What happens when a box of Domino’s is opened ?

Posted by Domino's India I September 18th, 2012

It’s not just a pizza that gets shared. Something special happens.

Conversations begin to flow.

Stories find ears

And gossip gets feet.


Jokes get cracked.

Smiles start spreading.

And families come together.


Friends become brothers

And brothers, friends.


A lunch turns into a date.

And a meeting, into a yak yak session.


Moments become memories.

And relationships become stronger,

warmer and livelier.




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Domino’s Freshers Week Contest #1

Posted by Domino's India I September 13th, 2012

In which college do fresher’s feel most welcome and why ?

Khushiyon ki delivery 500 times. Domino’s Pizza opens its 500th store in India.

Posted by Domino's India I September 8th, 2012

500 cheese burst moments. 500 Domino’s Pizza stores in India. 500 choco lava moments. 500 khushi bhari locations across India. From the first store which opened in 1996, to the 500th this week – Domino’s has been spreading khushi all across India, from the beaches of Goa to the hills of Gangtok, from the high-rises of Gurgaon to the temple streets of Madurai.
The 500th store was opened by Mr. Richard Allison (Executive Vice President – Domino’s Pizza Inc.), Mr.Shyam S. Bhartia (Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks) & Mr. Hari S. Bhartia (Vice-Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks). The store is located in Rajender Nagar, Pusa Road, New Delhi. Yeh hui na Khushiyon ki Delivery.

Domino’s pizza celebrates new milestone, open 500th store in India







The fight for the last slice

Posted by Domino's India I August 3rd, 2012

It begins with the fight over which pizza to order. ‘Non Veg Extravaganza’….’No, I want only Chicken Sausage’. It carries on to who will open the Domino’s box when the pizza is delivered. It takes a twist when one takes all the Oregano flakes. ‘Mom, usne phir se saara Oregan le liya.’ It reaches a fitting climax when the last slice remains. But that is where the fun lies too. The fun of sharing a pizza with your brother and sister and fighting over the last slice.
On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, think of all the sweet n sour moments that makes your relationship with your sibling so enriching and memorable. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.
The most unusual and yet, stable bandhan of them all.

Domino’s Blockbusters Contest #6

Posted by Domino's India I July 22nd, 2012

Which Domino’s Pizza makes your house full of happiness on weekends and why ?
The most interesting answer gets to win Domino’s vouchers worth Rs 300

Domino’s Blockbusters Contest #5

Posted by Domino's India I July 11th, 2012

Pizza Star – Which toppings will be the hero and heroine in your Domino’s Blockbuster Pizza and why? The most interesting answer gets to win Domino’s vouchers worth Rs 300

The winner of Contest # 2, #3 & #4 are Maanik Kalia, Shalini Sridhar and Abhinav.

Domino’s Blockbusters Contest #4

Posted by Domino's India I July 7th, 2012

Question #4
Pizza Dreams – #ReplaceMovieTitleWithPizza
The most interesting movie title will win Domino’s voucher worth Rs 300

Domino’s Blockbusters Contest #3

Posted by Domino's India I July 3rd, 2012

Question #3
Once upon a time in Domino’s – Which has been your most khushi-bhara experience at Domino’s ?
The most innovative answer will win Domino’s voucher worth Rs 300

Domino’s New Address – New Mobile Ordering App on your phone

Posted by Domino's India I July 2nd, 2012


Domino’s Pizza, the market leader in the organized pizza home delivery segment, is the first food services company in India to launch Online Ordering service nationally. Online Ordering for us has already been a runaway success with 12% of the total delivery business now turned Online within a span of 1 year of launch. The project was unique in itself and became a trendsetter for the market.

 With the far and wide acceptance by the customers, it’s the right time for Domino’s to add more to its remote ordering channels. Mobile phones than becomes the obviously next best choice. It is a move to make the Pizza Ordering experience more convenient, fast, friendly and on tips for growing population of mobile users in India. For a category which is impulse, small stimulus and triggers of communication can help tremendously in impacting customer’s frequency. We believe that Mobile ordering is going to be an easiest connect between consumers and Domino’s.

With 145 Million, active mobile internet users in India and 45+ million smart phone users, India is remarkably growing in mobile usage. With 3G coming in the mobile usage for browsing has grown multifolds, in fact more than 50% of the total google search is now mobile. All this sums up, to be a good reason to dive into the medium and serve a fastest way to touchbase with Domino’s.

Domino’s Mobile Apps – Features & Facts:We have built a robust yet elegant mobile ordering applications for all major platforms, like iPhone, Andriod, Symbian(J2me) and Blackberry. These apps should cover 90% to 95% of all availablemobile phones in India. These applications are a mobile face to same Remote Ordering engine that runs our Online Ordering with features loaded for selection, customization, coupon acceptance, credit payments and most important 30 Minsor Free promise.

Unique Features of Mobile Apps

1.  30 Min Delivery Guarantee Promise stands true to Mobile Ordering.

1.  One time login requirement.

3.  Can order anytime/anywhere. Pan India stores availability.

4.  100% of the pizzas sold on the site can be edited for customized crust, size and toppings.

5.  Applicationsare built to accept coupons with their respective terms and conditions.

6.  It works for iPhone, Android, BB, and all j2Me phones including Nokia devices.

7.  Several payment method options likeCash on delivery, Sodexho, Debit cards, Credit cards, Netbanking, Reward points and e-vouchers are integrated.

8.  Multiple ways to ease the app download

  • QR code. If you have a QR code scanner you can simply scan on the page and download the app.
  • The url where people needs to be send to download the app is www.dominos.co.in/apps
  • They can also download the app by typing apps.dominos.co.in on their mobile browser
  • The app is also available in all app stores by the name “Dominos Pizza India”

 We did the soft launch in mid May’12, on national level. Applications are available in all app markets for free. Without any promotions, we hit huge response from our customers. Within a week, our iPhone app becomes second most downloaded application.

Mobile Application Launch Offer: Get 25% off only on orders placed through mobile ordering application on a min bill value Rs.350. Apply coupon code: MOBAPP25. T&C Apply

Domino’s Blockbusters Contest #2

Posted by Domino's India I June 28th, 2012

Question #2
Hazaaron Khwaishein Poori – Which unique Domino’s Pizza would you like to create with toppings of your choice ?
The most innovative answer will win Domino’s voucher worth Rs 300

The winner of Contest # 1 is Shashank

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