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Pizza from Domino’s is the most popular and widely ordered! Find out why?!

When a question arises about what to eat, pizzas usually get a unanimous vote. Pizza meals are some of the most satisfying, fulfilling, and mouth-watering meals. It largely depends on where we get the pizza from. Domino’s is a globally recognized brand that is authentic in taste, fast in service and is therefore trusted by all. Additionally, the Domino’s pizza menu is varied and provides the customers with options that anyone can choose from. 

What are the top 5 pizza chains?

Several pizza chains fight for domination in different countries. In India, Domino’s pizza usually holds precedence over other brands. The Indian subcontinent has multiple pizza chains, the famous five amongst these are –

  • Domino’s
  • Pizza hut
  • OvenStory
  • Pizza Express
  • Smokin Joe’s

These chains have their fan bases and regular customers. However, a lot of individuals do prefer one or two brands at the most and are likely to place most of their orders there. 

Of course, depending on their taste buds, people might choose to order from the Domino’s app or the Pizza Hut menu or even a Smokin Joe’s pizza. The crusts, consistency of cheese, toppings, desserts, side dishes, all factor in on this decision along with the pricing of the food.  Each of these brands has its unique selling points (USPs) that make them loved by customers. While some have the taste, some are Indianized, some others are loved for their rigid no compromise Italiano taste.

Off these, Pizza hut shells out several discounts and packages to lure customers as a brand, alternately there is no competition to Domino’s coupons that make it one of the most sought-after pizza chains. OvenStory pizza on the other hand indulges the millennial generation with the bona fide taste of true Italian Pizza.  

The top 5 pizza chains have fought their way and earned their place in the Indian market. They offer delicacies to their customers and provide a range of options that bodes well for them. Order from your favourite restaurant and enjoy your meals. 

What are the most popular pizza brands in India?

The popularity contest among pizza brands in India has been long-standing. The most well-known pizza brands are the ones that have a great presence in terms of advertising – be it on television, via pamphlets and coupons, or even on social media. Targeting the right population to increase orders and eventually popularity is the strategy for most companies at the moment.

One of the most admired brands when it comes to pizzas is Domino’s. The Domino’s menu is exhaustively curated keeping in mind the traditional tastes of the country along with an uncompromising Italian feel. The fact that we can order online or even choose to dine in gives customers a choice. We see several students sitting in the outlets straight out of college or classes. They choose this brand for the pizza offers, coupons, and deals that are a fantastic takeaway. 

Finding a pizza hut near me has now become easy and hassle-free due to the significant number of outlets present across the country. One can also use the food delivery apps and get tasty pizzas home to enjoy eating in the comfort of home. Another brand that is in demand is Pizza Express. This brand has several outlets mainly in huge malls thus making them a popular pizzeria to dine in for shoppers. They have a specific customer base as the prices may not be suited to all. 

Several other brands have also made their name in the Indian markets. Papa Johns, Chicago pizza, etc are creating a name for themselves slowly. The classics, however, remain classics. 

What is the largest pizza company?

There is no doubt that we consider Domino’s to be the largest brand name concerning pizzas in India. In fact, the global retail sales of this chain can make it the greatest brand in the world as well.  This pizza restaurant has over 18,000 stores covering 90 markets. They have been growing exponentially since the 1960s; so not only does this company have experience, they are also known to have the secrets to tempting people with their country-wise customized pizza selection.

In India too, Domino’s pizza has dominated the market and continues to do so. Visiting any outlet of this brand will provide proof of its popularity in terms of the number of orders and customers throughout the day. The coupons that the customers receive can be used to determine an average daily record of the sales based on the number of the order. The authentic taste and innovative dishes contribute to their loyal and ever-increasing customer base.

You can view the list of Domino’s stores at any given location online; customers can call and place an order or choose to place it online that can be delivered at home within 30 minutes. This keeps the pizza hot and fresh – thus maintaining the taste as if it is straight out of the oven. Wondering what makes Domino’s the most loved brand- 

  • Well trained staff 
  • Wide network of superfast Delivery partners
  • Chef curated pizza selection that is given utmost importance
  • Authentic Italian taste with cheese, vegetables and wholesome toppings
  • Regular quality checks and assured freshness

What are the best pizza restaurants in India?

There are several great pizzerias in India, all with different specialties. Each person prefers to order from different places based on their liking, the offers by certain brands, the price ranges, the availability of non-vegetarian options, the delivery time, their previous experiences, distance from the house, etc. 

Truly, Domino’s tops the list, which understands the Indian taste buds quite well. The well-researched menu with Indianized version often leaves one to crave for more. The most sought-after are the paneer toppings, which are rich, authentic, and very desi.

The variety of items in the menu provides one with the opportunity to try out different pizzas at every visit. It does not get better than that! In each city, the brand ensures to have outlets at several locations thus decreasing the travel time for people wanting to use the dine-in option. Finding a brand that cares more for its customers as compared to Domino’s is nearly impossible.

Chicago pizza is also holistic in their menu – they offer a variety of options in three sizes. Customers can decide based on the number of people the size of pizza that would suit them. The outlets may or may not offer seating options to their customers – they are popular for takeaways and online orders in some locations. 

Pizza Hut pan pizzas become easy to order meals that start at just INR 99. They also have Pizza Hut coupons that make them very popular among the student and working crowd. 

Choose a pizzeria that fits your style perfectly!

Which pizza chains have the tastiest pizzas?

“To each, his own” applies even for preferences in terms of pizzas and toppings. However, Domino’s pizza online order or enjoying the deliciousness at the stores is appreciated by most. The fact that the pizza offers an Italian blend with an Indian mix makes it popular among the older population too. The tandoori taste in certain pizza toppings is greatly appreciated by people who do not like to experiment much with their taste buds. Additionally, the brand spends time creating newer, more innovative customizations of pizzas by trying out different toppings and conducting regular tastings. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu is all-inclusive and extensive. The bestsellers from the menu are –

  •  Margherita pizza
  • Farmhouse pizza
  • Peppy Paneer pizza
  • Indi Tandoori Paneer pizza
  • Chicken Pepperoni Pizza
  • Non Veg Supreme
  • Garlic breadsticks
  • Crinkle or cheesy fries
  • Potato Cheese shots
  • Creamy tomato pasta
  • Choco lava cake
  • combo packages with veg and non-veg pizzas 

Similarly, speaking of the most authentic Italian taste – OvenStory pizza menu hands that over to their customers. Baking the pizzas in their mud ovens, this brand prides itself in offering the taste buds to travel to Italy just by eating scrumptious food. Moreover, California Pizza Kitchen goes one step further and offers frozen pizzas which are perfect fits for movie nights or dinner plans wherein one does not want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas with family and friends from CPK.

Try out Domino’s and other pizzerias to reinvent your taste buds. 

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