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Dominos Gift Cards are available in 2 forms - Plastic card, and Electronic-Gift Voucher

Dominos Gift Card is a pre-loaded gift card, this can be used to place online order through the APP and PWA at all participating Domino’s Restaurants in India.

One needs to activate a physical gift card to use it. To activate the card, visit website or send an SMS in the following format.
DOM ACT 10-digit card no. 6-digit PIN and send it to 56767 from the mobile number of the guest who is going to use the gift card.
OTP will be sent to this registered mobile number to authorize future transactions at Domino’s outlets using this card.

Request customer to wait or go to area where full network is available OR request to retry after 5 minutes.

Visit website and under Balance Enquiry section enter 10-digit gift card number.
One can also check balance using SMS. Send an SMS in the below format
DOM BAL 10-digit card number to 56767
For Eg. DOM BAL 1234567890 and send it to 56767

Charges as per the respective telecom operator are applicable.

Plastic Card is reloadable and redeemable multiple times however E-gift voucher is for ONE TIME USE ONLY.

Dominos Gift Card (Physical Card) can be purchased for variable denomination ranging between minimum value of Rs. 500 and maximum Rs. 49,999.

The Dominos Electronic Gift Voucher can be purchased for variable denomination ranging between minimum value of Rs. 100 and maximum Rs. 3000.

Gift card is valid for 1 Year from date of issuance.

Electronic Voucher is valid for 6 months from date of issuance.

Dominos Gift Card usually takes 7-9 working days to reach. E-Gift Cards are normally delivered instantly. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 hours. Ask Customer to Check your email as tracking ID will be sent within 24 hours to the sender’s ID.

To purchase larger quantities, fill corporate query form in Dominos website

Please ensure that Dominos Physical Card is activated before using it for redemption in APP or PWA. To redeem please follow below steps, an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number to approve.
Click on Dominos APP.
Choose option of pickup and delivery.
Select Menu item.
Click on view cart.
Click on place order.
Select address for delivery or pick up restaurant.
Choose payment option as Evouchers.
Enter the card number. Click submit.

This depends on type of Gift Card. Physical Gift Card can be redeemed multiple times while electronic gift voucher are for one time use only. Any remaining balance after redemption in case of electronic Gift Card or mobile Gift Card will be forfeited.

If bill value exceeds the value of the Gift Card, customer may settle the difference with cash only. COD is ONLY payment option in this case.

Currently this option is not available.

In case of physical gift cards, the expiry date is set to 365 days from the date of purchase of the gift card. The expiry is also extended by 365 days whenever a reload is performed and the entire balance is carried forward. In case of E-GVs, expiry date is set to 180 days from the date of activation / purchase (in exceptional cases it may differ). Please send SMS to check Validity.

Reload/ recharge is applicable only for physical gift cards. The minimum amount is Rs.100 and can be loaded with any value till the final balance in the gift card is INR 49999.

Currently, Gift cards can only be purchased online from various partner website. In case of bulk query fill corporate query form on the dominos website.

For gift cards OTP is required and for Electronic Gift voucher PIN is required.

When placing an order online, the only other option is Cash on Delivery if full payment is not made through gift cards.

If the order is unsuccessful, then electronic gift voucher gets activated within 24 hours automatically. You can try using after sometime. In case of Gift card amount gets transferred to the Gift card.

If the order is cancelled, your same electronic gift voucher gets reactivated within 24 Hrs. and if in case its gift card then amount gets transferred to your Gift Card.

You have to redeem electronic gift voucher in our app, Select your menu, proceed to check out and click on pay. At the payment page you will find an option of Electronic gift voucher/Gift Card. Enter your code there.

Click on the link shared above check the transaction status. If customer denies with the data presented to them, send the email to

In case Electronic gift voucher has expired, we can’t do revalidation.

No, Electronic gift voucher is one time usable only and the entire balance gets lapsed.

In case order is placed with Evoucher as a payment option, in those cases no service guarantee is applicable.

The Domino’s gift card works such that you can avail a discount on the price of your order or an offer on pizzas/side dishes at the payment portal by entering the gift card details. Once you select the items, at the payment, click redeem and enter the relevant details.

No, once a gift card is purchased, there would be no option for a refund, cancellation, or exchange on it. You can, however, redeem it yourself or gift the card to someone else who might be able to make use of the offers. It can be used online or offline.

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