Domino's Pizza JOKA


Phone number

1800 208 1234


Pizza, Fast Food

Average Cost

₹400 for two people (approx.)

Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any

Cards and Meal Coupons accepted

Opening hours

10.57.00 AM to 11:00:00 PM



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Average user rating

4.2 / 5 (1543 Reviews)

September 3rd, 2023
I have visited this Domino's Pizza outlet multiple times. The service...
I have visited this Domino's Pizza outlet multiple times. The service has always been good. The reception staff are really friendly. The order process is friendly and fast and they take around ten to fifteen minutes to prepare a warm and fresh meal. The pizza options are really great. The side meals or starters are good. The prices are moderate for various selections. The only problem is that the large pizza costs a bit too much, but it is enough for four or five people. Another problem is that some of the side dishes cost a lot and that narrows down a lot of options. Some food items remain unavailable most of the time. The dessert options are limited. Unfortunately there's no ice cream or donut options. The tacco options were not available as well. The outlet is a bit small so the dining area has very limited number of seats. The dining area is mixed with the ordering counter. The atmosphere of the place is alright. It is quiet, air conditioned and moderately lit. Another set back is that there is no wheelchair accessible entrance or parking. There is no normal parking space as well so it is a bit of an issue. Otherwise the place is really well and I would recommend everyone to try the food options of this outlet.

September 3rd, 2023
The Finest brand for pizza. Their delicate mouth-watering pizza recipe...
The Finest brand for pizza. Their delicate mouth-watering pizza recipes with savory spices, sauces...creamy cheesy layer and flavorful toppings is quite elegant. This Domino's outlet is located Right under Joka metro station occupying Ground and first floor.. I have visited in this outlet several times and I tried Creamy tomato pasta pizza and Moroccan spice pasta pizza...both were Delicious.❤❤ It takes them only 10-15 minutes to prepare a fresh and the yummiest pizza. They serve the top-class pizza to the customers....Absolutely splendid experience.Prices are also reasonable. Their service is quite good and behavior is also very humble. Nice place for spending time with friends, groups, family and loved ones . Must visit.💙❤

August 12th, 2023
Nice Atmosphere
Nice Atmosphere

July 27th, 2023
Best pizzas as usual.
Best pizzas as usual.

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