like it. The outlet is all ready to win hearts with its unforgettable pizzas and the signature welcoming ambiance. Here’s why :

  • The aroma of freshly baked bread makes the warmth of your friendships glow brighter when you choose to dine in. Domino’s has a way of nurturing your bonds and ensuring your form new ones. 
  • Since actions speak louder than words, what says I care about you better than a pizza from Domino’s? 
  • Whether it is an impromptu night with your boys and girls or a family night in or a movie marathon with friends, Domino’s makes every meal memorable at unbelievable prices. 
  • The offers at Domino’s keep changing and you can look for exclusive offers at your outlet too. You can enjoy a full fast food meal without compromising on quality and variety at any time of the day. 

That’s why pick up your phone and order today from the newest outlet in Indore!

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