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A guide to ordering your pizza right in India

There is no dearth of pizza lovers in our country. Almost no region in this uniquely diverse country can deny themselves the joys of indulging in the cheesy goodness of a slice. It is the gooey and creamy cheese, yummy spread sauce, a wide variety of pizza toppings, and a good helping of oregano and chili flakes that make a pizza so worth binging on. We bet you cannot resist it for long. And Domino’s pizza name list makes it almost impossible for anyone to not try each of these ingredient combinations at least once.
But there are times when you do not want anything to mess up your palate. It might be some important occasion. Or you might just be plainly confused about how can you choose the right one amongst the different types of pizza. Worry not! Here’s our little guide on the parameters you should consider before ordering your Domino’s pizza online.

1. Size

Domino’s pizza comes in 3 sizes depending on the people present to celebrate a particular occasion. Regular size with its 4 slices serves a single person, medium size with 6 slices serves two buddies or a couple. And our large pizza with 8 big slices serves a family of four.
Look around the circle of your friends, contemplate their appetite and decide the size accordingly.

2. Crust

The selected pizza crust decides on the look and taste of your pizza. By default, a Domino’s pizza comes in ‘New Hand Tossed’. As the name suggests, this crust is kneaded and stretched to your preferred size. Once cooked, the crust is accented with a garlic-oil season blend.
You can also customize your crust to ‘Fresh Pan Pizza’, ‘Cheese Burst’ and ‘Wheat Thin Crust’. Where the cheese lovers love to bite into the extra creaminess of a Cheese Burst pizza, health freaks like their dose of happiness and cheese spread across a Wheat Thin Crust.

3. Toppings (Veg/Non-veg)

The various succulent toppings that we offer at Domino’s enhance your pizza experience. We offer the option of black olive, onion, crisp capsicum, paneer, grilled mushroom, golden corn, fresh tomato, jalapeno, red paprika, paneer tikka, extra cheese, pepper barbeque chicken, peri-peri chicken, grilled chicken rasher, chicken sausage, chicken tikka and chicken keema toppings for both non-veg and veggie pizza.
Ask your friends around and divide the pizzas according to their preferences, dislikes or dietary restrictions.

4. Mode of ordering

Lastly, are you going to call and order or order directly on our app or website? Also, in case of online payment, which friend’s card details you are going to use?
You can ease the burden on him/her with our Everyday Value Offer of 2 Regular Pizzas starting at ₹99 each. Happy binging, Order Now!!! You can also order your delicious pizza by calling at Domino’s customer care number:1860-210-0000.

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There is no way the large pizza can satisfy 4 people, even if it’s 4 average eaters. I have never seen it happen. 4 people require at least 1 large along with 1 medium. Also, the medium ought to be a little bigger as it *hardly fills* 2 people. Most of the times, a hungry person tends to eat around 4 -5 slices of pizza. Hence, 3 people would require 2 medium pizzas.


It unfortunate that your Chandra layout delivery centre at Bangalore, unable to carry card swiping machine during delivery and Manager is claiming that it has been discontinued from all domino delivery centres. Not sure is this the system you still maintain in India. Sucks!.. Really a bad experience.

Pleasant post, Thank you for sharing profitable data. 
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Manoj Tyagi

What’s with the new measuring unit as no of slices? What ia thw sizes available in india in inches / cms??